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Thread: The Seraphim

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    The Seraphim

    This chapter was originally the brotherhood but I thought of a better name for it. Its been a while so I've decided to repost. Enclosed are the previous chapters of the fluff and the two last chapters. Feel free to comment but remeber that im still relativly new to fluff writting/ Enjoy...

    Chapter 1: Discovery

    Imperial world: Cadia (early eye of terror campain)

    Location: Khol Velox

    Inquisitor Orlando Maximus hefted his great psycannon and blasted apart any mutant or heretic the threatend his allies' lines. He had no idea how the foul spawn of choas managed to make it all the way to cadia but it mattered not. They had set foot on holy ground, their taint must be purged. Under the cover fire of Orlando's retinue the imperial guard advanced catiously through the ruined city, scanning every nook and cranny as if it contained a demon or something fouler. The traitors just kept on coming, charging the battle lines, being cut down by heavy weapons fire, and then more rose and started the sequence over again. "You see" he called to his acoltyes "any taint can be clensed with faith in the emperor" but the acoltyes weren't paying attention, their eyes were drawn sky ward were immense black comets desended from the skyes. Orlando stole a glance up ward and his face paled, he immidiatly tried to open a comm link but the siginal was somehow being jammed. He could only watch with contempt as the tratior marines landed and being to butcher the guardsmen. Soon the guardsmen turned tail and fled, all the while being presued and butchered by the foul heretics. Orlando would not give in to fear and ordered his retinue to stand their ground. Three gun servitors and three acolytes aimed their weapons upon the heads of the traitor marines. Orlando began to breath slowly through his resperatory mask, his piercing blue eyes scanning for a target. The horde drew closer and closer. "OPEN FIRE!" he finally shouted, his order was met with a hail of bolter and plasma fire. The traitor marines fell one by one but they'd soon be upon them. The traitors' blood flew past the inquisitor's blad head but he would not give in to fear, he had to set a stern example for the defenders of the imperium. His acoltyes were sweating heavily now, they had herd the tails of the traitor legions. Just as the choas marines began to climed the hill a huge explosive blew it apart. Orlando flew through the air feeling greatful for having invested in his suit of power armor. It took mere seconds for him to spring off the blood mattered dirt he landed on, he waited for his retinue to follow suite. His eyes turned to the battle once more and he allowed himself a small grin, space marines of the Dark Angels chapter were pushing the traitors back. Infused with pride for their emperor the imperial guard ran into the fray, screaming prayers and praises. Orlando follwed them in. The combined charge of the imperiums forces cut the traitors down to the last man and a wild cheer lept from the guard. Orlando walk through the debris and corpses, intent on spotting the commander of the dark angels. They found him instead. A roped figure in dark green power armor approached him, bearing a bundle of cloath in his arms. He slowly handed it to Orlando, who gazed up to the towering marine, confused. Just as he opened his mouth to ask his comm link blared to life, it was the Colenel. "Inquisitor Orlando Maximus of the Ordo Malleus" he spoke in a stern commanding voice "Khol Velox was been bravely defended but we cannot hold it for long, I am ordering the retreat, I suggest you get out of there" Orlando's eyes flew wide with fury "RETREAT!?" he hollowered "are we not the defenders of the emperor's holy work!? We cannot back down from this region, to do so would be to admit the passage or the traitors!" the colenel sighed over the comm linked "never the less, my men cannot hold this position, and nether can the space marines, no, it is a lost cause, you are to get out of there immediatly, over and out" and with that the comm link was cut off. Orlando heaved a mighty sigh and followed the imperial guard away from the battle field. As he was walking he remebered the bundle in his hands, curious; he opened it up. What he saw made him gasp. It was a baby.

    Imperial world: The cadia system

    Location: Aboard the inquisitorial star ship 'Lance'

    Orlando rubbed his face in frusteration, even 2 hours aboard the Lance could not take his mind off the shameful retreat he had just endured. He had given the baby to the various medics aboard the ship, his mind still wondered what the Dark Angel has doing by giving it to him. Too much to worry about right now he thought as he slowly got up in search of a meal. Before he took two steps foward the startled voice of a medic rang through out the ship "Inquisitor Maximus sir" it stammered "please report to the medical bay, its urgent" despite the tone of horror Orlando took his time, leasurly strolling to the medical bay. When he finally got there he looked around. The medical bay was deemly lit but the statis chamber in the middle plused with the green light of its liquid. Inside it was a small round shaped object, and object that moved. "What in the name of the emporer are you doing!" Orlando hollered as he ran up to the statis chamber. The medics near it recoiled in fear at the appoarch of the enraged inquisitor. "What is the meaning of this!?" he scremed, pointing a fingure to the baby encased in the strange liquid. One of the medics came out of hiding behind his data slab "s-s-s-si-sir" he stammered in fear. "WHAT!?" Orlando's voice seem to shake the whole ship. "t-t-th-the ch-ch-ch-child y-you-you b-b-b-brough in" he said through chattering teeth "we-we-we-well y-y-you'd b-b-b-better s-s-s-see th-this" he strode slowly the the controll panel. Orlando watched with haunting eyes as the medic's fingers danced across the panel. Immeidiatly the baby was obscured by darkness and his inards were revealed. The medic took a while to compose him selve before speaking "this is the display of the child's body" he said, wearly eyeing Orlando's clenched fist "it is normal for the most part, but..." Orlando turned on him, ever so slowly and spoke in a slow deep voice "what?" The medic swalloed his fear as his hands danced across the panel again, the child's inards became bigger and more diffiend. The medic strode towards the statis chamber, sweating heavily. He heft a long thin stick and pointed to two round shapes located near the child's heart. Orlando was dumb struck "but-but this cannot be" he said in shocked awe. The medic nodded grimly "it is...progenoid glands"

    end of chapter 1

    Chapter 2: The Conclaive.

    Imperial World: Classified

    Location: Inquisitorial conclaive.

    Orlando walked stiffly from the Lance and onto the landing port. Even as he made his way to

    the conclaive his mind still processed a distrubing question. How could a baby have

    progenoid glands? he knew that only the amazing forces of the Adpetus Astras

    possessed such organs, so how could a human child possess them. He cast a weary glance

    to one of his acolytes who carried the object of wonder. "Don't worry child" Orlando whispered

    softly as he turned his head "your fate will be decided soon enough." As his small retinue

    approached the giant black stone doors he took a deep breth. The sight of the conclaive

    still took his breat away to this day. The doors slowly opened up for the inquisitor and he

    walked inside. Inside the dimly lit arena the conclaive was already set up, inquisitors setting

    in polished dark stone chairs all faced to look to the new comers, Inquisitoral Storm

    Troopers stood at rapt attention all along the walls. All about them scribes and

    servo skulls ran about trying to locate the best place in which to record the following events.

    Suddenly the lights blazed to the center of the arena, revealing an aged inquisitor and a

    statis chamber. The baby was taken from the acolyte's hands by a storm trooper who

    solemly strode to the aged inquisitor. He silently attached cords to the unsuspecting infant

    who began to play with the cords. Orlando shook his head and smiled behind his resperatory

    mask, ignorance is indeed a virtue. The old inquisitor dismissed the storm trooper who

    resumed his place by the walls. He cleared his aged throat and began to speak "Welcome

    brothers all" he began in a surprisingly clear voice "we all know the cause of this meeting:

    to stand in the pressance of an infant with extraordinary potential and to decide if this

    potential is too dangerous to allow" the infant was already floating in the green fluid by the

    time the inquisitor finished speaking. A storm trooper was tapping the many keys of the

    control panel which brought up the display of the child's innards. Unslinging his power sword

    the aged inquisitor pointed to the sphere shaped organs near the infant's heart. A gasp

    arose from the surrounding inquisitors. "Yes it is true" the aged inquisitor said through grim

    features "this child bears the sacred orgins of the space marines them selves!" The arena

    exploded into talking as the inquisitors expressed their awe, wonder, and fear. The aged

    inquisitor shefed his sword and unslung his bolt pistol, which he fired into the air,

    immiediatly halting the conversation. "Yet this is not the only one" he said slowly. The

    crowd's eyes followed the three storm troopers that entered the building. The noise of

    working machinery filled the arena as three more statis chambers rose out of the ground. As

    the storm troopers set up their respective infants the inquisitor began to speak "These three

    infants, Omar, Shiva, and Jassen, were all found on cadia" he said "and all posses the

    progenoid glands!" a slight murmuring arose but was quickly silenced when the inquisitor

    hefted his pistol menencingly. "These four are indeed mysterious and all have the potential

    of become humanities finest warriors" he said loudly, then lowering his tone he continued

    "or its worst enemies." He paced the statis chambers for a while, letting the information sink

    in. "This conclaive is not merely about these four" he continued with a glint in his eye "we

    believe that more of these infants exist and what we do with these childern will decide the

    fate of the others we find." The inquisitors called out in unision "what are our options elder!?"

    the inquisitor gave a small smile "I have spoken to many officials skilled in the matter of the

    creation of space marines, even to apothecaries of existing chapters. This method might

    lead to the accelerated growth of marines but all results cannot be completly forseen" he

    spoke "are choices are as follow: ether we fund the formation of a new chapter to aid the

    inquisition, starting with these four. The other option should be well known by now." The

    inquisitors murmered in agreement. "I now call the seven inquisitor lords present in this

    conclaive, they alone will decide what should be done" he spoke with affermitive authority

    "conclaive is dismissed for the time being."

    Chapter 3: The Voice, the Staff, and the Neural Shredder

    Imperial World: Classified

    Location: Inquisitorial Conclave.

    Orlando sat with his back against the way, arms crossed, eyes closed. He pondered on what

    the inquisitor lords would sentence the children to: eternal servitude to his greatness or a

    quick, painless death. His thought process was suddenly interrupted by the aged inquisitor

    tapping his cane on the floor and shouting “Conclave is in session, all rise!? Orlando did so

    begrudgingly what, no pistol? The other inquisitors followed suit as the inquisitor lords made

    their slow majestic walk to the center of the arena. “Lords of the Ordo Malleus, will it be

    servitude or death that awaits these children?? the aged inquisitor boomed. A chorus of

    servitudes and a few deaths made their way from the lords’ throats. “It is decided then!? the

    aged inquisitor spoke “conclave is dismissed.? All the other inquisitors walked slowly in

    single file out of the building, going back to resume their grim work. “Inquisitor Orlando

    Maximus!? the aged inquisitor called “you are to remain? Orlando knew this could only mean

    one thing, but he still hoped he was wrong. He strode to the statis chambers just as the last

    inquisitors left. “Sir? Orlando began immediately “I feel that I’m not qualified

    en…? “Rubbish!? interrupted the aged inquisitor “faith in the emperor is quality enough for

    this task.? Orlando glanced at the other inquisitor lords, hoping they would step in and take

    his job, none did. “The process will be simple at first? the aged inquisitor began “The Ordo

    Malleus and the inquisitor lords of agreed upon their continual survive? the aged inquisitor

    spoke softly know, as if his session in conclave exhausted him “will fund the beginnings for

    this new chapter, the first phase is simple, you are to remain with the children whilst

    continuing your work for our holy order, train them in the arts of combat while the medics

    handle the implants of the other Space Marine organs.? His stern gaze told Orlando that

    everything had been arranged and that they would not need his humble opinion. “Other

    candidates for the chapter will be found in the meantime? continued the inquisitor “you need

    only worry about your duties, go and may the emperor guide you.?

    Imperial World: Deep Space

    Location: Inquisitorial starship ‘Lance’.

    Ten years have pasted since Orlando had unwillingly adopted children. Already he had taken

    a liking to them, under his guidance they had become faithful and dutiful servants, for ten

    year olds anyway. Leo, the child from the ruins of Khol Velox, as already growing taller than

    many of Orlando’s acolytes; he has particularly interested in the path of the warrior. Omar

    was a natural born tactician; Orlando was amazed at how little time it took for him to

    decipher his plans. Jassen was very obedient, running errands for the inquisitor and anyone

    else aboard the Lance. However Orlando had a strange feeling about Shiva, he was loyal

    and proving to be a fine warrior indeed, but he would not accept the emperor as the

    immortal god he was. Orlando sighed upon this he has plenty of time to learn the truth he

    decided. Orlando got up in preparation for his next mission; the Lance had been orbiting

    Genesis VI, a lush and fertile imperial world which had only just begun to feel the taint of

    chaos. This operation required stealth, only the inquisitor, the most trusted of his retinue,

    and a few storm troopers would make landing. As always the four children ran to greet him

    before he left. Orlando gave them as stern a look as was possible “You are not to make

    any trouble when I am gone.? He said slowly “I’ve instructed Private Victor to continue your

    schedule as normal so I’ll know if anything goes astray? he finished, given a malicious tone

    to ‘anything’. The four children nodded knowingly and followed The Storm Trooper known as

    Victor. Orlando smiled inwardly as he entered the cabin of the imperial craft chosen for this

    mission, leaving the boys alone on the cold Lance. Private Victor, although barley showing

    the first signs of a beard, was every bit as strict as Orlando and the boys followed his every

    order unquestioningly. They spent hours upon hours studying the surrounding system,

    staging mock battles, and training their personal skills. Seven or so hours latter the

    exhausted children were allowed a short rest in which Victor would leave them outside the

    medical bay. “Injections again? muttered Omar, he had always pondered the purpose of

    their daily trips “I wonder what will happen now? Leo lay stretched out on the cold stone floor

    of the ship “Maybe this time we’ll grow a new head? he stated with a small smile. “We do

    that? said Jassen passively “and we’ll be the next thing on Orlando’s to-do list.? Shiva sat in

    silence. Minutes past before another Storm Trooper walked into the medical bay

    door “present arm soldiers!? he yelled, his order trigger a response in the boys who

    immediately sprang to their feet and stood straight. “I’m here to escort you into the bay?

    the trooper continued “I will not tolerate any failure to comply, is that clear?? the boys

    nodded intently. Suddenly the doors opened and a female medic, wearing an insanely short

    skirt walked briskly out of the medical bay. “Are these the ones?? she asked. The Storm

    Trooper swallowed his lust and replied “yes.? The medic walked, ever so slowly, to the

    trooper, put her arm around his neck and whispered “good.? Out of no where a blade

    suddenly appeared inside the troopers head, extending from his cranium. The boys watched

    in worry as the medic’s skin seem to shed and fall to the floor, revealing black armor

    underneath. The thing removed its blade from the poor man’s head and stared blankly at

    the boys. “ASSASSIN!? Leo shouted “RUN!? the other boys had no problem complying. The

    Callidus Assassin followed suit, she would be upon them in a matter of seconds. The four

    children ran the corner leading the assassin face to face with two storm troopers who were

    aiming their hell guns at her. With lighting speed she withdrew a pistol like weapon, pointed

    it at the head of one of the storm troopers, and pulled the trigger. The trooper clutched his

    head in agony, screaming like a mad man, and soon after a purple gelatinous substance

    was leaking from his ears and nose. He fell dead, victim to the neural shredder. The other

    trooper couldn’t contain his contents and hunch over to vomit but never got the chance. The

    assassin ran on leaving a headless storm trooper. The boys continued running like hell, four

    storm troopers behind them. They had already heard the news and lost the vital signs of

    three of their fellow guards. One of them suddenly shouted “there she is!? and spun around,

    the others mimicked him. “Run!? one of them called to the boys. The Assassin slowed to a

    walk, calmly staring down the barrels of four hellguns. High powered lasers ripped in the

    Assassin's direction and, bounding of the walls, she dodged them. The troopers clumsily

    swung their weapons at her but she was too fast. With child like ease she slew them all. The

    boys were running, always running, through every dark corridor of the ship, behind them

    they could hear the screams of the Storm Troopers. “We stop here? Jassen said

    suddenly “we can’t outrun here? Omar looked at him in shock “what do you propose we do??

    he asked sarcastically “bash her in with our fists?? Jassen looked up to the ship’s

    ceiling “Computer, open weapons hatch 7 on port 4, access code: 1004589105.? he said

    passively. The other boys jumped as the wall besides them hissed and opened, revealing a

    dazzling array of bolt pistols and hellguns. Omar picked on up and checked to see if it was

    loaded, he nodded slowly. Leo looked quizzically at Jassen. “Servicing every member of

    Lance has its benefits? Jassen smiled.

    As the Assassin turned the corner a strange sight surprised her, four boys armed to the

    teeth with pistols and guns greeted her with a hail of fire. Taken by surprise a few hits

    impacted her armor but she quickly got back into momentum and began springing off the

    walls. Soon she got within range and ether kicked the guns out of the boys’ hands or sliced

    them in half with her phase sword. The biggest of them swung a giant metal pipe at her

    head, it hit with such force that it smashed her helmet apart. The offender took a look at

    her hideously distorted face “that’s all polymorphine will do to you miss? he said with

    disapproval. The other children, using a bolt pistol in each hand, fired wildly in her direction.

    Her unnatural agility avoided the shots as she pulled out the Neural Shredder. As the boys

    stopped to reload she landed and pointed the weapon in their direction. It pulsed green and

    the boys fell to the floor, clutching their heads. She began to frown when she realized that

    the Shredder wasn’t killing them. At least they knocked three of the pests unconscious. Leo

    looked up in a daze, his vision becoming disorientated and the Assassin looming over him

    preparing to strike with her phase sword. His last sight was of psycannon bolts tearing the

    assassin apart in a shower of gore.

    Chapter 4: To honor a dept

    A full century after the incident aboard the Lance.

    Imperial world: Orbiting Genisis IV

    Location: An unknown space craft.

    A dark robed figure solemly roamed the silent halls of the strange craft. Occasionally other

    figures would rush by by the robed one payed no heed. He had been summoned to the

    landing bay, something was apporaching his home. Eventually he arrived at the dark bay,

    he gazed into space momentarily before turning his attention to the new docked starship.

    Upon glancing the markings of the ship the robed figure held no more doubts, it was indeed

    the Lance. With a loud hissing an exit ramp lowered from the Lance and out exited a

    procession of inquisitorial storm troopers followed by a great bald headed figure.

    Orlando was glad to be off the Lance, space travel was begining to make him sick. He

    immeidiatly noticed the robed figure decending to his position. Orlando nodded his head and

    spoke "hello son" he said and with that the robed figure threw back his hood. The face

    behind it spoke of hardened experiance in battle despite its obivious youth. "Welcome

    aboard inquisitor Orlando Maximus" Leo said grinning "I hope you find the accomodations to

    your liking" Orlando shook his head "first of all" he began "you will address me now as

    inquisitor lord Orlando Maximus and secondly I do not have much time to spare Leo"

    Leo's small grin broadend as he said "thats chief Libarian Leo my good sir, discovered my

    abilitiy a good while ago" Orlando patted his adopted son, glad to see he had survived the

    grueling trials the inquisition put before him, from his initiation to the many planetary

    wars under taken by his new chapter, and was looking no worse for wear. "Come" Leo

    continued "we must meet up with the others" Orlando eyes widened slightly "Leo I didn't

    come to visit, my postion does not allow it" Leo's smile vanished "I know, I know"

    he said "but you'll need to consult our chapter master and master of sancitiy if you wish to

    have aid in your next asignment" Orlando nodded solemly, Leo was no fool. "May I inquire

    the names of such extraordianary individuals?" Orlando ventured, Leo's smile returned

    "Why my good lord" he said "the names are Omar Maximus and Shiva Maximus" Orlando

    blinked at this news "and what of Jassen?" he continued "Master of the forge" Leo continued

    "I must say your conclaive did find some inderdiably talented childern" Orlando allowed

    himself a small chuckle. "Is Shiva still reluctent to admit the emperor for the god he really

    is?" Orlando asked with a frown "I do hope all those years of disipline payed of" "Disipline?"

    asked another voice, Orlando spun to find another robd figure, he was slighlty taller than

    Leo and looked a little older. "I thought that was part of our training" he continued. Leo

    swallowed his smile in preparation for a formal introduction "Inquisitor Lord Orlando

    Maximus" he began "this is Chaplain Shiva Maximus, master of sanctity" Orladno stared for

    a moment and then replied "good to see you again son, even if you are unchanged" they

    shook hands and Leo motioned with his hand "Orlando, our conclaive is this way if you

    please" and with that the trio walked the hollowed halls of the fortress monestary. A few

    minutes found them standing before huge black iron doors adorned with burning angels,

    under the angels a roll a parchment was painted on, and it read: Seraphim. "The

    Seraphim conclaive awaits" Leo said cooly as he pushed back the door. What lay beyond

    caused Orlando to gasp. 996 shinnig black helmeted heads all locked on his position, red

    eyes staring into his soul. All the marines were seated below a platform on which the three

    stood. But they were not alone, standing to the side of them were two other marines, one

    wearing shinning black armor with a trailing cape and the other wearing bulky black and red

    armor, half his face given in worship of the Omnissiah. Omar and Jassen thought

    Orlando. Recovering from the awe at the seraphim chapter he gazed around the room.

    Hollow itself save for tapestries depiciting their many victories. Leo and Shiva left Orlando's

    side to join their brothers and Orlando was left facing Omar who began to address

    him. "Inquisitor Lord Omar Maximus, your pressance honors us and pokes at our curiosity"

    he began in a loud clear voice "please tell me the nature of the crisis" Orlando cleared his

    throat, which didn't make a very pleasant noise through his resperatory mask. "Space

    Marines of the Seraphim chapter!" he addressed the assembled marines "the Ordo Malleus

    calls for aid on the planet of Genisis IV, some of the traitor legions have arrived and demand

    justice!" "Why not just order the planet destroyed!" called a Marine. "Genisis IV is only in the

    early stages of corruption and can still be contained" Orlando boomed "but on the fury of the

    Seraphim can secure victory." The marines muttered amoung themselves, Orlando could

    see his small speech was having little effect "I've come to honor the pack between the

    chapter and the inquisition, will you follow suit?" he asked. The marines began muttering

    again but Omar quickly broke the conversation "The inquisition will test us yet again!" he

    declared "we have passed many others handed down by them and this will be no differnt!

    For are we not space marines? Are we not the protectors of mankind? What would happen

    should we fall to cowardice in face of this challenge?" the marines mumured in agreement.

    Omar turned to Orlando and nodded before turning back around to his troops "We will not

    cower!" he boomed "we have a dept to honor and the fires of battle to attend to! We go to

    war!" a cheer erupted from the marines.

    "Heresy is like a garden weed, it won't stop feeding until you... BURN THE WHOLE DAMN GARDEN WITH A FLAMER, BURN IT, BURN IT TO HELL!!!!!" "Is there a wittle puppy in the garden? ITS A DAEMON! BURN IT!"

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    Chapter 5, return to Gensis IV will be on its way soon.
    "Heresy is like a garden weed, it won't stop feeding until you... BURN THE WHOLE DAMN GARDEN WITH A FLAMER, BURN IT, BURN IT TO HELL!!!!!" "Is there a wittle puppy in the garden? ITS A DAEMON! BURN IT!"

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    20 (x2)

    Yay! I can't wait for more. I can't say how much I enjoy your writing.
    <(^^)> <(^^<) (>^^)> ^(^^)^ Dance Kirby! Dance!

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    tnks a lot ^_^

    I'm trying to write a book but stilll having problems in the beginning...

    anyway chapter five will be up in a little while...
    "Heresy is like a garden weed, it won't stop feeding until you... BURN THE WHOLE DAMN GARDEN WITH A FLAMER, BURN IT, BURN IT TO HELL!!!!!" "Is there a wittle puppy in the garden? ITS A DAEMON! BURN IT!"

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    Chapter 5: Return to Genisis IV

    Imperial World: Genisis IV

    Location: The Newly Aquired Heretic fortress on the Gavid Plains

    The traitor Gregory Flim stood upon the black walls of the newly erected fortress. As he sat

    he thought about two things: the joy of the easy kill, and the senseless babbling of the

    loyalists. What the hell could the emperor offer that could possibly measure to the gifts

    given by the chaos gods? Then his eyes wandered to the imperial mayrtars adorning the

    walls locking onto an especially adorned corpse. He shook his head in mock saddness

    "Captain, captain" he said slowly "you should've listened to me, the emperor does not

    protect, he is as dead as you are now" suddenly he laughed upon remembering the fools

    final words: the agents of the emperor are forever loyal, they will avenge this loss. His

    laughter carried his eyes to the sky before they deserted him. Big ships were dropping like

    flaming meteors to the earth below, just before they landed their front hatches opened up,

    vomiting smaller vechiles. A rhino? the traitor thought with a smirk as his fellows

    took positions upon the walls, it'll crash and burn! But then he noticed two strange

    things, the rhino had no wheels, and the rhino had huge engines straped to its side. With

    increasing noise the engines flaired to life, propelling the Rhinos into the fortress, lasgun fire

    bouncing off their metal hides. Out of the newly landed rhinos poured out giant black figures.

    SPACE MARINES! hissed gregory's mind giving his former captain's corpse a piercing

    glare. The black armored monstorsities tore the traitors apart, bolter fire turned the firing

    heretics into puddles of gore while their chain swords made swift work of the ones

    unfortunate enough to get close to them. In panic Gregory tried to flee, but where could he

    go? He was backed up against the wall of the fortress and falling ment death. He had no

    more time for thought as a boltgun shell ripped his head apart.

    Orlando stepped grogily off the rhino, still scarly believing that it could fly or that his sons

    would forget to inform him about this manuver. He spotted Jassen and slowly walked over

    to his position. "What the hell just happened?" he asked still gasping for breath, Jassen

    merely smiled "new anti grav drives, just installed them a couple of weeks ago, true it isn't

    full blown flight but its better than smashing your rhino into the hard ground below" Orlando

    was dumpfounded "why not just use drop pods?" he asked which drew out a sorrowful

    expression from Jassen. "Ever since the drop pod incident a couple years ago we have been

    loathe to use them again" he replied solemly "lost around 500 of our brothers that day,

    we've only recently returned to full strength" then a stern look crossed his face "Orlando,

    how is it that the inquisition constantly finds childern with the progenoid glands?" he asked

    "its been a full centuary yet more of these childern are being sent to become one of us"

    Orlando shook his head sadly "if I knew son I'd tell but right now we should focus on the

    task at hand."

    Imperial World: Genisis IV

    Location: The govener's palace.

    Govener Santis sat impatinatly in his golden throne. It had been weeks since the loss of the

    Gavid plains and now news of 'Black Angels' liberating his world from the hideous minions

    of choas had reached his ears. Another report herlarded the arrival of 'shinninh angels' to

    his planet. Angels angels angels, couldn't his people be more original? He had just recived a

    message from an inquisitor lord Orlando that promised him audiance with these so called

    angels. Regardless he was not amused by the wait. Even the golden walls, the exquisite

    fountain, and the elborate tapestries of the palace held no more joy for him. He would much

    rather be in the war defending his people, but when you're a govener you're a govener, the

    hordes of guardsmen stationed in his palace weren't for show. Finally a guardsmen ran into

    his chamber "presenting inquisitor lord Orlando maximus, inquisitor lord Morgin Ra, Omar:

    chapter master of the Seraphim space marines, Leo maximus: chief libarian of the Seraphim

    chapter" he was sweating to remember all the names now "Shiva maximus master of sancity

    of the seraphim chapter, Jassen maximus master of the forge of the seraphim chapter"

    Santis rolled his eyes, and he thought his people weren't original "and Brother-captain

    Tristin Homaru" he concluded with a breath of relief. The governer leaned forward in

    prepation to meet these extraordinary individuals.

    --to be continued--
    "Heresy is like a garden weed, it won't stop feeding until you... BURN THE WHOLE DAMN GARDEN WITH A FLAMER, BURN IT, BURN IT TO HELL!!!!!" "Is there a wittle puppy in the garden? ITS A DAEMON! BURN IT!"

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    The first part seemed a little rushed, but I do like the anit-grav drives and the humor involved.
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    had to finish quickly, I had an inspirational grip to work on my warcraft III scenario :p
    "Heresy is like a garden weed, it won't stop feeding until you... BURN THE WHOLE DAMN GARDEN WITH A FLAMER, BURN IT, BURN IT TO HELL!!!!!" "Is there a wittle puppy in the garden? ITS A DAEMON! BURN IT!"

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