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    Bonesingers - eldar engineers

    Hi this going to be my first post so hope you like it.

    OK, firstly i'm more into the fluff than into playing/modeling so i'm sorry if this won't fit the new rules. I been reading white dwarf for about 10yrs, so am pretty up todate with all the fluff.

    Right, heres the idea. I have read before that Craftworlds are made of wraithbone, so is pretty much all of their vehicles, tools, weapons, etc. This material is psycho-reactive and is shaped by specialist Eldar called Bonesingers. They are described as having extremely ornate armour and weapons, but largely don't get involved in wars (this was yrs ago though so things might of changed).

    Now how would a bonesinger on the battlfield sound? They could help repair vehicles faster, improve accuracy and generally keep they armies equipment working. Basicly an Eldar engineer. Also the fact they can manipulate wraithbone means that they could change their armour, weapons or personal vehicle to suit their needs. Almost like an Obliterator.

    Modeling wise, it means that you can have an eldar character who you could model pretty much however you please. :eek:

    Any thoughts?

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    Bonesingers are some of the most valuable members of a craftworld, as they are very few and the craftworld is completely dependent on them for the maintenance of their machinery. Eldar Bonesingers are used in battle, but Ive never heard of them being used on the ground. They stay aboard their starships and use their abilities to repair critical damage.

    I'd day that bonesingers are considered too valuable to be used in battle as their loss would be a blow to the craftworld, but they risk them on ships and if the ships are lost the bonesingers die too. I dont see any fluff reason that bonesingers couldnt be used on the ground by a craftworld army. You'd have to create the character from the ground up and figure out new rules for it, and then your opponent would have to let you use it, but it could work. It would be an Eldar version of a techmarine. So then a bonesinger would have to roll a 6 to fix a damaged vehicle (not a destroyed one) and be in base to base contact.

    I have to say, though, that a bonesinger would be quite a bit less useful than a techmarine and that is only because of the rules regarding eldar vehicles. Eldar vehicles are all fast skimmers. The first problem is that if the eldar vehicles are moving up to 24" a turn, theyre going to be impossible for a foot-slogging bonesinger to keep up with them in order to repair them. The second problem is that moving skimmers that are immobilized wreck, and so their usefullness will be limited to just weapon destroyed results. As for fixing everyone elses wargear, thats pretty much just for fluff and isnt going to be a part of the game.

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