Here is some history I have added to my list so that everyone who plays me in a tournament will receive one:

The Protectors

“The tale of our people is filled with foolish pride and arrogance. We will not make that mistake twice.?. Farseer Dyannurge told the young Warlock Senamure as they looked over the battlefield from the tree tops. “We must protect our home at all cost.? said the Farseer, “These mon-keigh will not win this day. I have foreseen it.?. Senamure quickly stuttered “But their numbers are legion!? “That matters not. We have the advantage knowing that we will win this battle? soothed the Farseer “Control your emotions and let the power of our race flow through you.?. The two gifted ones made their ways down and prepared for the coming battle.
The Eldar are an enigmatic race with a proud history, but one terrible moment in their history casts a dark shadow. The Fall took the Home world Eldar by surprise. Those who escaped this tragedy where traders living on ‘Craftworlds’ traveling through the vast galaxy who had little to no contact with the Eldar worlds.
The inhabitants of Ir Itloc are one such people. Their Craftworld is located in the north-eastern quadrant of the known Galaxy, far from any civilized planets. Ir Itloc, which means ‘The Forest?, is a rather small Craftworld when compared with Ulthwe or Alaitoc. It is filled with the native plants from the Eldar home worlds that were consumed by the Eye of Terror. The inhabitants are few in number, but this is not from constant warfare, but rather from the fact that the Craftworld is small and needed relatively few people to be aboard. Ir Itloc never manages to have much contact with their Eldar brethren on other Craftworlds, and as a consequence, have developed a unique relationship with nature. The people of Ir Itloc are proud but not unfriendly as they have contact with the Tau and the Imperium.
When the Fall took place, Farseer Dyannurge was but a young child but gifted with powers. His dreams and thoughts were filled with the torment and agony of the Eldar that fell prey to the Great Enemy. Ever since then he has always been a strict follower of the Path, lest he fall off and be lost forever.
As a result of the sense of discipline that Farseer Dyannurge has created, his people are even vigilante in their training and always ready for potential enemies when they make landfall on a new planet. The common people of an Ir Itloc army are few in number but are still utilized in war. Several vehicles are a usual sight in the army as well because the Ir Itloc Eldar rely on an element of speed to combat their foes. They also make use of their long dead warriors with Wraithlords seen advancing with the living on the battlefield.
The Ir Itloc come in constant skirmishes with sleeping Necron, Ork hordes and rogue Tau raiders. Sometimes they make land fall on a seemingly empty planet only to be ambushed while leaving by Necron and as a result they have come to rely one many heavy weapons to counter attack such ambushes. When it comes to the occasional Ork, speed comes in handy because an Ork can’t hurt what he can’t catch. The rare battles against the Tau are often a delicate matter as the Eldar of Ir Itloc have a good relationship with the Tau Empire.
Ir Itloc stands alone as a unique Craftworld. Seemingly self reliant, the Ir Itloc are very close to their surroundings as also relatively friendly. Their isolation from other races and Eldar leads them to be count on each other in times of need.