This should be seen as a sequel of sorts to my earlier posting, "Imperial Naval Induction", which can be viewed here (Imperial Naval Corps Induction) I'd recommend you read the first part before continuing with this part.

It is now 20 years later. Captain Jensen has been promptly executed by a Naval Firing Squad for reported treason- he was found reading Chaos literature and thus immediately removed from command. This sent shockwaves throughout the Naval and Imperial Guard community; it brought shame upon the Navy's proud, upstanding tradition and glee amongst the Imperial Guard Commanders- they were the loyal ones, not the Navy's pathetic elite cadres, and the fact a high ranking Naval officer was found with such literature proved this point. The Naval Administratum took immediate action to save face.
In order to minimise the amount of Chaos related treason within the ranks of the 17th battalion- Jensen's former unit- the infantry, crew and other staff belonging to the 17th were immediately transferred to Cadia for service in the Eye of Terror Campaign, in the hope that service amongst the famed Cadian 8th would reignite their faith and cleanse them of Jensen's bad habits. The first months of active duty with an Imperial Guard unit saw the highest amounts of Summary Executions by Commissars the Cadian 8th has ever experienced.
The old Naval training facility was handed over to the Imperial Guard, but the Naval Medical facility still stands, however- it remains the key station for training Imperial Guard Medics and Imperial Navy Corpsmen. A good deal of Naval battlecruisers and vehicles are still manufactured on Illesan 9.

The Navy had now lost a sizable amount of its Carrier/Battleship/Spaceport Guard. It only had 2 options- to rely on the Imperial Guard to defend such important targets, or to start all over again. Naturally, the staff officers in charge decided on option 2, and they packed their bags and set sail for the planet Gestahlt, located within the Belis Corona.
Gestahlt has often been likened to an unknown planet called Salusa Secundus. This is believed to have been a fable from the Ancient Terrans, however. It has a predominantly reddy-brown soil, and huge, iron Imperial palaces and towns scar the landscape.

"The 3 ways"

Imperial Naval training had to be toughed up. As a result, indoctrination starts on recruits the second they join. However, the freedom of choice as far as recruits are concerned has increased somewhat. Whilst the 17th were trained in an artic environment, they often found themselves shipped out to desert planets like Tallarn with inappropriate equipment. Imperial Naval candidates are drafted from various planets throughout the Imperium, and recruits homeworlds are always taken into account. The Navy now has three fighting divisions:
Able, Baker and Charlie. Able Division is mainly concerned with the defence of Gestahlt, and as a result their uniforms and fatigues are coloured to match the soil of Gestahlt. Able are generally considered the "anywhere, anytime" squad. Baker Division is based upon the old 17th in the fact that once they have completed training on Gestahlt, they are sent back to Illesan 9 to continue their winter training. Finally, Charlie Division deals with defence of Battlecruisers- more often than not, you will find Charlie Division members on the AA batteries of various cruisers.

The Navy also noticed a distinct lack of pride and discipline within recruits. As a result, Sergeants and Officers are issued with dress uniforms similiar to the ones Cadian Officers wear- body armour and peaked caps. These are coloured in traditional Navy style- Navy Blue Jackets and trousers with red trim and white belts, caps and other accessories. Enlisted ranks below that of Sergeant are not issued a flak jacket or helmet, they are given Catachan style fatigues with shoulderpads. Helmets are only issued to Charlie divison, but a recruit from one of the other two squads may purchase a helmet from the Navy Quartermaster, but this is frowned upon by other ranks, and sometimes even officers. The helmet is usually a standard Cadian tri dome helmet, although the Imperial Aquila does not appear on the Navy variant. Rebreathers are only issued to those destined for a long haul on one of the Imperiums fine battlecruisers.

In terms of other equipment issued, life has become somewhat tougher for those operating heavy weapons. The Navy now deploys heavy weapon teams before the rest of the force in order to defend what little territory they have in a combat situation. As a result of this, the Navy saw the need to increase survivability amongst the weapons teams. Previously, a recruit weapons team would only be given the same kit as the rest of the recruits. Nowadays they are issued a greatcoat and the 450 Munitorium Survival Kit- previously only available to Officers and Snipers, the MSK contains rations, "Luxury" goods such as cigarettes and lighters and a Laspistol with two battery clips. Heavy Weapons teams are also issued with machetes in order to clear a position for themselves and their weapons.