From another one of my topics in the Orks Section, on the topic of Orks wearing Steel Legion uniforms. A'men.

'I could see a group of Ork 'James Bonds' sneaking into a imperial guard steel legion outpost on Armageddon; dressed up in the Steel Legion uniform; barely fitting and wearing poorly improvised human masks (pieces of wood painted tan with uneven eyes, mouths with the drawing skill of a preschooler, and large, mishapen holes for them to see through.)'

'...A human sentry sees the large idots, trying to sneak into the base, and barks, "Who goes there! Be you men? Or be you orks??" and raises his gun with intent to shoot. The ork closest to him beings wavering his arms nervously and says "UH! We no orks! We stupid 'oomies just like you!" (The rest of the boys snicker to themselves). The sentry pauses for a few moments... scanning back and forth, contemplating to himself, and finally says, "Okay, you can come in." and lets them in. The Orks all cheer as the guardsman turns around to let them in, but one over-excited ork accidentally lets out a "WAAAGH!", the guard stops, and turns with a suspicious scowl on his face, walking up the ork, and asks: "What did you just say?". The ork culprit responds with an "Uhh....", and begins shifting his eyes back and forth, only to finally blurt out pathetically, "Nuffing...". The guardsman nods his head with understanding and says, "Oh! Okay then... carry on troopers." The orks and the unsuspecting guardsman proceed into the base, and not 10 minutes later; after a series of loud bangs, booms and screams, the base proceeds to explode in a fiery blossum.'