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Rossini's Maverick Company

The Khomeini system is run not by planetary governors, but by a several crime gangs ranging in power. One of the most powerful is the Mafia, the oldest crime syndicate known. The Mafia can trace their roots back to terra itself, having left after the rise of the emperor when doing business became difficult. They have a complete stranglehold on 4 of the 23 planets in the system and are fighting underground wars over others. Rossini himself, despite being a self-admitted wild card, is a favoured cousin of the Mafia hierarchy. This is probably because a lot of his seemingly hair brained schemes have pulled through to earn the organization a lot of money or at least enough to cover his mistakes.
Being a crime lord, Rossini is no stranger to warfare. His latest idea has taken him abroad in the galaxy, because after all, why steal weapons ammunition and produce from the very planets the organization was planning to conquer? That's what the rest of the galaxy is for, isn't it?
Taking his own more nimble than usual destroyer class ship and a bodyguard of the loyalest Mafia bashers, Rossini's first stop was the infamous deathworld, Catachan. People there have about as much respect for the Emperor as he had, bugger all (as in about as much as foxhole Christians have). There he found and hired Captain Stone, patriarch of colony Alpha (or otherwise known to streetwise imperial officials as “F@#$ Off!?, which was usually reinforced at the point of a shotgun).
Leaving Catachan with Stone and a good deal of the colony, Rossini's next stop was at Armageddon. After successfully landing on the middle continent with his private army, Rossini contracted (or possibly nicked, who knows with him anyway….) a basilisk from an armoured company. With this armoured support, Rossini's army began a non-stop pillaging rampage across Armageddon. With the expertise of Captain Stone's men and perfect intelligence from his aerial crews, Rossini laid brilliant traps for his foes, ambushing, slaughtering then looting the battlefield. The one thing he never did, was attack Imperial forces without discretion. The last thing he needed was the gigantic behemoth catching his scent. Rossini's men use rather traditional sounding Imperial codenames across their vox network such as Bravo, Delta and Charlie so they do not arouse suspicion if anyone taps into their frequency
So the perpetual war on Armor-Geddem! (Rossini likes the way orks think) raged on and Rossini spent the next few months dodging fights and stealing stuff, that was, until he stumbled across a hard pressed trench line of Khominians. They had no tank support (They did but it was broken and on fire, rockets do that to a tank) whereas the orks were gleefully racing to the trench, fighting then regrouping under the cover fire of two looted Leman Russes (yup, dat's da Bloodaxes for ya, can actually use some form of tactics).
Rossini is not a compassionate fellow, and now was no exception. What drew him into saving the defenders were the looted tanks, while the rest of the orks were busy attacking the trench again, Captain Stone and his men had no problems sneaking up and overrunning the tanks. This time when the greenskins fell back they were blown left right and centre by three mighty guns and were naturally destroyed by the crossfire in the time it took them to figure whether to get the tanks or the trench.
The surviving Khominians had little difficulty choosing to fight for Rossini, their command structure was semi-corrupt already. Stones' Catachan men, though at first amused, soon accepted the new recruits. As it turned out living on hive world with perpetual gang warfare had sharpened their reflexes and these men were almost as effective as the Catachan were at using cover to keep themselves alive.
Along with the Leman Russes, Rossini also acquired a rather odd looking chimera. At some point in time (presumably when the orks buggered off with it) it had lost its turret. Orky Meks had gleefully fixed this problem with a sentinel “head?, making it uniquely serviceable. Bravo platoon's Delta squad fixed up the torn tracks, patched holes and tore off Ork glyphs and declared themselves a reconnaissance team. These sneaky Catachan soldiers still used their jungle skills to sneak close to the enemy, but the chimera came as a handy getaway vehicle as well as fire support (or perhaps they were just lazy, who needs to march when you can ride in style?).
As time passed, the idea of saving desperate men proved a good one. With his enlarged army Rossini was making bigger steals and was able to defend from larger enemies. It also proved a useful way to get more recruits, rather than having to travel back to Catachan as he had originally intended, Rossini could fill the gaps in his ranks as he went. Sure, this galatic plundering may not be the most economicaly effective way at stealing stuff for the family, but it's fun.