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Thread: The Nightkin

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    The Nightkin

    I've noticed the rate of fluff in the fluff forum has slowed a little, so I've decided to whip out some old fluff of mine for people to read in the meantime.

    Basically, a while ago, I made up a space marine chapter. I have never really had any intention of playing space marines, but reading so much space marine fluff on here just got me hankering to invent a chapter of my own, I guess, so here we go.

    By the way, feel free to use my ideas, passages, or the entire thing if you want. If it helps you out, I don't really mind. I have no intention of ever doing anything with it anyway.

    Oh, and sorry to the sources I stole ideas from.

    The Nightkin

    Homeworld: Chernobog III
    Geneseed: Ultramarines (minor degradation evident)
    Chapter Colours: Dark green plate, black trim, bone coloured shoulderpads.
    Heraldry: A variety of stylized designs and pictograms. None consistent.
    Battlecry: None consistent.


    The Chernobog system lies on the galactic rim itself, nestled amongst the halo stars. This has the unusual effect that, on many nights throughout the long annual cycle, no stars are visible in the sky. Chernobog III, the only planet in the system capable of sustaining life, is a deathworld, an endless vista of fetid jungles giving way to toxic swamps in the temperate zones, all housing some of the most deadly predators in the galaxy. The humans who dwell here exist as scattered tribes, brutal, violent societies which bear little resemblance to the ‘civilized’ Imperium at all. Only two symbols of Imperial rule can be found in this desolate place. The first lies in ancient tales of the Imperial cult, passed down orally through the tribes by their priests, the second occurs once every ten years, when all the tribes migrate to the mountainous regions, where their greatest hunters and most ruthless survivors are to be tested by the warriors of the Emperor themselves, the space marines of the Nightkin chapter, whose fortress monastery is found on the planet’s inhospitable moon.

    History and Culture:

    As the threat posed by the first Tyranid Hive fleets became apparent, the high Lords of Terra began to see a greater value in consolidating their defences around weak areas of the galactic rim. The strategically important region of space around Chernobog, however, was frequently lawless, its citizens possessing a very limited sense of identity as Imperial citizens. Therefore, rather than conscripting reluctant and potentially seditious guard regiments from these worlds, the decision was made, after much deliberation, to found a new space marine chapter, based on the relatively plentiful and proven Ultramarine geneseed.

    This chapter, the Nightkin, has since distinguished itself several times in battle, though their name is also marred by occasional accusations of deviant practices, and the fact that they have managed to earn the unflinching dislike of their parent chapter.

    Prospective battle brothers of the Nightkin chapter are drawn from youths who display exception skills at a very young age. At a unique tribal gathering held every ten years in the relatively secure but sparse highland regions of the planet, these hunters are given tasks which test their survival skills to the limit. Those who display exceptional promise may be invited to accompany the servants of the Emperor to ‘the place beyond the void.’ Few set foot on their birth planet again save for training missions.

    Many aspects of tribal culture still perpetuate among the Nightkin, including the use of elaborate body and facial tattoos. On Chernobog, all tribe members recieve these tattoos at the time they achieve ritual majority. Since space marine recruits have seldom reached this age, the agonizing process takes place at the time they recieve their first space marine implant, and is a ritual of great solemnity and importance to the chapter.

    More disturbing, however, for other chapters and the Imperium as a whole is the enduring presence of the Chernobog interpretation of the Imperial creed within chapter doctrine. These practices often involve bloody saccrifices, ritual cannibalism, and the use of protective charms and spiritual fetishes, often trophies from successful hunts and battles. It is not unknown for veterans and Chaplains (who themselves lead these religious observances) to display huge numbers of shrunken human, animal and even xenos bodyparts, something which repulses and disturbs more conservative marines who share a battlezone with them.

    Indeed, the Nightkin have succeeded in earning the particular dislike of the Ultramarines chapter after the two combated an ork infestation on the temperate, rainforested planet of Greenhaven. What began as an excercise in cooperation quickly dissolved into near violence when an unnamed Ultramarine veteran sergeant commented disparagingly on the unorthodox trophies carried by one of his counterparts. Furious, the offended marine and his squad stalked the Ultramarines for three weeks during a patrol of the forest, leading them on several occasions to believe they were under attack. Relations between the chapters are stony at best, and they have not fought together since.

    Due to the low technological base of their homeworld, the Nightkin have more difficulty producing techmarines and apothecaries. Those who complete their training do so through the memorization of complex rituals and protocols, and seldom achieve any real understanding of what they wield. As an unfortunate consequence of this shortage, the relatively stable ultramarine geneseed used by the chapter has begun to corrode slightly, resulting in reduced functionality in some minor organs. Many fear this will continue.

    Combat Doctrine:

    The Nightkin draw much from their primitive society, including a strong emphasis on personal skill and prowess and a distrust for machines. Stealth skills are extremely important amongst the chapter, as might be expected from a culture founded on hunting, and their name reflects a particular affinity for night action. Because of these preferences, the chapter prefers close and medium range combat to fighting at a distance. Many train extensively to use their bolters one handed, allowing them to fight equally well in close quarters and medium range. A flexible warrior, so goes chapter reasoning, is a good warrior.

    On the other hand, the chapter’s reliance on foot troops can be problematic, particularly in situations when stealth is impossible, and its relatively recent founding means that rare artificer items such as terminator armour are often unavailable. The Nightkin see no disadvantage in such a thing, and indeed, chapter members who frequently rely on terminator armour or vehicle support are likely to expose themselves to scorn, as others begin to question their combat prowess.

    Important Figures:

    Note: Chernobog tribesmen have two names, a personal name, and a tribal name. Both tend to be guttural and unpleasant to the ear.

    Chapter Master Rigash of the Tarn, –
    Rigash is one of the original Nightkin marines implanted with Ultramarine’s geneseed by the Tech Priests of Mars. He succeeded the original chapter master, who, sadly, was killed in action during the battles against Hive Fleet Kraken. Rigash is a cunning tactician, and his expertise on night raids and jungle warfare is becoming increasingly well known. He is also famous for his impressive trophy room, which is said to contain nearly 2,000 skulls of various origin.

    Chief Librarian Krakan of the Marrg –
    From a young age, Krakan was identified as a witch, and shunned by his tribe for his terrible abilities. During the creation of the Nightkin, he was captured and trained by the Inquisition to become the first Librarian of the chapter. Since then, Krakan has accepted his duty, training other promising psykers and forming the chapter’s Librarium. He has also fought alongside his chapter on many occasions, and proved himself a capable warrior mystic worthy of his lofty position.

    Captain Karrg of the Lurz, commander of the 5th Company -
    Unlike many of the upper echelons of the chapter, Karrg was recruited from a tribal gathering, rather than during the chapter’s founding, and is under 200 years old. He has distinguished himself in action many times, however, and has been promoted rapidly to his current rank of Captain. He has also served with the Deathwatch, and is reputed to have strong ties with powerful figures in the Ordo Xenos.

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