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    Imperium vs Space Marines

    Well yes im at it again, i questioned modern earth vs the Imperial Guard, know i have broaden my look and im questioning if the Imperium found all of the Space Marine chapters evil, does the rest of the Imperium have the might to destroy the Space Marines? Or well the SM and the chapters destroy all of the Imperium?

    My opinion, the Imperial Guard could overwhelm the Space Marines, i mean for some reason the chapters keep themselves at a 1000 men, why? i dont know. But the IG alother with the Inquistion armies could overwhelm and crush all the chapters. However i think the Space Marines would give the first blow since they re quicker to react than the rest of the Imperium. What do you think?

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    Ok, you arent allowed to post any more. Before you do, you have to PM me and make sure that your thread satisfies the following conditions:

    1) Its not a damn fool question.

    2) Its interesting.

    3) Theres a modicum of thought behind it.

    Since you got here you've posted, genuinely, maybe three posts that are of worth. The rest simply arent. Stop getting hung up on the "What ifs..". Well, no, that gives the wrong impression. Post interesting "What ifs...". Its already firmly established that the SM can be raped by the Imperium, at least on paper. In practice, no, as the Imperium is too bureacratic and unwieldy.

    Fluff (FOR GODS SAKE, YOU FOOLS, READ MORE THAN YOUR OWN CODEX!) gives the reason for the 1000 men per chapter. Its so they dont go rampaging around the galaxy like some 40k equivalent of the A Team.

    Thread locked. The Mods reserve the right to lock any DF (Damn Fool) topics at their own discretion.
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Closed Thread

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