Divine Malice - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: Divine Malice

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    Divine Malice

    This is preldue to a fiction piece I am writing about a chaos warrior. Plz tell me what you think.

    Artemis felt nothing as he floated through Immaterium, his flesh had long ago fused with his armor. He knew the nothingness of his soul was the machination of his patron god, but it brought him neither delight nor anger. As time moves differently in the warp, so did Artemis perception. For what seemed ages, he had sat in limbo waiting to be called upon to do battle. As Artemis retreated back into his mind, memories came flooding back, memories of what he had lost. Flashes of battle appeared before him, the carnage of both soldiers and civilians were unequaled. Endless screams of torment haunted his vision. A brief memory of his once proud armor bearing mark of Imperial crest was stained in blood. Artemis shook violently at the thought, did he cause such terrible violence? But now the memory would not stop, as if driven right through is mind and soul a face appeared, a face of cold, calculating, evil. Artemis struggled to run, but found his legs as heavy as stone, his body battered, he cried into the darkness, cried for anyone, anywhere to hear him. Then silence came. Atremis was in the warp, his body no longer had feeling, his armor jet black, a daemonic aura now surrounded him, and he was a servant of god he did not know. He knew all of these things without memory or sense, it simply was. But for all that had happened to him, he had something he had never had before, purpose. A purpose he could not speak, but could feel. It rose within him, and he could hear a voice whispering to him, “go forth my champion, for you are now the needle in the great fabric of the universe…?

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    That's nice writing..

    I'd avoid using the name Artemis. Artemis is a famous Deathwatch Captain.

    Also.. surviving unshielded in the warp itself is not possible, I don't think. It's a dimension of pure energy, with no matter or air. Even without a body, humans can't survive in the warp, their souls are torn apart.

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