An offshoot of the Black Templar chapter (havent found a way to make it make sense if any one can think of a way let me know). Their nomadic crusade brought them to the Eastern fringe of the galaxy, where a vision of the emperor to the 5th company chaplain told him to settle in this area to defend it from the xenos. They are known as the hounds of the emperor because, like hounds they hunt down the enemies of their master and deal swift judgement with their "fangs". There are 10 companies in total, but the one that I will play is the 5th company.

Hounds of the Emperor prefer close combat which is why they beleive the warriors are blessed. Their veterans are equiped for close combat and take the jump pack. Terminator armour is a rare commodity for the Hounds of the Emperor so far away form Holy Terra or resources to build more, therefor only the chaplain and his acolytes take them into battle. They believe only those who have proven themselves in battle to be blessed by the emperor may use these suits of armour. The Chapter chaplain and his acolytes are on a secret quest that will last until the Emperor one day returns from his enternment in his golden throne. No one other than the chaplain and those in his Reclusiam squad know. The quest of the acolytes is to hunt down as many chaos traitor captains as they can and force them to repent of their sins. All other hounds of the emperor hate chaos so much theyll kill the traitors instead of attempting to speak with them. The Reclusiam guard seem to do little to astage the rightous anger of their younger brethren against the traitors they kill instead of handing them over to the Reclusiam. The Captain is the other HQ, he leads the regular forces of the Hounds 5th company. The lybrairan Rhys is a part of his command squad and is well skilled in summoning a firey psychic construct of a flaming hound. In the Eastern fringe the hounds have put down several chaos revolts and stopped an Ulthuwae and Tau invasion force from sneaking into the Eastern fringe on the ice world of Tarsonis.. The hounds of the emperor battle cry is "Kill them and let the Emperor sort them out".

Current deployments: none yet, but are being mobilized.

The imperial held world of Ryvan IV deep in the eastern fringe has fallen under eldar attack. Apparently the eldar believe that this world is theirs. It belonged to their ancestors long before man "crawled from the sea". After the cataclysims that effected the eldar this world was lost to them, and man during the age of colonization moved into the planet and has been there ever since. There is a the Ryvans are a hardy bunch, the jungles of the planet resemble that of a deathworld, infested with tyranids and other horrible creatures, the deserts are as terrible as the ash wastes of armegeddon and the ice tundras are colder than those of Fenris. The scouts have already arrived on the planet and are conducting hit and run attacks against the Ulthuae eldar until the 5th Company arrives and makes planet fall.

That is a campaign that me and my friend will be playing soon, im getting the SM mega force and some boxed sets of models to get what i need for a 2kpt force. Ill let you all know how it goes. Basically well be playing a story campaign so every battle won will change the story a little more. Each battle won or lost will effect the final one in more ways than one. For example if the space marines win the first battle "planet fall" in the final battle they will get one more heavy support choice per secured "drop zone" on the map. The eldar will do the same for every warpgate they hold, or airstrip (imperial forces can only use the airstrips when they take them they must destroy the warp gates). Who ever controls air strips will be able to get one air strike per strip in the final battle. Attacker and defender will each start with one in the regular missions as well. Id love to write more guys, but im dead tired and i have a 9:30am class tomorrow and its 26am right now.