Atolezos of Hejlonath yelled in anger. One could hear him rooms away. "They are here already, and they are knocking right at my gates! How could they have remained under my nose for so long?". He prowled around the conference table like a cougar, observing his generals, wearing long, aristocratic-like cloaks, proud shoulderpads and much adornment. He on his side, carried a long, curved sword, a light armor and shoulder armor signifying his status of Planet Governor. He held many times the long, curved sword at his generals' throats, but never truly dared take an experienced man down. His advisor, a small, aged man, an ancient general of his familly's legions, spoke "Perhaps we should accept His offer? Our end is close, if we d-" Atolezos turned and slashed his sword into the table, sticking it in "Silence! I have heard enough! We will not accept their offer!". His brother, Kelzotil, second in command jumped from the sudden move "Or maybe reinforce the gates?" which was quickly answered by "Too late. It is but a matter of days before they burst through. Prepare your tomb, and mine, my brother, for if we die here, we lie underground as true lords."

- - -

At the gates, loud bangs were constantly heard. Unknown weapons of the enemy. The ultimate enemy. The creatures. The fools. Them who dared outlive them, mightiest dwellers of the galaxy. The whole city is covered by a thick dome of a strange metal they call living metal. A gift from ... The Gods. Though what gift could save them now? The end approaches... They would kill all of them. Every single one. Atolezos was there with his royal guards and his brother, observing the gigantic door of the city, being banged on from the other side. They were being defeated by a dying breed... How shameful. "How is it that a people who lives forever, cannot rule a people who barely has time to live?" a question that commonly pestered his mind... What if them... The necrontyr, lived forever? He had often been urged to accept immortality, but he knows that everything has a price. His advisor, being the direct link with the one they call the Nightbringer, Protector of all. Direct? Infact, he claimed knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone...

A crack of light started appearing through the gigantic door, as the last few garrisons rushed towards the inner rings of the city "They come. And this is the time we make our leave for the palace." off they were. What few defenses remained were cut down by the invader, and another door closed.

- - -

The next day, rumors of reinforcements. Well, not quite there, but he had heard of them. The announcement was quite a shock. He saw it on his generals' faces. A glimmer of hope. Until the doors opened wide. He had expected this, yet blamed it on simply being a possible scenario. Of course, he was immediately at his advisor's throat and had him hung in public area for treachery. Finally at the last wall circle, Atolezos watched the last door from his palace. His brother stood next to him, as loyally as ever... "It is time... There is no other choice... Do not be a coward, accept what was meant to be ours." Atolezos looked at his brother and shook his head "We will all die! The end is nigh!" Kelzotil finally added. He was quick to put his curved blade to the man's throat... Now everything was clear... The puppeteer showed its face... What had he done? "Very well! I'll accept your offer! Make me immortal! Save my people!"

- - -

Atolezos closed his eyes, as the machine, the tomb spyder, that had been given to serve as engineers, froze his nerves. His skin lost feeling, he could not hear, smell, or even see anymore.

On a dozen tables next to him, tomb spyders operated. The remaining inhabitants were to be made... Immortal. And so they were.

Now he waited at the gates, his mind desiring only to kill the incoming Old ones. In the name of the Deceiver! His metallic skin felt like nothing, he was not hungry, thirsty, warm or cold anymore. Immortality, without pain or fear. When the doors finally opened, there was no old one. There were necrontyr, and now he truly realised it all. Reinforcements. He held his staff of light tightly in his iron grip, as the men approached. Atolezos would growl in anger did he not have a metallic voice. He stared, and when the necrontyr were in range, he spoke, so that they could hear him "Fire.".

None escaped. That, was the story of the Hejlonath Stalkers, part of Eldar legend. The story of Atolezos, who was tricked by the deceiver to give his soul for free, as the Old ones had been extinguished from the planet months before.

It is rumored, that waiting to be awakened, Atolezos sat in his throne, right infront of the front tomb door, forever waiting for the Old ones to come, so that he could claim the souls he was never rightfully allowed to claim.