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    space marine companies

    alright, lets see, i know most space marine companies have only 1000 marines in them, but isnt that kind of lame? i mean only 1k marines, thats so small compared to the chaos legions, i dobnt why they made it only 100 in each company, they couldve made it 200 or somethin.

    i want to know why cant the chapters have more then 1k space marines. I know that the whole black templars chapter(if they all met at one place, which i think would b impossible) the whole chapter counts up to 1600 marines. also the space wolves are similar, each great company(12 or 13 of them) has like 200 marines or something.

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    Well, there are more space marines around now than at the beginning of the Horus Heresy. There are around 1,000,000 space marines now, and only around 200,000 then (this figure is from the article on the Istvaan IV massacre, 3 legions wiped out and "... judging from the average size of the legions ... [at that time] ... the casualties must have approached 30,000).
    So there are probably more Loyalist than Chaos marines.
    As for your question:
    This has been raised many, many times, especially recently. If you can't be bothered searching, at elast look at the "New Posts" link.
    Greetings from Planet X, I hope you enjoy your day.
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