This is just the begining of the fluff for my army, as I play more games with them, I'll expand my fluff to include their current mission, which my friend and I are currently working on.

75th Forward Infantry
Varus Temple
Chamber Militant of the Officio Assassinorum


“We do not determine the guilty
We do not decide the punishment
We are merely the cold instruments of the Emperor’s vengeance.
There is no form of death unknown to us
There is no form of terror beyond our means
There is no enemy outside our reach.
We are the blade that hovers over the throat of the traitor
We are the bullet that awaits the heretic’s skull
We are the poison in the throat of the alien.?


- Decree Assassinorum -

Varus Temple.

They are the unsung of the assassin chapters. Where each of the mighty temples of Callidus, Culexus, Eversor, Vindicare and Venenum chose to pursue one aspect of the art of death, Varus chose to master none, but know of all. Not for them are mighty snipers, shape shifting warriors or drug fuelled killing machines. For them is the knowledge that in any situation they can adapt and over come.

They send their agents out across the Imperium, each awaiting the day their orders come through. When they do, these assassins go about their duties using innovative and creative ideas, rather then the single mindedness exhibited by some of the other chapters. Their capacities to utilize the various styles mastered by the other chapters allows them to perform missions that they could not. Whilst they rarely become masters of any one ability, it is this ‘Jack of All Trades’ mentality that allows them to be one of the greatest true assassins in the Imperium.

Then there is Agent Johann Dorn, 2nd class Varus Assassin.

Dorn is what the temple refers to as a ‘Sleeper’ agent. He is never assigned missions directly, but should another agent fail, he rises to pick up the slack. As a result, he is extremely versatile and trained in a multitude of weapons and tactics. Due to his nature, it soon became pertinent to assign to him a permanent personal defence force. These soldiers are all those who were, at one point or another, considered for D.A.T. (Delayed Agent Training) a specialist training regime that adopts older recruits, rather then from birth as is the norm. None of them were selected, but their above average capacities soon saw them conscripted into the 75th Forward Infantry. Johann Dorn’s personal regiment.

Just like Johann, the 75th are trained to adopt a variety of battlefield positions, with each soldier trained to handle at least three separate roles whilst in battle. As a result, the force is quite capable of turning charges on their head, diverting enemy supplies, stealth inserting Johann and his personal bodyguard in high-risk operations and to win in all manner of battlefield operations.

They are the 75th.
Their business is death.
And business is good.