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    the worlds of the Imperiaum again

    1) I’m not to sure where to put this so if it’s in the wrong place then I apologise.

    2) I thought that there should be a thread about all the different worlds in the 40k universe. If I miss any thing out then the feel free PM so I can add worlds that I have missed along with any examples that are well known that I haven’t thought of or anything that could be added. And please no “I thought that it was xyx world not 123 world". Thank you.

    First up.
    Hive worlds
    Example: Necromunda, Armageddon
    A planet covered in “hives? these are great towers where the bulk of the population live. The position of your dwelling in the hive moves with you status with the person in charge of the hive at the top and the normal workers at the bottom. These world normal have substantial tariffs no them in either men or materials and are dependant on other worlds for there survival. The terrain in on worlds is usually polluted wastelands or lots of buildings representing the hives. Hives worlds normally supply there own forces with weapons and vehicles but are normally of poorer quality than that of a forge world

    Example: Icher IV, Rynns world
    These are worlds entirely devoted to the production of food be it meat, vegetables or a nutrias fungus where the population live in large farms many miles apart. Battles fought on these planets could be fought over a farm or important feature in the production. These planets normally provide food for the hive worlds. The largest concentration of human life is at the space port and Capital

    Forge Worlds
    These worlds make all the tanks, flyers and vehicles for the wars that the Imperiem fights as well as guns and armour and is normally run by the Adaptus mechicarus. Most of the atmosphere in highly polluted from the millennia of production. Battles on these planets could be fought over a Hab block, scarp/ore heap or the factory itself.

    Death Worlds
    Example: Catachan.
    These worlds are almost impossible to live on by humans as they seem to want to remove human live from then or the atmosphere is to toxic but those that do live their are very hardy and have skills that are far superior that that of men trained to that why of fighting. These worlds normally have a low tariff rate as there is little they have to over other than the men for the Imperial Guard. Battles on these worlds are more than just a fight against the enemy it is a fight against the environment so you may want to try adapting the Lustria rules to fit a 40k game.

    Dead Worlds
    These are world that have no live or useful recourses on them what so ever. This is how most of the planets that the Tyranids invade end up as. Also worlds that have been declared Exterminartus fall into this category. The only imperial presence may be an unmanned observation post. Battles fought over these planets will normally be fought by Space Marines or other forces that employ power armour as they can operate in air less environments of a limited period time.

    Primitive Worlds
    Example: Blackwater,
    These are worlds where human life has fallen so far that they are way way behind that of the Imperiem may are pre-black power. These planets make excellent recruiting grounds for the Adeptus Astartes. As the warriors are of great strength, resilience and loyalty. The Imperiem has to be careful fighting battles on these planets as if some of there equipment is lost or left behind then it could course problems for the planets society.

    Fortress Worlds
    Example: Cadian
    Fortress worlds are dedicated to the protection of ether a shipping lane or items of great importance. Every thing the world has to offer is put into the war effort, every citizen spends there life’s in the Military all the planet produces is weapons, ammo, tanks and well trained solders. Battles here take place often so there are many veterans in there armies along with many conscripts. And the place is usually blown to smithereens by artillery.

    Cardinal World
    Example: Ophelia VII
    These are worlds in which the Ecssenacey has ruler ship and this is where many Commissars go to receive there training. Armies from these worlds normally have large numbers of Priest and commissars them and can be seconded to an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus. Due to the close ties between the two. A battle on this type of planet may be more than some attackers can handle as the piety of the Defending armies will be at fever pitch after being stirred up buy the many priests on this world.

    Shrine Worlds
    Example:HOLY TERRA (what else)
    A world of major religious importance to the Imperiem it may be a place where one of the saints was born or preformed a great act, it maybe just maybe a world that the Emperor himself once fought on. What ever the course it is a place of great pilgrimage for the citizens of the Imperiem. These worlds are sometimes raided by the Dark Eldar or Chaos only to have hordes of screaming fanatics tear them apart as the many pilgrims purge the unbelievers for the face of the world. Armies drawn from these worlds normally contain lots of Zealots, Fanatics and Flagellants so having a unit of Zealots in your army will fit well and playing “Defend the Shine? form the Witch hunter codex would be appropriate.
    Inquisatorial Worlds
    Example: Titan
    This is a world that the Inquisataian holds sway (best not start a cult of Chaos here than) most likely where they recuit there Storm Troopers from and there positians are tightly gaurds secrets. and are noramly in places of great inportance to the Imperiems security.

    Yes people i know that my spelling and punctuation is awful but I am product of British teaching pollicies so what can I do about it?

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    I think that's about the right break-down of it. There's one thing i think could be added and that's worlds where abhumans or a race of beings that is accepted as a slave race to the imperium (jokaero or squats) lives. Those worlds would be left on their own but the Imperium would probably watch them or maybe directly rule them.
    I shall destroy all who stand in my way. The Emperor shall be reborn in me, the Primarchs shall be remade in me. I shall cast down the Dark Gods, the Star Gods shall be consumed just as they consumed their brothers. Those who fell shall be redeemed, those who remained pure shall be rewarded. The Imperium shall regain its power and the Dark Age of Technology will seem like nothing. For I am the Numen and I am coming

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