Seekers of the Ultimate Helix

“The Tau-Kroot alliance was one of the great accomplishments of our ancestors. There are days, though, that I wonder why the Kroot agreed to serve the Tau Empire – was it out of desperation? Greed? Wanderlust? Whatever the case, they are now one of the cornerstones of our society - may they never falter, may we never collapse.? – Iu’l’luan, Water Caste Ambassador to Pech

Many times over the course of the history of the Tau-Kroot Alliance, Kroot mercenary armies have ascended the heavens in their “war-spheres? to search for new genetic materials on other planets. Most of the time, however, these forces are kept super-secret by the Kroot Master Shapers – their agreement with the Tau forbids them from fighting except as part of the Tau Empire military forces. In recent years, however, certain Tau Earth Caste scientists have expressed concern that some subpopulations of Kroot have begun to lose their genetic viability – specifically, those units that are garrisoned on Tau sept worlds that have not seen combat, and thereby new prey, in several years.

One of these Earth caste scientists approached his Ethereal master, Aun’lau, with his findings, hoping that some action could be taken to save the proud, noble and loyal Kroot from such an ignominious end. Aun’lau sent for Prakhnan, Master Shaper of the local Kroot forces, and discussed an idea with him – an idea radical enough that it had to be kept secret from the rest of Tau society. Prakhnan, along with his entire complement of Kroot warriors, would be sent on a mission to find enough diverse genetic material to sustain his people for years to come. To ensure the success of the mission, the Ethereal promised personal aid in the form of his bodyguard of Fire Warriors, Crisis Suits, Tanks, and even himself if necessary. Prakhnan jumped at this chance – to be able to seek out genetic material on a mission sanctioned by the Tau? The thought was beyond his wildest hopes. At last his people would be able to pursue their destiny as the perfect predators.

After long months of preparation, the combined force set out on their expedition. Their first stop was to be the region of the Eldar Craftworld of Alaitoc – for who better to know the deepest secrets of life than the oldest race in the galaxy? The Tau-Kroot fleet carrying Aun’lau’s and Prakhnan’s forces approached a world in the sphere of Alaitoc’s influence and began to land troops – merely a ceremonial guard for the Ethereal. However, no sooner had they landed than a message was received on the communicators of every soldier on the surface: “Leave here and never return, greyskins!? With that, a savage attack by the Eldar had begun. The Tau and Kroot were taken completely by surprise as a large contingent of Rangers appeared out the woods surrounding them, emptied their needle rifles into the Tau and Kroot, and just as quickly vanished. In that all-too-short engagement, many proud Fire Caste members lost their lives, as they were under strict orders from Aun’lau to protect the Kroot at all costs. The fleet quickly picked up and left the system – a quarrel with the Eldar was something they surely did not need to pursue.

For months the convoy of starships made its way across the galaxy in search of raw genetic material that may be of some use to the Kroot. The encountered everything from Ork hordes to Chaos invasions, but with the fervor of conviction in their hearts, the survival of the Kroot on the line, and a top-notch Hammerhead crew at the helm, no obstacle seemed to great for them to overcome.

Recently, the Seekers of the Ultimate Helix, as many in the Tau Empire have started to call them, have been spotted entering the vicinity of the Maelstrom, the giant Warp storm in the center of the galaxy. Perhaps they seek answers they do not expect to find in the material universe, or perhaps they do not exactly know of the horrors that await them there. What is known about the Seekers is that they have had several run-ins with Chaos forces – each confrontation more savage than the last. It is almost as if the Ruinous Powers themselves do not want the Kroot to survive. There have even been occasions where the Seekers have been confronted with Greater Daemons, but they somehow manage to persevere and to carry on their quest. Though their numbers dwindle, the search for genetic material continues.