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    Index Astartes - the Obsidian Blades Chapter

    Index Astartes

    The Obsidian Blades Chapter


    Much of the history of the Obsidian Blades chapter is shrouded in the cloak of the holy Inquisition, only those of high ranking within the Ordo Hereticus are privy to the full truth. The truth being that the chapter were once faced with being named Excommunicate Traitors and stood upon the brink of heresy. Yet under the watchful eyes and ears of the Inquisition and the pure Adepta Sororitas, they are forcing themselves back into the Emperors light via the shedding of blood and bringing of the light. The chapter are a guardian force of a small sub-sector on the edge of the Halo Zone, the system Basteus is a four planet system.

    The Hive world of Katalan within the system became a target for a cult named “The Emperor's Wish?, at first they started small and preached the holiness of the man-god; a harmless cult doting the Emperor. But soon rumours flooded the hives of a darker side to them, of young virgins disappearing and of wild orgies of pleasure and self flagellation. Any questions raised against the cult were quickly silenced and the antagonist soon found themselves labelled a heretic and were burnt at the stake; for the planetary governor was secretly a member of the cult. The cult itself was dedicated to the Satin Throne and to the chaos god Slaanesh; the Dark prince. Almost a full quarter of the planets population had fallen under the control of the cult, including many of the high ranking government and the Planetary Defence Force. The cult spilled into the streets, sexual depravity became commonplace as wild orgies ran through the cities; screams of pleasure and pain echoed through the hives – day and night. Those caught were either sacrificed, their souls devoured by the ever hungry god Slaanesh, or joined with the cult – a widespread revolt against the Emperor exploded into the planet and soon it became an all out war as the loyalists fought in the name of the divine light of the God of Mankind. In all this time since the first signs of the cult there came no sign of the Obsidian Blades, when war broke out the pleas of help that reached their chapter fortress fell on deaf ears – not one marine had left the moon for nearly a decade. In desperation the loyalists send out a distress signal into the Empyrean and then steeled themselves against the traitors. Many rallied to the banner of the Emperor, ordinary citizens took up arms and fought those they had lived among for years – their opponents fought no shelter and as each one died, be it from a las round or a bullet, they died with a smile and prayer upon their lips. Help was needed.

    The psychic distress beacon was intercepted by an Ordo Hereticus ship en route to Cadia, the ship bore a newly formed order of the Adepta Sororitas – the Order of His Golden Radiance; they reacted quickly and redirected themselves towards the Basteus system. At this time the Obsidian Blades came out of their self imposed reclusion and saw the horror that transpired in their absence; this was a slight upon their honour. The entire First Company made surgical strikes directly into the cult held strongholds and territory; veterans in ancient Terminator Armour teleported directly into rituals and orgies – their wrath was terrible to withhold. Other veterans disrupted supply lines and cleansed their stain from strategic points. In the time it took the Inquisition to reach the planet the single marine company and the loyalist humans had quashed the rebellion. Hundreds of thousands of worshippers were put to the sword, condemned by their weakness; others were mere bystanders who were caught up in the war – many knew not why they had fought just that they did. The holy Inquisition took over as they culled the millions of traitors in a wholesale slaughter, the remaining first company marines withdrew from the planet taking their fallen with them – the company was ever changed from that point onwards. As the Sisters of Battle fell to the planet a number of high ranking Inquisitors and the Cannoness of the Order of His Golden Radiance proceeded to the Chapter Fortress demanding answers as their their absence. What transpired there was never recorded but as they parted the chapter immediately declared a penitent crusade to expunge the slight from their name.

    In the following years an Inquisition base was placed upon the moon orbiting Katalan, a monastery of the Adepta Sororitas was positioned upon the planet itself. Further more a detail of the Ordo Hereticus and Order of His Golden Radiance were to accompany the Obsidian Blades upon their crusade. Two full companies of the chapter were left in the system to guard it alongside that of the ever vigilant Sisters and the Inquisitors.


    The first planet in the Basteus system is Perbet, a agricultural world. The planet is the main supplier to the system and a full third of its produce is shipped to various war zones and military outposts. The second planet named Caluin, it is a dead rock world – or at least seemingly it is. Below the surface is an Adeptus Mechanicus outpost, they are harvesting long dead remains of an ancient civilisation that is embedded in the core of the planet itself; very few outside the Machine Cult know of its existence. Katalan is the third planet in the system, the hub of the system indeed; being the central planet it was colonised and turned into a Hive world.

    The final planet in the system is that of Hexpitol. The Imperium has denied the inhabitants to evolve any further, this is the planet in which the recruits for the Obsidian Blades are taken from; by Imperial standards the people are barbaric but they bred as fighters from a young age. The marine Chapter Fortress is kept upon the moon away from the inhabitants, from here they view an annual contest in name of the 'Golden Man' and the best aspirants are taken to the fortress for testing and then induction into the chapter.


    As the chapter are custodians of a planetary system they have a duty to guard and protect it, and are determined not to fail once more, but as they embark upon their crusade they would have left the system unguarded. Unwilling to abandon their duty or to call off their crusade it was decided that two companies would remain behind, the Second and Fourth companies were selected. They still would induct aspirants from the planet below as per usual, to replenish their losses and bolster their ranks.

    The crusading companies are organised differently, they have no reserve companies as dictated within the Codex. Instead the reserve companies were combined to form a second two full companies to replace the two left behind, the remaining squads are spread among the ranks of the main companies. Likewise the scout company is not a full company but instead most companies have a number of squads permanently attached to them. Whilst on crusade they have need of training and to replenish their ranks, they often find compatible males and induct them into the chapter – to this end the complete number of marines is unknown but it is rumoured to be almost one thousand and two hundred marines in the crusade alone.

    The only other notable deviation from the Codex is that of the first company. In recognition of their actions of the rebellion upon Katalan their armour was painted a deep blue and their chapter badge inverted to a bone white colour. They are known as the 'Ivory Swords', it is an immense honour to be inducted within their ranks but they carry a heavy burden of the knowledge of what happened within the rebellion.

    Combat Doctrine

    Whilst their organisation differs from the outlines in the Codex Astartes they chapter does not diverge from the combat outlines. Each company is full capable of dealing with all combat situations, and have access to the armoured spearhead that is the first company. The first company prefers the confines of close combat, in this respect they are usually the first in the assaults. The elite shock troops often deploy via thunderhawk, drop pod or teleportation in favour of getting to grips with the enemy quicker.


    It is unknown from which stock the Obsidian Blades owe their gene-seed to and they are not forthcoming with a name either. But from what is know they have a very stable gene-seed, there are no visible mutations or nothing to indicate a taint; this have led many to believe they are of Ultramarines or Imperial Fists stock.


    The Obsidian Blades hold the maxim that they will find absolution in the eyes of the Emperor and will return to their homeworld. Like all marines they see the Emperor not as a god but as a master, his word is law and his love is replenishing. Other than the God of Humanity they also offer a great deal of hero worship upon great heroes of the chapter – previous Chapter Masters can often be included within prayers. The master chaplain holds the book of honour and each marine entered will be etched into the wall in the chapter fortress upon their return.


    “For honour and the Emperor!? An alternate version can often be heard from the elite 'Ivory Swords' within the chapter - “For redemption and honour!?


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    "Their wrath was terrible to withold"?

    Apart from that minor mistake, I think it was a very good effort. No other grammar mistakes, solid fluff and a nice little mysterious hook to round it all off. Maybe I should post the fluff for my chapter at some point in time too. The one thing I don't understand is the relationship between the Inquisition and the Obisdian Blades - are they there to help each other or are they there to keep an eye on each other? I guess that's one of the questions we will have to decide for ourselves.

    Good work. Hope to see an armylist perhaps or maybe some dramatis personae.

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