My kabal is called; The Kabal of the Bloodied Tear. They originaly were a faction of the Kabal of (insert my brothers kabal name when he thinks of one here), but eventually my Kabal broke away, and (insert name of my bro's archon's name when he thinks of one here) wasen't too happy, but my kabal was quite powerful now and she didn't know who had more people so she held a glatiator tournament, inviting my entire Kabal to join. We eccepted
the invatation, and there was a lot of classic dark eldar murder, assassanation, ambusing and the likes. In the end, My Kabals leader, Archon Xhio Nulic (X-i-oh, New-lick), ended up fighting my brothers archon. The battle ended up as a draw, with both archons worn out and exhausted.

Our two Kabals have on several occations lent forces to each other (for a price, of course),
and have almost formed a kind of "friendship" between us...almost. A lot of the time, Xhio Nulic's grunts have been fighting with (my bro's archon)'s underlings, althogh he pays it no mind (he is dark eldar after all), and nether does (my bro's archon).

Tada! thats all for now...