Hi yall i just can't seem to get the fluff iders going for this army(writers block or something).

so i would like to ask all yall for some help here.

i got the basic bare min . down.

their a SM(not sure what chapter) crusier that got lost in the warp. the human crew and the SM inside slowly but with out a daut turned to chaos.

the lord and LT. worship slaanesh and have earnd the mark,but the rest are still working on being worthy.

they are now known as (THE DOGS OF DECADENCE )

they now act as mercinaries for other chaos worshiper(sept Khorn worshipers).

the human crew being as they were surfs and friends are not treated as slaves but as students and will rise to take there place as full Marines.

well here are the main characters:

Lord-Commander Euphoric(Chaos Lord)

Major Malice(CSM Aspiring Champion)

Senior-Sargent Talleck (Agitator)

so can yall help me out with some iders and such to work these guys in to a fluffy back ground story?