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    The Reckless Drakes (scout army fluff)

    It was the 36th Millennium, during the age of apostasy, that the fortress monastery of the Dauntless Dragons came under attack. Ork attacks had been on the rise as the imperium fell into turmoil but this one was particularly brutal and amazingly well planned, though some attributed it more to luck than planning on the ork's part. The massive dragon fleet was cut off from their home planet Piscina III by warp storms after months of fighting around Cadia and the eye of terror. It wasn't until the orks had penetrated into the Piscina system itself that the danger they posed was realised.

    It was the frigate 'Dragon's Eye' that first encountered the advance ships of the ork fleet. It took heavy fire but managed to escape into the warp to carry this news to Icarael, the young chaplain who had been left in charge of the fortress monastery and the training of the scouts. He could see the grave threat posed by the orks, if the 10th company were to fall and the fortress was taken the future of the entire chapter would be put in jeopardy. Forearmed with this knowledge, the scouts began preparations to defend their world from this threat.

    As the ork transports descended into the atmosphere the huge planetary defence guns took a large toll but eventually thousands of ork warriors made planetfall, albeit at a safe distance from the fortress monastery. Whole towns and villages of the native Piscinans were slaughtered as the orks advanced. And so the onslaught of the orks continued, the huge mobs advancing upon the ancient fortress and bringing it under siege. Hundreds of giant guns began to fire, lighting the sky with brilliant flashes as they exploded against the thick walls.

    Unbeknownst to the orks, the fortress had been all but emptied before the attack. The scouts were making their way around, under and even through the invading orks, using tunnels, rivers and dark passsageways that had become well known to them over the years.

    When the counter-attack came it smashed the masssive guns in a single vicious blow. As bike-mounted scouts sped along the line, slapping melta bombs to the sides of the guns and tearing their crews off as they passed. The main scout forces attacked the mobs in the darkness of the jungles, ripping them to pieces with knives and chainswords. Others formed tight squads, armed with bolters they hunted through the jungles destroying those they came across with a hail of explosive bolts. They cut a swathe through the enemy lines all the way back to their fortress. From there they continued to launch countless hit-and-run attacks.

    Months passed before the fleet was able to return. There had been no communication from the planet and chapter master Tarathel feared the worst. However when he and his terminator squads teleported to the surface they found only the shattered remnants of the orks, fleeing from the savage attacks of the scout squads. That day he entered each of the scout's names into the book of honour, and he was only slightly surprised when his promise that they would see more of such action in the future was met with grins and applause. In the following centuries they would become his honoured vanguard, charged with the protection of their master and his company of veterans and they would be known as the reckless drakes, brave cousins to the great dragons.

    ___________________________________________________________________________ _______________

    Well there's my fluff. In just about its final form. There are a few details that I'd like to tighten up a little. Such as how long it takes warp storms to pass and what ork clan would you be most likely to come across in Segmentum Obscurus. Anyway, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    It works very well as a storyline, there's nothing I can pick holes in there, very well written.

    However, I seem to remember from way back when (WD 199) that Piscina III was uninhabitable. The only ones mentioned are Piscina IV (industrial world, no home marine chapter) and Piscina V (jungle death world). I think the rest are atmosphereless rocks, but I could be wrong. A relocation is in order.

    That, and you seem to be taking a similar route with scouts as do the space wolves, ie they aren't a 10th company as such (newly initiated, not fully trained), just chapter members who excel at stealth work. This isn't a problem, but it might be worth pointing out that this is unorthodox practice.

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