(Working on) The Legions of Adin (offshoot of the World Eaters) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    (Working on) The Legions of Adin (offshoot of the World Eaters)

    ok, so basicly the entire outline of My Chaos lord (Adin)'s Rise into Command is this:

    Adin- A chaos lieutenant in the World Eaters, broke away after winning a battle against the Witch Hunters, Crazed after tasting the blood of fallen Seraphim. Forces of Radical Khorne cultists following Adin, Hellbent on destroying Ordo Hereticus.

    I have worked on the part where he first tastes the blood, and how his (Now Chosen Terminators) were Loyal to him from the start.

    (This is not for the weak of stomach, as it describes, (hopefully) in detail, Canabalism)

    Gunshots rang out from across the battlefield, bullets shattering the Ferroconcrete, and bouncing off of Adin's Power armor, as he, and a Squad of 8 Men ran across the Wartorn street, diving behind a large Wall of a Long Forgotten building. Nor Adin or his Troop had ever been gripped with anything remotely resembling Fear, but The false emperor was best defeated here in flesh.. (or what was left of it,) and blood. One of his squad members, Tellius, gathered enough curiousity to look outside of the wall. Happening all at once, Adin could hear the sound of the bullets sliding down the bolter's barrel, exploding out, wizzing through the air, all of them hitting the forehead of the Berzerker of Khorne, five of them cracking through the Power Armor, and colliding with his forehead, Blood soaking the wall behind them, as Tellius fell onto the ashphalt. Without his Corrupted heart skipping a beat, Adin threw down his Bolt pistol, Picked up the Fallen Berzerker's Chainaxe, and a rage-filled scream exploded from his lips "Te Odeo! Interfice te Cochleare" ("We Hate! (your only chance is to) Kill yourselves with Spoons!") When this touched the Ears of his Troop, it filled them with a bloodlust. Soon, the Silloettes of Ten armored Servents of the Emperor ('Seraphim Squad') entered the Shell of a building. "Sisters of Battle.. The *****s of the False Emperor" Mocked one of the Berzerkers, as they charged, Marks of Khorne Burning fresh in their Flesh.

    "Heretics, Burn in the Fire of the Emperor" said the Sister Surperior, as the entire squad mindlessly yelled "For the Emperor!". Fire engulfed Adin, opening his flesh wounds, cooking him in his power armor. This nor Slowed down, or Dis-moraled the Squad, as they charged into the Sisters of Battle, axes whurring, and cracking Skulls. A Bolt Pistol was pointed at Adin's Head, Point blank, but Adin's Hand caught the Pistol, Cracking the Arm weilding it, and throwing the arm at another Sister. And soon there was nothing. Just a Lust for blood, and 8 servants of Khorne. Adin found himself crouching down, taking the head of an Unnamed Sister-Superior, and Pulling it from it's body, as he sank his teeth madly into her soft cheek, biting down and taking a mothful of skin, and blood. He threw the head against the wall, cracking both the head and the wall, as he swallowed, tasting the fresh blood. His mind had been slammed into a brick wall of hatred, maddened by the taste of the Servant's flesh and blood, hatred for the False Emperor and now the Ordo Hereticus growing in his heart.

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    Wow, thats amazingly COOL!
    And gory... you write good !
    I am Narcotick. Fear me.

    LO Musicians clan.

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