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Thread: Fluffified

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    In order to save on bandwidth, and because I both have too many damn armies and tend to write in spurts, I'm going to put the fluff for all three of my armies into one thread and add to them as I go. Please bear with me as they are all works in progress, and I tend to write better if I throw a bunch of ideas down in point form first.

    Originally I just called these guys the Doomed Wolf Brothers, but the heck with it, I'm going to be more creative.

    -Since I want to use these guys with the Space Wolf rules, I figured I should make them a successor chapter to the space wolves. Problem is, the only such successor chapter given is the Wolf brothers...'A Second Founding chapter of the Space Wolves. Eradicated due to rampant mutation. There have been no other chapters based off the Space Wolf geneseed.'

    -Yeah. Not good. So, my answer is.....a successor chapter based on geneseed from the Wolf Brothers prior to them being eradicated.

    -Second problem, is that they'd still have that mutation problem, so I'm suggesting that the chapter's wolf brother geneseed was 'cut' with geneseed from other more stable chapters like the Ultramarines or whatever. Not sure yet. So essentially a later founding chapter created with various geneseed soucres. However, it wasn't a total success, and thus we have throwbacks again with the Wulfen curse, although it manifests slightly differently here fluffwise. Gamestat wise it remains the same.

    Karellian Ice Giants(Space Wolves.)

    Seeing the need for a strong imperial force in the Leitmogg area due to the the Fra-al Incursion, the High Lords of Terra, after consulting the Imperial Tarot authorized the formation of a new marine chapter to take care of the danger. Untainted geneseed of the Wolf Brothers chapter along with suplementary seed from other, more stable chapters were used. During the fifty five years of the geneseed being replicated, a small fleet was similarly built to accomodate the chapter.

    The newly created chapter created with a specific task in mind, and assigned to Ultima segmentum area of space, given a very small fleet consisting to begin with initially only the battle barge Imperial Rage(since renamed Candidai Imperator and three strike crusiers.

    After some initial success in the Leitmogg campaign, defeating the Fra-al and later the forces of pirates in the Getmir Sector, the relatively new chapter reastablishes contact with the long lost imperial settlement on the planet of Karellia, where they helped the local populace defeat a feral Ork army.

    The system that houses Karellia is set is in the Ultima segmentum, smack in the center of a triangle created(for points of reference.)by the Baal system, the Valhallan system and the great warp storm called the 'Storm of the Emperor' Wrath'.

    The planet of Karellia is the fourth planet in a twelve planet system, orbiting a Class G sun. It is very rugged, being covered with many extensive mountain ranges, and the tidal effects of its two moons, one of which is almost large enough to be considered a minor planet causing volcanic eruptions and earthquakes with disturbing regularity.

    The planet is still infested with Orkoid spores, and warbands of savage and feral orks, along with their squigoid subraces still crop up regularly. Except for occaisional raids when the population increases too greatly, the Ice Giants do not engage in any full scale warfare with the Orks, instead relying on the native human populace to keep them in check. In this way, potential warriors for the chapter are found, and there is always trials awaiting initiaties into the chapter.

    Planetary tithes are gathered in the form of furs, minerals and ores mined by the indigenous population and in some cases with slaves of the gretchin sub-race, herbal drugs and medicines. A limited amount of smelted ores are also exported, but this is mainly appropriated by the Ice Giants for their own use.

    The indiginous humans have a post gunpowder technology leapfrogged in some cases due to their near constant warfare with small ork tribes. Their technology in the matters of warfare is much greater than that in all other areas as a matter of necessity, but their knowledge of local herbal remedies is also great for similar reasons.

    Karellian Planetary System

    1. Ogon, a molten hell.

    2. Candidai similarly uninhabitable, but a few oribital solar arrays have been set up here, and the energy that they gather is tight beamed to planet Yaad when the oribital rotation is aligned properly.

    3. Yaad Still mostly unihabitable due to the temperature and noxious atmostpher, but a small extremely well constructed outpost is maintained here, mostly to provide hostile atmospheric training for the chapter. In addition, a small orbital manufacturing station here, using energy sent from Candidai producing ammunition for the energy weapons of the chapter and its fleet. Some other items are similarly produced here, but the Ice Giants have refused to reveal that information at this time.

    4. Karellia The main fortress monestary and shipyard of the Ice Giants is in fact on the larger of the two moons orbiting Karellia, called Kuurija although they maintain fortresses on the peaks of some of the more stable mountains on the planet as recruiting stations and forward bases for raids on the lowland orks when they become too numerous.

    The second moon of Karellia, Kacht contains a small mining and processing station run for the most part by the techmarines and their servitors, as well as additional planetary defences.

    5. Polynas Too cold to sustain human life, and with twice the gravity of Karellia. Covered in a thick layer of ice, there are various indigenous lifeforms that live below the ice on the sea floor. Most are hostile in some fashion or another. Once again, a small base is maintained here for hazardous condition training. Attatched to this base is a fully automated station which processes heavy water and similar resources. Any more regular posting here is regarded as a punishment by the Chapter, and 'staring at the ice on Polynas' is a phrase commonly touted by the battle-brothers expressing dissatisfaction. No moon.

    6. Qaraghandy Small planetoid. Mined extensively in the earliest days of the chapters settlement of this system, now mostly played out, a few abandoned surface mining operations still visbile, but looks deserted. Underground missle batteries are concealed in the miles of abandoned mine shafts and defend the inner planets from attack. Not visible from Karellia due to its small size, but for some reason known to the indigeonous inhabitants. Perhaps the earliest settlers mined it during the Dark Age of Technology.

    7. Asteroid belt. Unnamed. Not visible to the naked eye from Karellia. Probably created due to the gravitational forces of Goueboey. Quite difficult to navigate without extensive charts. Some seemingly passable areas have been mined by the chapter as an additional precaution.

    8. Goueboey-Ringed Gas Giant with a varying number of moons, as some are pulled in from the asteroid belt, and others impact upon the surface. Very beautiful, of a predominately deep blue colour. Can be seen at some times of the year with the naked eye on Karellia. Regarded as a sign of good fortune by the indigenous humans and orkoid alike.

    9. Yonee, barely visible for a month or so every decade to the naked eye on Karellia, this gas giant has a greenish tinge to its atmosphere, and its sighting is seen as an omen for glorious war by the Orkoid races on Karellia, and they start to gather in larger numbers than normal. If they are too successful, the Ice Giants are forced to intervene. Has five moons.

    Any unsubstantiated rumours that the remnants of an Ork invasion fleet are buried here on one of the moons in some sort of suspended animation awaiting the proper day for their reawakening are totally without merit and grounds for disciplinary action.

    10. Oryol, Frozen planet with half the gravity of Karellia. No atmosphere. The chapter maintains an underground repair station here which can accomodate up to two strike cruisers and their support craft, as well as significant orbital and planetary defenses. The final jump off point for any chapter crusades. Invisible from Karellia. Once again, known to the native humans for some reason, even though none of them have ever seen it.

    11. Sputni, Follows a far ranging orbit, more of a comet than anything else. Has become visible at rare occaisons every hundred years or so as it approaches the sun. Orbits at right angles to the asteroid belt and all other planets. Seen as a sign of great ill fortune by both races on Karellia.

    12. Planetoid XXII, A glorified rock. Nothing of interest except an automated listening and scanning post and relay station.

    The Ice Giants are regarded as demi-gods by the local human population, and as their mortal foes by the Orkoids. The humans are aware that occaisionally a human warrior of great valour will be chosen and given the task of climbing to the peak of the tallest mountains on Karellia, where the Ice Giants fortresses lie. Here they will be further challenged, and will either die trying, or go on to become part of the Chapter as a battle brother, a chapter serf or for the most severely wounded, a servitor.

    The Orkoids for their part regard the taking of the life of one of the Ice Giants as a sign of greatness, and often the rise of a feral ork warlord beigns in this way, if he is not killed in a retaliatory pogrom by the chapter. However, the upper leadership of the chapter is unwilling to erradicate the orkoid presence entirely, as they know that the challenge that the conflicts produce creates the necessary trials from which they draw their new candidates. In any case, so entrenched are the orkoid spores on the planet that the erradication of them entirely would probably necessitate extreme sanctions in any case, from which the indigenous human population would likely not survive either.

    Chapter Flaw

    In the same way that their primogenitors the Space Wolves and the Wolf Brothers were afflicted, so too the Ice Giants carry their own flaw, but it manifests in the Ice Giants phsyically in a more varied way. Sometimes those affected by the call of the jotun as its called are effected as the Space Wolves are, in taking somewhat on the forms of a great beast (although this beast is not always a wolf), other times the individual so afflicted has his skeleton and musculature gain in mass similar to that which occurs when an initiate is first inducted into the chapter. Sometimes the chapters apotheocaries and chaplains have success in curbing the onset of the curse, and the afflicted one can remain a member of the chapter, with in fact greater combat prowess than before.

    However, sometimes they are not successful and the afflicted member's curse runs rampant and they are either destroyed or rarely escape into the wilds to terrorize both humans and orks alike. The single handed slaying of such monsters is both seen as a sign of great promise, but also with foreboding since such creatures are allegedly capable of bestowing a dying curse on their slayers.

    This curse which afflicts the chapter is something which has troubled successive chapter masters, and the attempt to keep it as secret as possible, blaming the great monsters that sometimes stalk the planet as being Ork spawn when questioned by any outsiders. Any suggestion that members of the chapter suffering under the curse occaisionally exibhit characteristics that are suggestive of ork phsysiogamy is the worst type of slander and punishable by being tied to a cliff face for the wild Jotuns to eat. No doubt the chapter is extremely careful when choosing its tithe of geneseed to be returned to Mars. It has been noted, in addition that the chapter maintains a much larger ratio of apotheocaries that is usual.

    The native human population maintains large herds of surfooted grazing animals adapted to the rugged terrain, but such animals are vulnerable to predators, orkoids, and of course the occaisional wandering jotun. As a partial response, the locals raise canids of ardent loyalty, tennacity and bravery, which are notable in size, strength and swiftness. Each human tribe raises their own breeds and is fiercely proud of them. So formidable are these creatures that the best of each breedare sometimes taken with their masters when they ascend the mountains to join the Ice Giants. Those that make the climb are similarly tested alongside their masters to determine the best of the best. Those that remain will follow their masters into battle on far distant planets until those few that survive will return to become sires to a new generation.

    Present Chapter Members of Note

    Chapter Master Nikolai Ogienko

    The Ice Giants have tactical and strategic masters aplenty and heroes of both might and fury. Nikolai is certainly renowned in all these categories, but there are individuals who outshine him in each. What Nikolai has that the other Ice Giant leaders lack is both vision and a sense of responsibility that outweighs all else. As the overall commander of a relatively young chapter, Nikolai sees his duties in lying with building up the Chapters strength, in manpower, ships and equipment. Nikolai has been tremendously successful in both increasing the chapters manufacturing capability in producing armaments and even ships and seeking out conflicts where the chapter can recieve opportunities for both material gain and glory. This is not to say that they will avoid conflicts when asked to intervene, but rather that Nikolai has managed to ensure that when the Chapter succeeds, they will be both well rewarded and regarded. He tends to play up the angle of the chapter's relative youth and poverty in these matters, pointing out that they will be better able to assist the next time when help is needed if they are rewarded now. However, it must be remembered, that the Ice Giants are Space Marines, totally loyal to the Imperium and the Emperor, and such gains are sought to strengthen the chapter, and thus Imperium, rather than out of a desire for personal gain.

    Chief Librarian Konshei Volshebnik

    An extremely powerful psyker, known to have prophetic fits prior to battle. Typically these come in the form of a poem, recited, nay thundered at full volume. While it its not always clear what the poems and thus the prophecies refer to at the time, none have ever been proved false. Konshei for his part has no recollection of the visions after his poems echo forth, so he must interpret them himself as well. This has occaisionally proved exceptionally useful when the events were interpreted correctly enough to take advantage of the knowledge. Despite this and his more prosaic psychic gifts, the Chief Librarian remains a mighty warrior and leader of men who can typically been seen in the front ranks wielding a pair of mighty axes.
    The typical reserve which most space marines hold for their librarians is not seen in respect to Volshebnik, as Konshei's prophecies are seen by the rank and file marines as being a sign of the Emperor's special favour. Konshei was in fact given sole command of the Ice Giant task force during the Four Sided War which resulted in the gain for the chapter of the retrofitted battlecruiser No Gold, greatly strengthening the Chapters small fleet.

    Third Company Captain Vasilii Ivanov.

    A titan among giants, Vasilii was struck down by the Jotun curse early in his service, just prior to the battle for Tyrant's gate, despite the rampant growth of his frame and musculature and the terrible pain that came with it, Vasilii managed to hold onto his sanity and was sent to the front of the fray by a desperate Captain Vydrina who knew that with their retreat cut off by the advancing armies of the Autarch, they must take the citadel immediately if the whole comapnay was not to be destroyed, ground up before the advancing hordes and the concrete and steel of the citadel.
    Vasilii's great frame sustained many and grevious wounds, but survived to both breach the gate at last and lead the charge inside to slaughter the demoralized defenders. Once inside, the chapter was able to hold off the Autarch's hordes until reinforcements in the shape of elements of the first and the entire second company arrived. Vasilli was hailed as the hero of the battle, and no effort was spared by the first companies master apothecarion to halt the ravages of the Jotun curse in his flesh. Needless to say, this time they were successful, and while Vasilii's massive muscular frame dwarfs most other marines, his mind is still clear and the curse has no advanced. His vigor and might would stand him in good stead for the rest of the campaign, and he would be promoted to the bodyguard of Captain Vydrina, until that worthies death at the hands of Eldar pirates three years later. Having rallied the company and managing to destroy the eldar raiding party and recover Captain Vydrina's severed head from the trophy rack of the lead pirate, Vasilii Ivanov ascended by general acclaim to the Captaincy.
    Due to his own experiences, Vasilii sees the need for large numbers of apotheocaries in his chapter to deal with the threat of the Jotuns curse. His chapter has a greater proportion of members that have 'recovered' from the Jotun curse than any other company.
    When the (deleted for reasons of security) occured, almost 20 years ago, the nearest SM chapter was the Ice Giants third company. Despite the overwhleming enemy forces, they flung themselves into the fray with zeal and abandon. Most initial casualties were the companies armoured vehicles and transports, since the technology of the (deleted for reasons of security) is so much in advance of even the Imperium. The grinding attrition of 20 years of constant warfare, with no resupply or reinforcements due to the disruptions in the warp in the combat area meant that the chapter has been ground down to a small fracion of its former strength, but the few that still survive have become hardened and bitter fighters beyond even the standards of ordinary space marines.
    (Obviously, this is the company that I use to represent the thirteenth company)

    Seventh Company Commander Alexandrovitch Kasparov

    Recruited from a horse nomad tribe dwelling on a high plateau in far southwestern Karellia, Kasparov's skills and inclinations lie with the lighting attack. Quickly placed with a squad of bikers, his skills blossomed so quickly that he was raised to the bodyguard of the Seventh Company Commander within 4 years of his joining the chapter. The seventh company's bodyguard is typically all mounted upon bikes, situation permitting.

    The seventh company carries a greater proportion of bikes, attack bikes and land speeders than the rest of the chapter, in part due to the efforts and attitudes of its previous company commander, Nuri Boghazkoy. Boghazkoy was himself raised in the same area of the planet as Kasparov, and it is possible that he sensed kinship with the young warrior even beyond that given by the bonds of chapter. Whatever the case, his choice of Kasparov to succeed him has thus far proved wise.

    Nuri Boghazkoy is now a very aged Ice Giant, whos enhanced body was beginning to slow down, and after grooming Kasparov to replace him, stepped aside to take up a position within Chapter Master Nikolai Ogienko's personal staff training new recruits. Presently Alexandrovitch Kasparov is the youngest Ice Giant company commander.

    Noted Conflicts of the Chapter

    The Leitmogg Fra-al Incursion

    The reasons for the chapters creation by the tech priests of Mars at the command of the Emperor, as relayed through the Imperial Tarot and the High Lords of Terra. Other than the name of the conflict, little is known, as following the apparently crushing victory of the Ice Giants, Inquisitorial forces of the Ordo Xenos arrived and took command of matters. The Ice Giants, having succeeded admirably in the initial task for which they were created were thanked and then told with no uncertainty to be on their way. Exactly what happened to the human populations in the area prior to the Fra-al incursion is not known as the Inquisition still has the area under protective quarantine and the Ice Giants aren't talking.

    The Battle for Tyrants Gate

    The culminating battle of a massive conflict with the forces of the self proclaimed Autarch of the Nine Worlds, a dictator of uncertain ancestry and heretical beliefs but enormous charisma and drive. His predecessor had consolidated power within his own system, before being assasinated, some said by agents of Terra. Siezing power, the Autarch embarked upon a expansionist campaign of conquest with hatred for the Imperium being one of prime tenants of his reign. Supported by both aliens(of which he was rumoured to be a half-breed) and traitors the Autarch accepted anyone into his burgeoning realm, provided that they swelled the ranks of his armies. No doubt astropaths of the loyal forces sent messages asking for help, but many messages were lost and of the few that got through, the meaning was garbled. Conveniently for the Autarch, warp storms had struck in many surrounding areas beyond his conquests, with his own real being at the eye of the storm

    The Ice Giants third company under Captain Vydrina at the time were the first Imperial forces to arrive in the area, almost as if by chance, they having been returning to Karellia at the time after a short campaign destroying a pirate infestation in near ore-rich asteroid belt of the Xoxaz system. Their initial survey indicated that their strength would not be nearly enough to deal with the threat, and Vydrina sent all his astropaths, protected by his entire supporting flotilla beyond the warp storm torn area to send a signal to the nearest imperial relay station and specifically to Karellia calling for reinforcements. Meanwhile, the strike cruiser containing the entire third company performed an risky long range warp jump to the center of the Autarch's realm, well within the gravity well of the system, bypassing the majority of the Autarch's fleets who were still engaged in missions of conquest and consolidation. The strike cruiser, with the advantage of surprise was able to take out many of the orbital defenses before they became fully operational. Thunderhawk gunships were launched towards all the planets major space ports, and the Ice Giants landed with full operational surprise, destroying most of the ports with the ports own fuel and ammunition stores before returning to the strike cruiser.
    However, word had been sent and the fleets and armies of the Autarch were returning to his home system to crush the invaders.

    (Deleted for reasons of Security)

    A twenty year full scale slaughter involving the (Deleted for reasons of Security) and the Ice Giants third Company.
    The titanic struggle with (Deleted for reasons of Security)was to (Deleted for reasons of Security)and(Deleted for reasons of Security)for(Deleted for reasons of Security)held(Deleted for reasons of Security)lost(Deleted for reasons of Security)glorious(Deleted for reasons of Security)great(Deleted for reasons of Security)unknown(Deleted for reasons of Security)had(Deleted for reasons of Security)only(Deleted for reasons of Security)furious(Deleted for reasons of Security)metal(Deleted for reasons of Security)pillars(Deleted for reasons of Security)explosion(Deleted for reasons of Security)great valour(Deleted for reasons of Security)Third Company Captain Vasilii Ivanov(Deleted for reasons of Security)still(Deleted for reasons of Security)success(Deleted for reasons of Security)terrible struggle(Deleted for reasons of Security)Gothic cruiser Venerable Vendetta(Deleted for reasons of Security)victory was finally achieved.

    The company remains at depeleted strength, but its members, now all grizzled veterans of (Deleted for reasons of Security)still hunger for battle.

    The Four Sided War

    Elements of the First and Eighth Companies under the command of Chief Librarian Konshei Volshebnik while responding to reports of pirate attacks in the (location classified) closed with and boarded an unknown vessel thinking that it was the source of the attacks. While on board they ran into elements of the Steel Talons Chapter led by a Librarian named Raum who were passengers on the vessel. Misunderstandings immediately arose, in part due to the situation and perhaps due to the fact that certain members of the Ice Giants had been in the early stages of the Jotuns curse. It is unclear how many marines on both sides were actually killed in the extraordinarily fierce fighting that followed. All that is known for sure is that the fighting only ceased when the combatants were ordered to lay down their arms by the captain of the unknown vessel a Duke Von Kohl, claiming the title of Rogue Trader and the just arrived Inquisitor Boch. The fact that Boch had brought with him significant numbers of the Sisters of our most revered Martyr who were quite ready to flame everyone and let the Emperor sort them out is mentioned only in Duke Von Kohl's journals. The two differing marine forces are unanamous in stating that they had laid down their arms due to the authority of Boch and make no mention of the battle sisters.
    Boch pointed out that there was a tremendously powerful Ork pirate Warlord in the area, who's forces could only be dealt with immediately by the combined forces then gathered on Von Kohl's ship. According to Von Kohl's journals he was presuaded to lend his own assistence in part due to the almost legendary wealth of the notorious pirate. Von Kohl's journals go on to make much of his own piloting skills and cunning in the ambush and counter ambushing tactics employed between the Imperial forces and the Ork pirate fleet that lurked in the asteroid belt. The Imperial forces prevailed for the most part, culminating in the boarding and subsequent capture of the Ork Warlord's flagship, a massive Space Hulk. Following the battle, Von Kohl and the Steel Talons left almost immediately, while Inquisitor Boch took command of the Hulk until its component vessels could be broken up and reclaimed. The Ice Giants were awarded right of siezure of one of the battlecruisers that made up the Hulk and it, renamed No Gold by the dockyard workers remains part of the Ice Giants fleet today. The ork pirate warlord's legendary wealth never turned up when the hulk was searched in shipyard, but Von Kohl's journals are noticeably silent on the matter. It is known that Von Kohl went on to achieve great success in the Northern fringe where he continues to expand the Imperium in the Emperor's name to this day.

    Potempkin's Folly

    A crushing defeat for the Ice Giants in the jungles of Yarr at the hands of Word Bearer Space marines. In addition to the Word Bearers, great numbers of bound daemons under the dominion of a hertofore unknown Demon Prince composed the hostile forces. Thinking they had the advantage of numbers two companies of Ice Giants under the nominal command of Captain Potempkin, attacked without properly scouting the battleground and fell prey to both prepared ambushes and hordes of daemonettes appearing from the aether. Captain Potempkin, raging at the losses he was suffering called out a challenge to single combat with the opposing forces leader. A towering winged monstrosity answered his taunts and tore him in two after a short struggle. Only the fall of night and covering fire from orbit enabled the remaining battle brothers to withdraw. The Fourth and Fifth Company had been decimated, having been rebuilt steadily since the conflict, they remain at half strength.

    Chapter Organization

    Upon its inception the chapter followed the dictates of the Index Astartes, but their initial lack of heavy equipment and armament, followed by the focus upon hand to hand combat that the tribal conflicts upon Karellia and other factors have changed this. There is no specific Devestator Company and the few suits of Terminator armour that the chapter possesses are spread throughtout in small units rather than confined to the first company. Members trained in the use of heavy weapons similarly remain small in number, but these are more highly trained due to this fact. The chapter makes extensive use of bikes, but again, these are spread throughout the companies. Scouts are not novices as is found in other chapters, but rather those most suited to operating behind enemy lines, while the initiates to the chapter are gathered into large formations, typically led by a single veteran marine. A higher concentration of both apotheocaries and techmarines is to be found than might be expected, and these are similarly spread throughout the companies. The first company similarly is more homogenous than is to be found in other chapters, having within it veteran, regular troops and raw recruits. It does have a couple important differences however. It has the most senior of the specialist marines within its ranks, and the few Dreadnoughts the Ice Giants possess, including the Venerable shell of their first Chaper Master, Grigorii Mishkiin.
    It is interesting to note that it is in fact the notorious third company of the Ice Giants that is perhaps the most terrifying for their enemies to face in battle, perhaps due to the hellishly hard fighting in the (Deleted for reasons of Security)


    In part due to the chapters initial fleet weakness and limited numbers of terminator armour, the chapter rarely engaged in teleport assaults and instead tended to land outside the combat zone and scout out the area prior to engaging, and even today, with its greater fleet strength, such initial practices have become tradition. They tend to favour stealthy advances followed by whirlwind assaults and the chapter as a whole has a preference for hand to hand combat over ranged, but not to the point of madness.

    Fleet Strength of the Ice Giants

    Initially limited to one battle barge and three strike cruisers, the Ice Giants present fleet strength includes:

    Candidai Imperator: Battle Barge

    No Gold: A retrofitted Battlecruiser of unknown configuration, granted as right of recovery after the four sided war.

    Venerable Vendetta: A retrofitted Gothic Cruiser, granted as right of conquest as a result of (Deleted for reasons of Security)

    12 Strike cruisers: 3 original, 2 recovered, 1 conquest,3 arriving 100 years after inception as part of 'initial' supply from Mars, 1 granted as gift from grateful planetary governor, 2 unknown. (Conjecture that last two were built within Karellian system by the Chapter techmarines, servitors and serfs) Usually 2 are undergoing repairs at any time.

    Escort and Support Vessels:Unknown, probably fairly large as noted below.

    Fleet Tactics

    Due to its lack of heavy fleet resources, especially at its inception, the Ice Giants fleet typically enages in hit and run and unconventional tactics. They tend to use a higher proportion of escort vessels than most other chapters for this reason. Any head to head confrontation with the Chapter's fleet is only used as a last resort, while small vessels carrying raiding and boarding parties are the norm. Only when the enemy fleet has been dsrupted due to their own ships ramming, firing on each other or simply exploding will the Ice Giants main fleet engage and a captured vessel of any size is regarded as a great prize. They have occaisionally suffered criticism from other Imperial forces due to these tactics, only mitigated by the individual bravery shown in their tiny boarding paries. While they will engage in planetary shock assault using drop pods, they will often time such assaults to coincide with land based attacks by elements already on the planet, in part due to their limited fleet resources and in part due to a continuing chapter tendency to have a more complex battleplan than simple brute force.

    Chapter Colours

    Parade Dress

    Black with white trim for newly inducted battle brothers.
    White with Black trim for more experienced battle brothers.
    Right shoulder pad in a distinctive colour depending upon squad, Ie: dark green, deep blue, purple, ect. This is reversed for squad leaders and officers.

    All Ice Giants as well make extensive use of camo patterns, the type being dependent upon the terrain. Often this is painted overtop the dress colours at the begining of a campaign, with more camoflage being added as time goes on.

    In addition, the taking of trophies and the wearing of the pelts of kills is both common and encouraged if the prey was worthy. In practice, typically seen more on officers and squad leaders. Due to the feral ork presence on Karellia, trophies and even weapons from orks are some of the most common.

    Battle Cry

    Due to their focus upon stealth, typically battle cries by the Ice Giants are only heard when they are defending a position, or counter assaulting.


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    77 (x3)

    2nd Army.

    -Like I said above, I'm trying too keep bandwidth down here by putting everything into one thread, but I had to put this into a reply rather than leave it in the first part as it was becoming too long to save.

    The Red Host of the Dybbuk Profannon (CSM and LaTD)

    -The creature now known as the Dybbuk Profannon was once, long ago, a young lexicanus librarian named Profos of the Thousand Sons Legion on Prospero, prior to the Horus Heresy, long before the Legion had been attacked by the Space Wolves.

    -He had been tasked by his superiors, who at this time were still loyal servants to the Emperor, to the recovery of ancient relics, artifacts and knowledge which the Legion would hear rumors of while on crusade, and was given temporary command of a small group of battle-brothers while in such pursuits. Such prizes were to be returned to Prospero and given into the hands of Magnus the Red to further the Legions studies so that they might better serve the Emperor.

    -Profos had always been both gifted and cursed with an overweening ambition which had earlier driven his combative nature to great heights and this brought him to the attention of the Thousand Sons recruiters and chaplains and thus to his induction into the Legion. Now, however, his newly enhanced body and more fully trained psychic powers only fueled this ambition despite the psycho indoctrination that all the marines must undergo.

    -Thus, while he was very successful in his missions, he did not always deliver all the artifacts which he had found immediately, but took the time to study some of the most impressive in secret prior to handing them over. It was a testament to his abilities that he was never suspected of such activities. Another explanation is that perhaps Magnus allowed such actions to pass by without comment or punishment due to the potential he sensed in Profos, or an even more far-fetched explanation is that even then Profos was being protected by unseen patrons. More likely is the possibility that the psychic backwash of the coming violence that was the Horus Heresy so filled Magnus' mind that he had no room for lesser problems. Profos may have justified his actions initially to himself since he would eventually turn all such artifacts over as being 'just discovered', but there can be little doubt that the continual small betrayals, combined with the knowledge he gained wore on his mind and sanity.

    -Profos would eventually begin to start cacheing some of the most interesting finds, arguing to himself that he needed more time to study them before he handed them over to the rest of the Legion, but later dropping even such minor quibbles. It was around this time that the more high ranking of the Thousand Sons began to question him, perhaps in part due to the lessening qualities of his finds, but more probably due to the increasing turmoil that they could sense in him, even beyond the psychic shields that he would always keep in place. He initially responded to such questions with citing his previous successes, and stated that any agitation that they might sense in his mind was only due to the sternness with which he regarded his duties and his unquiet at their questions. This worked briefly, but a final angry outburst came to the attention of Magnus the Red.

    -Profos was taken off his active duties and ordered to report to first the apothecarion for a phsyical examination and then to the higher ranking librarians where under their psychic weight, all of his secrets and petty betrayals would come forth. However, despite their suspicions, they did not in fact yet know the truth and thus he was only escorted by the smallest of honour guards. The remains of their two bodies were discovered the next morning, one of them reduced entirely to ash through some undetermined agency and the other's eyesocket filled with his own combat knife.

    -Profos' own archaeo-recovery vessel which was larger than a present day detroyer, yet still smaller than a light cruiser, was also found missing the next morning as well as a small group of the battle-brothers normally entrusted to Profos who were closest to him. It is unknown exactly what he told them, but it is likely that they had been unaware of both Profos' recent crimes and his own removal from active duty since such had happened so quickly.

    -A small task force was perparing for pursuit the next morning when the skies erupted in fire.

    -The Emperor, untrusting of the thousand sons too deep delving into the mysteries of the warp and their own powers, had ordered the Space Wolves to Prospero to deal with the chapter. Having seized the orbital defenses in lighting strikes, they then turned these defenses against the very planet they were meant to defend, followed by their own assault landings on the planet. Profos' own betrayal of his Legion was overwhelmed by the staggering implications of their own Emperor turning on them and the fury of the Space Wolves assault.

    -It is unknown exactly what Profos did during the period of the Horus Heresy, other than recover some of his cache's of hidden artifacts and knowledge. No doubt his fellow battle brothers would have heard of their homeworld's destruction by the Space Wolves and the Emperor's command of such, but beyond that, little is truly known beyond certain tales of attrocities commited by Profos and his few battle brothers. When they encountered resistance while attempting to recover Profos' caches or saw the chance for some sort of revenge for their fallen world, they gave no mercy. They did not, however join the forces of the Warmaster Horus, or take part in any of the great battles of the period, but used the confusion of the time to steal weaponry, shields and other equipment to refit their small vessel which they renamed Mind's Betrayal. It is known that during this time period Profos also renamed himself as Profannon.

    -After the Heresy, burgeoning Imperial forces would cause the remants of the traitor legions and their allies to retreat to the Eye of Terror, and while Profannon and his few followers were able to avoid this for a time due to their small size, they would eventually follow suit, but not after gaining in strength due to their activities. During this interm period, the Mind's Betrayal would operate as a mercenary and a pirate, and added to its small crew with followers from such groups, in addition to capturing and refitting a few small frigate sized vessels to their tiny 'fleet'. Each of the new ships would take as their captain, one of the original Thousand sons, leaving just a few to serve as Profannon's bodyguard and shock troops.

    -Once within the Eye of Terror, his battle brothers, still unaware of Profos' actions on Prospero wished to regain contact with their Legion, and he initially put them off with some difficulty, citing that first they had to learn to deal with their new enviroment before they could think about any reunions. Eventually, however they would not be dissuaded and Profannon was forced to turn his small fleet towards the area in which the rest of the Thousand Sons Legion had gathered. Whether he feared retribution for his earlier traitorous actions against the chapter is unknown, perhaps he thought that with the immensity of the events of the Horus Heresy having passed, his own actions would be overlooked.

    -Leaving the majority of his small fleet a fair distance away, Profannon and his battle brothers rejoined their former comrades and were quite shocked to find many of them profoundly changed in body. Any specific dealing with Profannon's trespasses would not be brought up, however, as quite soon after their arrival, the great spell called the Rubric of Ahriman was cast, with consequences well known to those that make a study of the Traitor Legions. It is unonown exactly what happened following this, since Profannon has never reported these events beyond a brief statement to the effect that his battle brothers had all becomes slaves and that he now owed them nothing.

    -Although gratified that his own powers had been increased, Profannon was enraged at the transformation of his battle brothers into lifeless automatons, and further disgusted with how the chapter as a whole was now slavishly devoted to what amounted not nothing more than a particularly powerful warp entity. Vowing that he would bow to no man or so called god, Profannon, left, taking with him the now transformed members of his original crew who still obeyed his commands. Piloting his vessel if not single handed, then certainly single minded, Profannon raged at the unfairness of fate and determined to become strong enough to never suffer the indignity of being manipulated by anothers will again.

    -Obedient as now Rubric changed marines were, they couldn't pilot starships, and Profannon was left with a small fleet now severely reduced in command staff. He also realized, with the wisdom of a small fish in a big pond, that the defeated Legions, once they had regained some of their strength would be tearing at one another in their frustatration over the events past and simply to gain the resources needed to survive. Profannon was now a renegade amongst traitors, his only possibility of survival being in his own growing psychic might, and in building up a power base of his own.

    -In the immeasurable passages of time in the Eye of Terror, Profannon's forces would initially survive by stealth, treachery and a remarkable willingness to recruit new forces from many sources. Newly turned traitors, outcasts of the legions, pirates, mercenaries, mutants, daemonspawn and aliens, Profannon welcomed them all, so long as they swore allegience to him and were strong enough to survive.

    -Many were the assasination attempts or outright mutinies he survived, but he avoided them all. Sometimes Profannons survival seemed due to his own abilities, sometimes due to the unresting vigilance of his original crew, and sometimes by strange quirks of fate. Eventually the attempts ceased, in part because the most ambitious and foolish had been killed, in part because Profannon's continued success was evidence that he was highly favoured by his god. Such statements enraged Profannon, and he severely punished anyone that claimed such, but his followers knew what they knew, in spite of him.

    -His fleet and his armies grew, the plundering rapicity of his host now outstripping what they could gain in the eye of Terror alone. Raiding fleets under his or one of his new lieutenants command would emerge periodically, seeking resources, new recruits and slaves. In addition, they would also take up the search for Profannon's remaining old caches and seeking out other artifacts and sources of power.

    -While he claimed to follow no god, many were the gifts that chaos granted him, so that he no longer resembled his former self.
    -After recovering the Liber Ebonis from the pit of Esharte, and delving into the power therin, he further focussed his powers, gaining many of the attributes of a mighty daemon prince, all the while proclaiming that he remained his own master.

    Acts of Defilement

    While most of the unholy acts of Profannon have been shielded from the sight of the righteous, there are a few which have been recorded by Imperial scholars.

    Corruption of the Shrine of the Forgotten Martyrs

    To: Inquisitor Lord Conrad Botan

    From: Your obedient servent Interrogator Gaten

    At your instigation, I have XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    The Loss of Hethis Convoy XIII

    A guarded convoy containg heavy earthmoving equipment(including a now almost irreplaceable deep core drilling rig), surveying tools, large stores of fossil fuels, and enough small arms, general supplies and foodstuffs to supply 5000+ men for a year was taken en route to the mineral rich resource planet Hethis, along with most of the cargo freighters carrying the material.

    Of the warships detailed to defend the convoy, all are presumed to have been destroyed except one which survived after suffering heavy damage by shutting off all vital systems and running silent. Reports taken after extensive inquisitorial debriefing of the vessel's command crew indicate that the greatest care was taken by the attacking vessels to avoid harming yet still capturing the frieghters carrying the large earthmoving equipment and especially the deep core drilling rig.

    The Detonation of the Xanlis Stockpile
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    3rd(and last) army.

    Void March of Inquisitor Conrad Haarkon (Originally I called this the Black Gulph Crusade, but I worried that people would think I was making a political statement. Still not happy with the name.).(IG, IG with DH allies, IG with radical DH allies, and in its final incarnation LaTD)

    -Inquistor Conrad Haarkon of the Ordo Malleus sets out to deal with the XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX. Having found that the XXXXXX is too deeply entrenched to be rooted out by anything other than military force, he returns to XXXXXXXX, taking command of elements of the Valhallan XXXXX, the Tallarn XXXXXX and the XXXXXXX armoured division. These forces had been engaged in a victorious campaign against the XXXXXX on the planet XXXXXXX, and were being reformed for new conflicts when the Inquistor arrived.

    -Seeing that even with these new forces, he would remain unmanned, Haarkon travelled to the Hive City of XXXXX and stripped the jail cells bare filling the newly created XXXXXX penal legion for shock troops.

    -En route to the planet XXXXXX, the various XXXXXX forces were issued new colours, training and equipment with the understanding that they would now be part of one unified regiment. The penal troops were kept seperate from this, but still there was resentment and resistance by the men and command staff of the various units.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grey
    Piloting his vessel if not single handed, then certainly single minded, Profannon raged at the unfairness of fate and determined to become strong enough to never suffer the indignity of being manipulated by anothers will again.
    Isn't that exactly what Ahrimann wants too, or rather, believed he had already achieved?

    It's a nice idea.. After all.. Tzeentch doesn't care whether or not you accept your servitude, provided you serve.

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