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    Update fluff, please tell me what you think

    Scions of Aquarius

    The Scions of Aquarius was a founding chapter of Raven Guard. The Chapter master Glivion, who was able to send and receive psychic messages. The chapter was found due to the Imperium needing a new surgical strike force, Glivion knew best where to get his soldiers, his home planet, Atlantis. The newly formed chapter worshipped Poseidon on the same level as the emperor. The Inquisition, seeing this, warned the chapter to not worship Poseidon as much as the emperor. This made the chapter angry and this is said to the point where their corruption started. This angered the chapter so much due to the fact that all the recruits were natives of Atlantis, who were deeply religious about Poseidon. One day Glivion was said to have gotten a message from Poseidon and gave this Speech.

    “This Imperium is a filthy lie. Today I received a message from the almighty Poseidon, revealing the true form of the emperor. He has revealed to me that the Emperor does not sit on the golden throne and is well beyond death. The Inquisitors are just using him to control the rest of mankind. Not only this, but Poseidon has chosen us to Rule this universe and start our own empire. He has told me the best way to do this is to worship the chaos gods in addition to him to gain more power.�

    At the end of the speech Jin, Glivion’s second command and brother couldn’t believe what was happening. Half of the chapter believed Glivion and the other half didn’t. Civil War broke out and finally all followers of Glivion including half the tribe’s man of the planet fled into a new planet that was much like Atlantis. There they built a shrine dedicated to Poseidon. Even until the present they still have a grudge against each other.

    I'm doing this because i also want to use a space marine list for my scions. Besides, this makes the fluff more interesting and creative IMO.

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    It has the basis of a good background but A few things needed to be tightened up, first A Chapter Master won't be psycic overtly (he would be a Chief Librarian at most) though I guess this could be the corrupting influence that turned him away from the Imperium.

    The Inquisition would not want the Chapter worshipping Posiden at all, I think perhaps that should be emphasised more.

    I am still not convinced that Posidion is an appropriate name for a god in the WH40K universe but if you still want it please explain why a Greek God is being worshipped.
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