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Thread: Campaign Fluff

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    Campaign Fluff

    Hey all,

    A couple of us are doing setting up a campaign at my local store, and we are required to write our own fluff. So I thought I'd post up the first part of mine. This is the initial fluff at the beginning of the campaign. I'm using my chaos army of course, the Annihilation Angels. The campaign takes place on a planet called Veridian VII.

    Unexpected Encounter

    Frost lay over the land; the grassy hills in sector 18 were covered in it. Tiny flakes covered the land as far as could be seen. But all was not well. Even though it was mid-day by Captain Tremane’s chronometer, the sun had fallen and darkness now clad the stars. But this was no normal darkness. Streaks of blood red and deep purple crisscrossed the horizon, like open wounds cut by an angry god. An eerie blue mist was settling around his troops.

    Damnation! He didn’t need this! He should be off fighting to defend his planet! It was his right as a captain of the Veridian Planetary Defense Force. Word was that the damn bluies had landed over in sector 7, to the far east of the city. On top of that a green-skin raiding party was spotted on the long range system-radar. The Veridian system had been raided by the greens before, and there had been an illegal trading fiasco with the concerning the Tau and a certain former governor of Veridian a few decades ago. He’d seen off the green-skins himself as a sergeant 8 years ago. He should be preparing to see them off again, Emperor damn it! Not crawling around some forsaken bad-zone investigating some atmospheric disturbances, no matter how unsettling they may be.

    Reports suggested that the strange activity up in the thermosphere was being caused by abnormal warp activity in the outer system. Some kind of warp storm. The higher up’s thought it was being caused by the high amount of alien traffic recently. As soon as it broke virtually every astropath on the planet started to have tremendous seizures and had to be put down. Tremane never trusted those damn witches; they got what was coming to them as far as he was concerned. He didn’t believe in warp magic, old wives tales about creatures living in the warp. Ha! Those are things that need to concern a soldier. All a soldier needed to know was which way to point his lasrifle.

    Still… he couldn’t shake the feeling of wrongness all around him. He had 150 PDF regulars. Forty of which were from his own division, the rest from the local arms station. He also had 3 Mars-pattern sentinel walkers and a couple chimera transport vehicles. He felt fairly safe, but he just couldn’t help but be chilled. Every gust of wind brought a shiver of fear through him. And it was getting colder.

    ‘Sergeant’ yelled Tremane. ‘Yes Captain!’ replied sergeant Blane, Tremane’s adjutant. ‘Have the scouts reported back yet?’ He was not about to advance into the next sector without knowing what may await them. ‘No sir, we haven’t received any word.’

    ‘Damn,’ said Tremane. It had been six hours; they should be back by now. Something must have happened.

    Then a sound arose from behind a hill in the distance. A rumble like thunder or the breaking of a storm. It was like the roar of an angry god. Several of the troops started making the sign of the Aquilla, others mumbled prayers to the Emperor under their breath. ‘What is it?’ asked the leader of squad 3, Sergeant Hawke, over the vox bead. ‘Sounds like drums’ replied Tremane. The beat began to pick up.

    ‘All right! I want a visual whatever the hell that is!’ yelled Tremane. ‘Squads 3 and 4 front and center! Squad 1 to the right, 2 over on the left by those rocks. Bring the heavy--’

    Before Captain Tremane could finish his sentence a loud whistling could be heard over the unholy beats of the drums. ‘Down!’ screamed Tremane as he dived for cover. Heavy ordinance rounds slammed into the squad two sheltered in the rocks. Another round came whistling overhead to land on the far side of their position. The drums got even louder, as their players began their march on the far side of the hill.

    Scrambling to his feet and spitting out a mouthful of dirt, Tremane thumbed his vox bead. ‘Sergeant Hawke! Bring up your sentinels! I want whatever’s coming over that hill housed down with laser fire. Troops we’ve got a job to do! In the name of the Emperor, who watches over us all, were going to give them hell!’

    The drums continued for a few more minutes and fell silent; the ordinance overhead let off one more round and then ceased fire. Through the heavy mist Tremane could see a lone figure standing atop the crest of the hill. It was well within range, yet none of the troops present could bring themselves to shoot, nor could Tremane sum up the words to order a commence fire.

    The figure was literally three times as tall as a man, clad in a cloak of pure blackness; he exuded nothing but pure malice and hate. Under it’s horned helm a small glimpse could be caught of it’s eyes. What Tremane saw was nothing but blackness, like the reflection of the void itself. A wave of sheer terror spread through him as he looked into those eyes... Like the eyes of a daemon... Several of the soldiers soiled themselves or simply fell to the ground, bodies rapped in heavy seizures, eyes rolled back and swallowing their own tongues…

    From behind the figure could be seen two monstrously large wings, which it slowly unfurled like a giant carrion bird. Suddenly a piercing, blood-curdling roar arose from the thing sending several troopers running as it leapt into the sky.

    In the creatures wake came row upon row of chaos soldiers. Uniforms the color of dried blood, blasphemous symbols atop banners of bone could be seen amongst them. They moved like a well oiled machine, spreading out in squad formation as they began opening fire on the defenders of Veridian. Bringing up the rear were giants clad in the ceremite armour of the astartes. Each around 3 meters tall, their armour was decorated in all manner of skulls, daemonic faces, along with symbols and runes that hurt the eyes. Never in a million years did Tremane ever believe he would see the forces of the Archenemy, the ultimate blasphemy to the Golden Throne. Let alone the traitor legions, beings that were only heard of in stories, never to be truly believed.

    Chaos had come to Veridian.

    And he was afraid.

    Then Tremane finally snapped out of it. ‘Hold the line! Hold! Do not run in the face of the enemy! Fire Emperor damn you! Fire!’ Finally the shocked PDF returned fire, the sentinels unleashing volleys from their multi-lasers that cut swathes through the enemy soldiers. But they were finding cover amongst the rocks and smaller hills. Suddenly several rockets flew from the traitors line. Some of the blood-clad soldiers had set up missile launchers on the far side of the main hill. These were no crazed cultists. These were highly trained, and well organized troops, backed up by the fanaticism of their faith in dark gods. 3 missiles hit home. 1 sentinel was destroyed outright, it’s crew compartment blown away by two simultaneous rocket hits. A second sentinel was struck in the leg, blowing it away at the knee-cap. The sentinel swayed and collapsed, no longer able to put any weight on it’s shattered limb.

    Others were setting up lascannon mounts and long barreled tripods that resembled autocannons. Some were shot down, but enough of them were set up that a steady stream of heavy fire was sent into the chimeras, which were forced to spread out and retreat. Most didn’t make it.

    Suddenly a piecing scream that seemed to come from all sides echoed around them. Out of the mist (which was now very red, and resembled tiny floating droplets of blood) came a set of bronze colored talons that grabbed Tremane’s adjutant, claws stabbing into his torso, then with a scream, he was gone, lifted up into the black/red sky. Tremane fired his laspitol into the air, wildly trying to hit whatever had taken Blane. Soaring through the unnatural sky were figures that resembled the traitor marines he had seen before, but they were more lithe and agile, with huge feathered wings, six meters across at least. Some were firing large bolt pistols or energy weapons; others were picking up his terrified soldiers with their bronze talons only to drop them again, into bloody-tattered piles on the cold ground. Another roar arose from the air, as if the giant daemon-thing from before was issuing an order to it’s flying brethren. All at once the raptor-like marines dropped from the air in unison, pulling long screaming chainswords from rusty scabbards they laid into Tremane’s men. If they weren’t running before, they were now.

    But Tremane wouldn’t go without a fight. He was a soldier of the emperor! Be it foolishness or bravery, Tremane drew his power sword, a family heirloom from the time of his father’s service in the PDF, and charged toward the nearest group of chaos worshipers. Just as one of the blood-clad chaos soldiers was pulling a long sickle-shaped bayonet from the stomach of a now unrecognizable PDF, Tremane shot him through the right ear. Then he laid into them with an oath to the Emperor. Hacking left and right Tremane took down two more enemy soldiers. A third lunged with the bayonet attached to his lasgun, stabbing Tremane in the meat of his right thigh. With a cry he hacked off the traitors arm and decapitated him with the reverse swing of his blade.

    With a heavy thud one of the winged raptor-marines landed in front of Tremane. It seemed to be a leader of some kind. Taller than the others, this giant in blood stained black power armour was grinning menacingly through scores of razor sharp teeth. It had a shimmering green sword, on which writhing faces, like trapped souls, swam across the blade as if trying to escape their own prison of horrors.

    Tremane struck out with a mix of fear and anger. The chaos champion easily evaded the swing with a swift step back. Just as Tremane was attempting a second swing, the marine parried his blade so hard, it was knocked from his hands and sent flying across the field, disappearing into the mist. Laughing it casually lopped of Tremane’s head; the last thing he saw was the raptor’s glowing red eyes.


    Azazel, champion of chaos, leader of the fallen angels casually sheathed his daemon-sword. These pathetic mortals were weak and fragile, hardly worth his time. Feeling a dark yet familiar presence behind him Azazel immediately dropped to one knee. ‘My Lord’ he growled.

    The earlier figure from the hill, approached from behind Azazel. Kabal Asmodeus Vex, Daemon-Lord of the Annihilation Angels chaos legion, was an extremely imposing figure. Half in and half out of the warp, Kabal was difficult to look at for any length of time, warp energy poured off him, and would burn mortal eyes from there sockets if he was looked at for any length of time. Gauntleted claws dripping with gore, he regarded the battlefield. His marines, along with the traitor guard, were chasing down the last of the fleeing PDF. ‘Perhaps we will get more sport out of the Astartes.’ Kabal’s voice, like the icy cold grip of death itself, echoed across the battlefield.

    ‘As you will it my Lord’ replied Azazel. ‘Hmmm… I doubt it.’ said Kabal. ‘The Imperium is not as strong as it once was, now nothing but a crumbling edifice, barley held together by misbegotten faith in that corpse of an Emperor. It is ready to fall. We will bring this planet to it’s knees, replenish our fleet with slaves and souls, and sacrifice to the gods in the warp, that they may grant us further glory.’ And with that he leapt into the sky again, nothing but the billowing mists were left to mark his presence.

    Chaos had come to Veridian VII.

    Soon it would see it’s final days…

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    Awesome stuff..

    You have your usual appreciation of the awesomeness of chaos marines. Some would object, but to be honest, it's more refreshing than having the guys as bad guys to be gunned down by James-Bond-esque loyalists.

    Makes me want to write some similar fluff for my own chaos army.

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    Damn, cant wait for you to write up the next bit cause that was beautiful...

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    *Nods* ((Great piece mate.))

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