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    jump/jet packs in campains

    -i am running a map based warhammer campain, using a tile grid.

    -each type of unit moves a certain number of squares per turn AKA infantry move one, cavalry and tanks move 2, and bikes and fast tanks move 3.

    -my question is in regards to jump/jetpacks, how far would they be able to move?

    -my impression was that the pack was only for tactical mobility in battle, an couldn't actually be used to travel long distances, as it wasn't really made for that/ would run out of fuel. thus, i decided that they would have to walk with the rest of the infantry to actually get to battle, and would only move one square, what does everyone think of this?

    -what about things that couldn't walk like gun drones, or things that actually have wings like nids/chaos? I decided that they should move 2, as they would be made to actually travel distances like that.

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    Jump infantry are described as just that - jump infantry. They jump, they don't fly. I mean, do you jump around terrain on forced march? No, you march.

    For that matter, jump infantry don't often wear their jump-packs whilst travelling either, so I'd assume they just move like infantry until they hit combat. As for Tyranids or Chaos, it'll be up to general opinion; if their wings look like they could only support them for a short time, move them as infantry, but if they have a twenty-foot warp-enhanced daemon wingspan, then by all means, move them two squares. It's up to your opinion.
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