Hello Everyone, this is just what fluff I've managed to work out for my Guard army. So please be nice and if you can give me some pointers it would be much appreciated.

The planet Rahaxin is a hive world which was found towards the end of the Great Crusade. It was at this time a lush world much like earth was in it's early past. However at the outbreak of the Heresy, multiple doom cults arose crying that the Emperor would fall. Despite the exicution of most of the cults, the greatest of these, The Emperor's Hated, had managed to get their leader, Markus Tordel, a position as the Visier of the Planetary Govenor. Markus, a disident of the Emperor ever since his forces had made planetfall, managed to decept the Govenor and the majority of the generals about how the Emperor had abadoned them and they should be left to their own devices. Which the Govenor chose to do.

With his decision, the planet was split into two factions, Renegades and Loyalists. However the Loyalists were "fortunate" enough to manage the halt of the Renegades forces with carefully set trenches which became the main form of combat for the next 20 years, as warp storms settled in shortly after the war began.

During this same time, both sides forced women and children into the fighting as well, having them take up whatever arms they could get ahold of, with weapons of every type the planet had against each other.

Later, towards the 15th year the war started to take a turn for the worst for those of the Loyalist side. With each defeat comming, they were forced back into their hives where brutal urban combat became the norm.

It was finally in the 20th year since the war had begun, hope arived with the end of the warp storms as well as reinforcements in the shape of a great company of Space Wolves. With this General Weizler managed with the help of the Wolf Lord Vascly Ducalas and his retinue, began the long push towards the enemy lines. Which ended with the death of the Govenor and his generals at the hands of Weizler, finishing with the public exicution of Tordel, afterwards he became the govenor. And now 10k later his decendants still hold the rule of the planet.

Since the war, each hive has chosen to keep tradition with one regiment per hive, trained and armed depending on the hive, as well as types of combat. With the 75th being the regiment that was famous for storming the Govenor's command center, now holding the title of "The Govenor's Chosen". as well as being the masters of Urban and Trench combat.

Lastly, within the command of the regiments when Rahaxin is asked to tithe soldiers to the Guard, there is one General who is given command of three regiments at a time. Also because of a founding of a Scholar Progenium on one of the closer planets, Storm Troopers are now more common amongst some of the regiments. With each trooper who manages to survive combat long enough, being inducted into the units, reciving the standard bayonet of the Storm Troopers, as well as retaining their regimental knife, utility knife, and the two throwing daggers each carries.

This is all I have right now, and if anyone can help me on some more fluff it would help.