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Here is the fluff for ==My== 2 40k armies, the Angels of the Lion chapter (DA successor) and the Mind Stalkers Kroot Mercenary Band.

"To Lead by Example"
The Angels of the Lion

After the Horus Heresy, the great space marine legions were broken up along the dictates of the Codex Astartes. Lion El' Jonson, Primarch of the Dark Angels, reluctantly spilt his legion up. The Dark Angels were broken into 4 chapters, the Dark Angels, the Angels of Vengeance, the Angels of Absolution, and the Angels of Redemption. The remaining marines were to accompany the Lion on a crusade into the Eye of Terror to make the fallen Primarchs pay for their treachery.
After the fall of Caliban and Luther's Betrayal, the remaining marines, the lion's Crusade, was left alone, their devotion to the Primarch holding them together. They set up a watch post on Ariel and awaited Lion El' Jonsons's return.
They realized the Lion would not return until the stain on their honor made by the Fallen was removed. They applied for chapterhood and became the Dark Angels 3rd founding successor, the Angels of the Lion.
Home World
Ariel was a nearby planet in the Caliban sector, a similar world with large oceans and lush forests. There are three major continents and two smaller islands on the surface of the world. The first and second continents are made of large, dense forests inhabited by the native people and animals, very similar to ancient Terra’s feudal state. The third continent is much smaller and marked with huge mountain ranges and jagged plateaus, the only oases and lush valleys inhabited by the fearsome Lions of Ariel, the top predator and most revered animal. A common rite of passage for new recruits is to be abandoned away from the Fortress and find their way back, without slaying one of the noble lions.
The two islands are located on opposite sides of the planet, with complete, unmodified vision to their separate hemispheres of the planet. They are the main planetary defenses and ports for arriving ships, both from space and sea. Since the majority of the planet is ocean covered, (above 75%) naval power is key. As to keep this tradition alive, the chapter itself has adopted a fleet of highly advanced warships and transports which constantly patrol the seas, aiding in the defense of the planet. In orbit above Ariel is its single moon, Sebastio. Sebastio houses the majority of the chapter’s fleet. Bristling with gun emplacements and torpedo tubes, it is a veritable fortress in its own right.
In addition to these formidable defenses that so rightly befit a space marine home world, there are also two orbital stations. They are primarily used to traffic ships and supplies down to the surface, but also have their own small fleet for anything too nasty.
Ariel remains to this day a beautiful world and testament to the might of the Adeptus Astartes.
The Angels of the Lion are organized very similar to the Dark Angels. They have 10 companies of 100 men, the 1st company is made of the stubborn Deathwing terminators, the 2nd made of the elite Ravenwing, companies 3-5 are the battle companies, and companies 6-9 are the reserve forces. But there are two recent differences that radically separate the Angels from their parent, ever since Grand Master Asmodel became Supreme Grand Master.
The 10th company is still used to train and procure new recruits for the chapter, but in the Angels of the Lion chapter, the 10th company is honored and revered almost as much the the 1st! There is at least 1 squad of scouts sent with every battle group, no matter the size. These neophytes are often greeted warmly and are highly valued by their brethren.
Since there are so many scouts in the chapter, each company has 2-4 squads of scouts assigned to them, as to show the scouts the art of war and prepare them for full brotherhood. These scouts are the best of their company, sent to enhance their already formidable skills. Scouts sent to the 9th company have great accuracy and are very tenacious, scouts sent to the 8th are formidable in the art of close combat, and the rest are the jacks of all trades, but masters of none. It is also not uncommon for members of the Deathwing to lead the scouts into battle, to further teach the neophytes to become stalwart and loyal marines.
Combat Doctrine
The Angels of the Lion follow a similar combat doctrine to that of the Dark Angels. They prefer no individual style of combat as to teach their new recruits in every possible way of battle. Every detachment includes some scouts, regardless of size, to further their education in the school of war. In addition, every scout squad is lead by a stubborn member of the Deathwing. This furthers the chapter’s motto: “To Lead by Example.”
The Angels of the Lion, like most other space marine chapters, venerate the Emperor of Mankind as a man, not a god. They also worship their Primarch, Lion el’ Jonson, in an equal manner. They believe that the stain on their honor caused by Luthor’s betrayal and the Fall must be removed in order to restore the Lion. This must be done independent of the Imperium, and in secret, by making all of the Fallen repent for their terrible sins.
They also believe that every new recruit into the chapter strengthens their Primarch further, wherever he may be. Also, they see the scouts of their chapter as the next generation of chapter masters and leaders, so they must show them the path of the noble space marine, as to keep their future bright. This is why new recruits are treated fairly and greeted warmly, often with the songs of greeting the chapter has become famous (or infamous) for.
The Angels of the Lion, being successor is the stable Dark Angels, have a mostly unblemished seed. The only plausible mutation is their incredible singing voice.
The Angels of the Lion wear dark green armor with yellow shoulder pad trims. This combines the green of the original Dark Angels Legion just before the Fall and the golden fur of the Lions of Ariel. Their symbol is that of a waving hand with wings on either side to show their ways of greeting, but also their history as the Dark Angels. The Deathwing badge is roughly the same, but the hand is detached from the arm, to signify the broken Legion. The Ravenwing symbol is a winged thumbs-up sign to symbolize the greeting was, as well as the history of the organization.
Battle cry
Repent! For the Lion is Come!!

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And now, the Mind Stalkers:
The "Mindtstalkers" Kroot Mercenary band
The Mindstalkers are a band of kroot that excel at capturing and devouring psykers for their own use. The young Master Shaper Mind Stalker believes that the kroot have mastered their physical prowess, but have yet to become psychically attuned.
Mind Stalker became Master Shaper when the vile Eldar murdered the previous Master Shaper. During a hunt on the jungle world of Dehlas, the kroot came under attack from Eldar of the Ulthwe craftworld. The previous Master Shaper called out the mightiest farseer and the two clashed in single combat. The Shaper and his kindred of Stalker kroot had just jumped upon the Seer Council from the large tree, and aided the Master Shaper's assault. Confident that they would triumph, The Shaper was horrified as the Seer council shred his proud kindred under a blast a psychic force conjured. Worse, blood began to leak from the Master’s Shaper orifices, and he slumped to the side, his brain turned to mush. The Shaper howled in fury and eviscerated the Farseer responsible. His weapon began to glow in blue light and it shattered. The smug face of the Warlock who had destroyed his blade further infuriated the Shaper. He took the Witchblade from the hand of the dead Farseer and butchered the Seer Council, his rage becoming palpable energy, surging through his sword.
At the end of the battle, the Eldar had been defeated, but at a terrible cost. The Master Shaper had been slain, and every other Shaper had suffered the same fate. All that was left was The Shaper. He invited all the kroot to devour the flesh of the Eldar, to gain their knowledge of the mind and further enhance their combat prowess. He made himself Master Shaper and took the title "Mind Stalker" and that is just what his band did. He still leads to this day; the blood of countless foes has stained his sword, and the same witchblade he took on that fateful day. Using his newfound abilities, Mind Stalker and his band have found their quarry, whomever it might be, by subtle manipulation, deception, and outright mind control. With his great power and the band's collective foresight, the Mindstalkers have time and time again been victorious in their hunt for ultimate power.

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