I've finally sat down and pulled something together that I'm reasonably happy with. I still need to expand on it, but that'll probably happen as I play games and get ideas for stories. For right now, it's enough to make me not feel guilty about mixing chapter color schemes or using my BTs as a non-BT army. It's written in true 13 year old style, so it shouldn't be too far from what's published by GW. (Just because I suck doesn't mean I can't criticize.) Be gentle.


A brood of genestealers, splintered from Hive Fleet Leviathan, are hidden deep within the bowels of a space hulk scheduled to dock at Pinchot VI. The crew has been infected with the psychic sickness of the genestealers. As they make their way towards their destination, the crew dreams of the joy that they will bring to the citizens of Pinchot VI with their new religion.

Soon the space freighter arrives and both of its cargo is unloaded. The capitol city quickly falls under the sway of the genestealers as both the psychic toxin and the feeding of the genestealers themselves batter its people. The sickness spreads through the entire planet and even its moons. The people abandon the Emperor and instead await the coming of their new gods, and the time when they will be born anew clean of all sin. The citizens grow in religious fervor. The most zealous even prey upon their own brothers and eat their flesh.

In time, the Inquisition discovers the fall of Pinchot VI. The Imperial Fists, along with some Inquisition forces are sent to purge the planet of heretics. Interpreting the carnage and rebellion as stemming from Chaos, they overlook the possibility of a genestealer cult.

The ships of the Imperial Fists move in quickly to neutralize the orbital defenses of Pinchot VI. The defenses are handled neatly, however the orbital guns target the warp drives of these ships initially, leaving the strike force stranded until repairs can be made. Stung but not horribly wounded by this loss, planetfall is made smoothly.

The countryside is quickly scoured of fantatics along with the traitor planetary defense forces. The Imperial Fists take the lead while the Imperial forces plan taking the cities, their expertise in siege warfare making them the natural choice to fill this role. The Fists assign themselves to take the capitol city, where the greatest danger and greatest honor is expected to be found.

As the siege of the capitol begins, so do all the others around the planet. Heavy shells from Basilisk and Vindicator tanks terrorize the city as fast moving strike forces rush out to destroy the enemy as the emerge from the city. Soon the fall of the capitol is all but assured and a final assault inside the city itself is prepared. As the last defenses fall and the assault surges forward, terror strikes up from the very ground itself.

A horrible noise of wet flesh and scraping knives emerges from holes in the ground exposed by the artillery shells. Mere moments later, a horde of genestealers emerges from the ground and attacks the Imperial Fists as the Guard attached to them. Both flesh and steel quickly are torn apart by the flashing claws of the genestealers. Rhinos full of the Emperor’s finest unleash their fury upon the menace and boltgun fire decimates the Tyranids, but they are unable to hold up against the fury.

The survivors of the initial impact quickly fell back and regrouped. Although horribly wounded, a Veteran Brother Sergeant named Bronson assembled around him a last stand, the wounded staying to protect those who may be able to fight again later. An apothecary of the company stayed behind, along with the crew of a landspeader. The heavy weapons were hastily removed to save weight, hoping to at least save the geneseed of the brave brothers who will stay behind.

With sworn oaths of revenge fighting back their shame, the remaining Imperial Fists flee to the mountains. The tattered remnants of the other assaults slowly trickled in, bloody and often barely alive. Many were put out of their suffering as soon as they arrived. These small remnants of the Inquisition, Guard, and Imperial Fist forces defend their toehold on the planet while they wait for reinforcements, the astropaths on the ships above struggling to send the signal through the psychic interference of the Tyranids.

Receiving news of the distress of their cousins, Crusade Fleet Vertik of the Black Templars quickly diverted its path to come to their aid. After arriving in orbit, techmarines of the Black Templar chapter were sent over to aid in the repairs of the wounded ships and pods were made ready for an orbital assault and rescue of the planet bound forces. As the pods began to launch, psykers on board the Imperial Fist vessels detected a new disturbance as a group of hive ships made their way quickly towards the planet. It became clear that the entire system was in danger.

As the two fleets dueled in the sky, the battle raged on on the planet itself. With the aid of the Black Templars, as well as that of some of the Crimson Fists which were traveling with them, the beleaguered forces were able to reclaim some land and build proper fortifications. After long and bloody battle, the planet was finally cleansed of the Tyranid menance.

As the carnage continued between the Imperial and Tyranid forces, opportunistic raiders swooped in to pillage the riches left behind. Most of these raiders found themselves quickly dispatched by either the Space Marines or the Tyranids, however some treasures were lost to the Imperium until such a time as they can be tracked down and reclaimed.