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    IG SM GK CSM and ORK fluff ^_^

    The 1st sun cast a light, pleasant, glow among the people as they set about their daily

    tasks. Emily took a quick glance outside of her house; all was peaceful as the inhabitants of

    Gaia Prime went to work. After her quick observation she skipped outside to join the rest of

    the children playing on the outskirts of the town. Gaia Prime was a large agricultural world

    that supplied the Imperium with a vast amount of supplies and, despite their outwardly

    peaceful nature, the inhabitants of Gaia Prime made a great contribution to the ranks of the

    Imperial Guard. Emily lived on one of the small agricultural settlements encircling the

    governor’s palace. The grass was always green and the harvest always plentiful as the world

    had yet to be touched by the plight of the Imperium or a stay Xenos threat. She met up with

    her friends as they dove head first into their next innocent game. As the day progressed an

    approaching darkness loamed ever closer. The children’s games had taken them away from

    their beloved city, but all would be well as they knew the way back. As they strode along the

    familiar stone path they went astray. The land they now stood on could not possibly be their

    beloved home no matter what it resembled. It was a broken, bleeding, burning land filled

    with the bodies of the dead and the screams of the dieing. The children watched in horror as

    giant green monsters paraded across their once prosperous town with the heads of their

    fathers. Even more terrifying where the black clad horned beasts that littered the ruin,

    befouling the air with their terrible incantations. One of them caught Emily’s eye, the tallest

    and most terrifying of them all; as soon as she laid eyes on it a gruesome voice filled her

    head as it turned towards her. Time seemed to slow and her terror grew but Emily could not

    move, so fixated she was with fear. Her mind screamed at her, frantically urging her to run,

    but she couldn’t she couldn’t lift her gaze from the coming horror. A horrid face of bloodlust

    and evil meet her tearful gaze and she began to fall. Falling, falling, into the blood red

    pools of the monster’s eyes, falling falling…….

    “Lieutenant? Lieutenant?” Emily was flung from that world and into her old self. She shook

    her head and rubbed her eyes before looking around. The ranks of the two hundred and

    tenth’s Alpha platoon were scanning the ruins, lasguns at the ready. The weight of her

    powerfist soon snapped her back into attention. “Report trooper” she said hastily. The

    guardsman snapped to attention, one of her old playmates and loyal private, “Ma’am” he

    began “the Xenos and traitors have been driven back, the area is secure” Emily nodded in

    acceptance as she glanced at the meds carrying off the dying in strechers. “Nothing has

    changed” she said softly wiping a tear from her eye. The trooper gave a heavy sigh “who’d

    ever thought we’d be brought back here.” With that Emily turned to the waiting Chimera. Old

    memories, no matter how terrible or sad, were still memories. On top of that, there was work

    to be done.

    The servants were strangely quite, usually at this time the governor’s palace was a

    wealth of activity. Inside the golden and marble halls the governor paced the great hall

    with only his trusted advisor and a walking coms unit. Being tall of body and wide of

    girth, the governor was not the best person to anger, perhaps that’s why the servants

    left in a rush. Cortez stroked his goatee, as he often did when angry, while Stank walked

    behind him. “How many times do I have do tell you inquisitor?” Cortez said in his loud

    voice “the orks are of too little number to be of any concern and all the chaos incursions

    have been handily dealt with!” The walking coms unit displayed the holographic image of

    another tall, bald, man clad in shinning power armor that shared the governor’s look of

    distaste. “Gaia Prime has been the prime target of many attempted invasions despite its

    terrible astro-positioning” the inquisitor recited for the 50th time “Despite their appointed

    name the foul legions of chaos do not attack without reason and this back water planet

    is too far to be of any consequence to them.” “My point exactly!” Cortez cut in “these are

    not actual invasions but rather…” “The chaos forces must be after something on this

    planet” boomed the inquisitor, returning the favor “and I can safety assure you that corn

    is not on their minds.” Cortez came to a sudden stop and spun around to face the coms

    unit. “Then what more can they be after?” Cortez spat “all we have to offer is Gaia’s

    finest in military might and foodstuff. Why would an invasion be set on our doorsteps

    when they’re much more important targets?” The inquisitor gave the governor a stern

    eye “it is in my belief that our planet may be the container of a powerful and fel artifact”

    he said “we must send inquisitorial forces over to eliminate it in order to prevent any

    potential trageities. Because of this I must order you to allow us admittance into your

    planet!” “Admittance is denied inquisitor!” Cortez said sternly “I will not subject my

    people to the terror your ordo brings. If there is a fel artefact on my planet then allow

    me to foresee its destruction.” With that he spun around and marched off leaving a

    grinning inquisitor behind. “Would you rather lose your planet?” he inquisitor shouted

    across the hall “than subject it to the horrors of my ordo?” Cortez stopped in his

    tracks “you can’t possibly destroy Gaia Prime over some ridiculous rumor!” he shouted

    back. The inquisitor’s deep booming laugh caused the governor to turn again. “Duty to

    the people before the people I always say. I have the required amount of… admittance…

    for that task governor” he said with a sly grin “besides what is a few troops and

    foodstuff to great Imperium of men?” Cortez growled under his breath “Admittance is

    granted inquisitor.” The inquisitor’s grin widened at Cortez’s enraged features “I knew

    you should see the emperor’s light but now I take my leave. I’ll see you at the port

    governor.” With that the inquisitor’s image faded moments before Cortez’s thunder

    hammer turned the coms unit to pulp. “How dare he?” Cortez raged “threatening my

    people with such extreme measures!” “Sir we best not keep him waiting” Stank

    replied “if there really is a fel artefact on Gaia Prime it would be better to have an

    inquisitor with us.” Hammer in his white knuckled grasp; Cortez stormed out of his

    palace to meet his hated ally.

    The Chimera deposited Emily at the capital, a short walk then took her to the governor’s

    palace where the governor was ranting in front of a group of arranged officers. Emily

    quickly and silently slid into position next to her captain, provoking the governor with a

    late entry was not advisable. As the governor’s protests melded into the background, as

    they were wont to do, Emily tried to get some information from her superior. “What’s

    going on this time?” she whispered, the captain cast a glance at the governor before

    leaning in “some inquisitor asked for permission to land on this planet” he whispered

    back “apparently Gaia Prime is housing a dangerous weapon and he has come to extract

    it.” The next question Emily asked despite knowing the answer “so what’s the problem?”

    The captain sighed “you know the governor.” Emily nodded; Cortez was a kind ruler but

    is temper flared fairly often. Her conversation with the captain had ended and she

    became aware of the peaceful chirping of the native birds, the whispers of the officers,

    and of course, the governor’s grumbling. “…and that is why we will stand before that

    incompetent idiot and prove to him that Gaia Prime does not need inquisitorial

    interference!” he spat out the last two words “is that clear?” The captain leaned towards

    Emily “He called us because our recent victories” he whispered. Emily nodded in

    understanding. “Colonel Sanders” said the governor, pacing towards a tall and grizzled

    man “I trust the cultists have been dealt with.” The colonel snapped to attention, medals

    clinking together, “All cultists have been dealt with and their foul ritual successfully

    disruptive, negligible casualties.” Governor smiled at this news before coming to the next

    officer “Major Carlos” he said as he rounded on a shorter and not so grizzled man “the

    marauding Chaos fleet has been stopped I assume.” The major also snapped to

    attention, no matter how much you talked behind his back you never showed disrespect

    to Cortez. “All vessels have been repelled or shot down” the major recited “minor loses

    on our side.” Three more officers brought the governor face to face with the

    captain. “Captain Gregory” his voice never did change when naming his officers “the Orks

    are being pushed back correct?” The captain snapped to attention, military etiquette

    could be very uniform at times, “Getting more stubborn by the inch” he replied “but

    yielding.” Emily had recited her lines for possibly the 50th time as the governor came to

    her. “Ah, Lieutenant Emily” he said, a bit of pride in his voice “tell me again of your

    stunning victory.” She executed the snap to attention perfectly “Sir” she said “the

    eastern check point has been reclaimed and all Orks have been scattered or shot down.

    We have successfully re-captured all territories previously claimed on our eastern front.

    Few causalities have been reported and the wounded have been successfully relocated to

    a hospital ward.” She had spoken her lines perfectly, save a small stumble on “few

    causalities.” Death was death and it would always be so no matter on what scale. A

    couple more officers later and everyone was ready to receive the inquisitor. Cortez led

    the way, a confident smile gleaming on his usually stern face.

    Warlord Grimnash Big Hacka settled himself outside the largest tent in the ork camp.

    The hot mid morning sun gleamed off his mega armor where the rust didn’t set in. His

    one good eye swept across the rest of the camp where da boys were engaged in their

    normal activities. Some were eating whatever they could find; others were engaged in

    fierce grot throwing competitions, picking up any unfortunate grot who wasn’t working

    hard enough. Among the mass of green there were occasional black specs as da pinkies,

    as Grimnash liked to call them, chanted praises to Gork and Mork. Sure they might call

    the god-brothers by weird names but who else was to be worshipped? During his stay on

    Gaia Prime, Grimnash learned two things. The soft and chewy pinkies made great stew

    and the taller, tougher, pinkies would lead him and his horde to wherever the fighting

    was the thickest. Sure, they were pinkies but as long as they gave him proper enemies

    to fight he would let them live; besides anyone who ate grots, a large aspect of ork

    custom, could at least be allowed a little bit of life. Not all da boyz were happy with this

    arrangement though. They complained that the pinkies blew up the other pinkies

    instead of killing them good n’ proper like. The Nobs didn’t like the pinkies either, said

    they were not orkish enough. Grimnash dealt with them both by assuring them that the

    big pinkies would be killed once the fighting stopped and flexing his obscenely large

    power klaw.

    Just then the biggest pinky of them all, the pinkie warboss, strode up besides

    Grimnash. He has a giant, even for the orks, clad in pitch black armor, bedecked with

    spikes on which the heads of the smaller pinkies rested. He carried with him a similarly

    sized sword which gave da boys the chills, Grimnash would not be intimated so

    easily. “’Ow much longer, pinkie?” Grimnash snapped “Da boyz are getting impatient

    and I’m sick ‘a watin’” The pinkie warboss let his terrifying crimson eyes rest on the ork

    warboss. “Patience my friend” he said without feeling “soon your boys will be part of the

    greatest battle in Ork history.” Grimnash was unimpressed.

    “I’m gettin’ tired uv this mighty quickly.”

    “My men need a little more time to prepare and locate the artifact; once we are ready we

    can leave.”

    Grimnash moved the fingers of his power klaw, making a harsh grating sound

    as the rusty joints rushed to obey. “I dun like to be kept waiting pinky.” Gregory did his

    best not to cleave the stupid brute in two right there on the spot. That would’ve ruined

    everything he had planned for but he was willing to sacrifice close to anything to kill the

    lowly xenos. Just then he heard a fellow chaos marine call out “The artifact has been

    found!” Grimnash spread his lips in a positively revolting display of rotting teeth before

    clanking off to rally the orks. Gregory spit, it was all he could do to announce his hatred

    of the foul creatures. No matter how much he needed their assistance they were still

    xenos, meant, at best, for eternal servitude under the ruinous powers. He calmed

    himself, knowing that as soon as the preparations were complete he could rid this planet

    of the scum. Hefting the giant Xal’Flaros over his shoulder he began to walk towards his

    followers. The demon trapped in the blade screamed and balled for ork flesh but

    Gregory was able to soothe it by whispering “Soon, soon.”

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    Well there isnt that much here, odds and ends really. I hope you put up more so that things begin to fall into place as more and more pieces are shown, but for now there is little to nothing.

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    oh yeah I get your point its just that i have other work to do in addition to this. Don't worry though the plot will tie in together. Its just that in the beginning one must develope the setting for the differnet characters (and hey at least they're all on the same planet^_^).

    EDIT: IG have been properly introduced as well as the orks and chaos forces. But where are the space marines? You'll find out soon enough
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    "Heresy is like a garden weed, it won't stop feeding until you... BURN THE WHOLE DAMN GARDEN WITH A FLAMER, BURN IT, BURN IT TO HELL!!!!!" "Is there a wittle puppy in the garden? ITS A DAEMON! BURN IT!"

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    It's a nice bit of fluff indeed..

    If I'm entitled to one criticism, it's that the agri world seems a bit nice for the 'Grim Darkness of the Far Future'.. The one description I've read of agri worlds describes them as harsh and unpleasant places to live, where the labour of poor farmers or worse, mutant slaves is brutally exploited to produce enough food to keep the hive cities working.

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    I was going for a innocent unpoluted shinning kinda planet untouched by all this "grim darkness" theme. I really have no explanation for why the small towns are untouched by this darkness thus far i did this to stress the innocence of the place.

    When the fighting begins I'll try to move it to some hive city should the capital fall
    "Heresy is like a garden weed, it won't stop feeding until you... BURN THE WHOLE DAMN GARDEN WITH A FLAMER, BURN IT, BURN IT TO HELL!!!!!" "Is there a wittle puppy in the garden? ITS A DAEMON! BURN IT!"

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