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    Another attempt at an Executioners army

    Edit note: I posted these ideas awhile back, but wanted help with rules for them, since the Raven Guard rules are no longer in effect and a codex army can't take an Emperor's Champion anymore.

    I'm wanting to create a new SM army for 4th Ed, and I've been brainstorming ideas. I really wanted to do a chapter that had some history in the 40K universe but one that wasn't already defined, so that I could customize the army to match the theme.

    I came up with the Executioners chapter, here are my brainstorming notes--let me know what you think:

    Chapter's librarians were all killed by a mysterious psychic event; Chapter Master and senior leaders deceived by Lufgt Huron (posessed by warp entities?); when Executioners joined the rebellion, the Chaplains were exiled and sent to Terra to deliver a list of grievances/ultimatums.

    After Badab war, home world forfeited to Star Phantoms; Chapter Master and Company captains all tried and executed; Chaplains restored to chapter and given command during the 100 year penitent crusade.

    Through course of campaign, battle losses have reduced the chapter to less than 100 marines, all hardened fighters who are determined to finish the penance and restore the honor of their chapter--but they must survive with enough geneseed intact to reestablish the brotherhood...

    Their colors are Shadow Grey with Green accents, though they make use of camouflage, and they use standard codex markings. Their shoulder badge is black because their previous heraldry was rescinded by the High Lords of Terra, never to be seen again under Imperial command. They will have new heraldry bestowed if they survive their penitent campaign, and will have to liberate a new homeworld for themselves. No battle standards or personal standards may be used.

    Dwindling numbers and lack of a large armory have forced them to rely mostly on their infantry in small, precision engagements. They are the crusade Warmaster's favorite elite reserve unit, thrown in at the decisive point to sway battles.
    Army will often, if not always, field The Executioner. Should this be a company champion? That means I have to field an HQ squad--and I kind of wanted him to be independent. I guess all I can do is use the Captain profile for him. And no Black Sword. Pity.

    Only HQ choice that can be taken is a Chaplain (or Captain, if fielding the Executioner).

    Any Idea what traits/drawbacks I should use?
    Any other ideas?

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    Fluff-to-rules-wise, your options are as such:

    1) Represent this "Executioner" (I presume it's like an Emperor's Champion) with a sole Chapter Master, or else modify your fluff to allow him to have a retinue (Command Squad).
    2) Go counts-as and use either Black Templar rules or Dark Angel rules to get your unit with a +2 Strength sword.
    3) Make your own (balanced) rules, and use the army for friendly games and not tournament play.
    4) Represent the Executioner with a Chaplain, use the Chaplain's rules and points cost and say he's the Captain. Model him with a sword and all that jargon.
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