OK here is some background info on my new SM chapter called the Angels of Fire. Not much story, just lots of background with justification for their combat doctrines... The name and paint job was taken from the GW list of chapters, link given at bottom of fluff.

A list for them can be found here: http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...tml#post656799


The Angels of Fire were founded in late 36M, 100 or so years after the horrible events of the 21st founding. While it is not known for certain what chapter their gene seed originated from, most surmise it was from the Salamanders chapter, because they share similar traits (affiliation with fire, large numbers of weaponry and tanks, size, and mindset), and, because of the events that occurred with the 21st founding, the Imperium was trying to find different sources for gene seed, and the rarely used salamanders chapter seems as good of a chapter to use as any.

The Angels of Fire's home world, Velox III, is located near the interior edge of the Segmentum Obscurus, roughly between Fenris and Cadia. It is a violent volcanic world, which until recently had been consumed by a warp storm. It is rich in metals and other minerals, but it was given to the Angels of Fire before it could be claimed for mining operations. The Velox system had no habitable planets until the Angels of Fire came. Because they had complete control over their planet, they began trading with the Adeptus Mechanicus with a deal that they would supply the Forges with all of their raw material for any supplies the Angels of Fire required. This has had a profound effect on their combat doctrine, as each marine is gifted with fine equipment, and the chapter is able to field many bikes, tanks and heavy weapons. Because of this, the Velox system now boats 2 forge worlds taking in the materials from Velox III and other systems.

Because the Velox system has no habitable planets, and the nearest largely populated planet is weeks away by warp travel, the Angels of Fire have a very low recruitment rate. This results in their troops all being very highly trained and specialized. It also has causes them to rarely use tactics that could greatly risk their chapters lives, and will even back down from a fight if the odds are too great against them. This also instills a sense of self preservation in the marines that is greater than many chapters, and they will fight with ruthless efficiency, as if calmly fighting for their lives. The chaplains are charged with the safety of the chapter, and are always consulted, even by the master of the chapter, before battle. This has lead the Angels of Fire to be unwavering in faith, and of told to, they would fight to the death, even if they thought it was unwise. This has been seen as the only major flaw in the chapter, because if the chaplains become corrupted in any way, while unlikely, it would no doubt destroy the entire chapter.

The Angels of Fire home world, Velox III, has the greatest impact on their combat doctrine however. They conduct all of their training on the planet, as it proves very suitable for many types of dangerous battlefields. The most obvious ways it does this is through their most commonly used tactic. The planet, being highly volcanic, has many large canyons and steep valleys. These are usually filled with a heavy, poisonous gas that greatly reduces visibility. They use these canyons as a trap, by luring the enemy in with infiltrated devastator marines harassing the enemy, causing them to fall back into the canyon for cover. As soon as they do, Whirlwinds (their most abundant tank, as the forge worlds supply them with all they need) begin launching mines at the enemy, blocking them in and packing them together, while the devastators keep them moving forward. At the same time, a large force of bikes deploys through the canyon and meets the enemy head-on, wiping them out. Any targets that break from the combat are then stuck between a group of space marine bikes and a huge minefield, while getting shot up by devastators they can't see. This tactic is very sound, and flexible. They can employ it with forests, keeping them enemy stuck in rough terrain, slowing them down, or even in the open with a more aggressive mine barrage. The use of this tactic will usually have them hunting down the enemy and chasing them into the perfect condition for the Angels of Fire to be victorious and it is not uncommon for missions to last months, and they come equipped with lots of gear for the long haul.

Their home world also restricts them from using certain units as much as regular chapters do. The volcanic nature of the planet means it is filled with many lava flows that harden over, leaving tunnels just feet under the ground. These usually do not prove to be a problem, as if the hardened layer is thin, thermal sensors detect it. But when the hardened layer is much thicker, it will not be detected by infrared. Though these are no danger to marines, as if they cannot be detected, they cannot fall through them, the much heavier dreadnoughts and terminators are very much at risk, as their weight is supported by two legs. If one steps on a tunnel, it will fall through and vaporize in the lava. This is also not a problem for tanks as their treads and wide spread weight rarely trigger the holes to collapse, and then they do, the tank is too big to fall through. This affects the chapter because of their cautiousness for losing marines, so they only have 20 terminators in the entire army, all deployed by the first company in land raiders. Dreadnoughts are almost exclusively made with 3-4 leg designs, or treaded movement apparatus. This makes them more stable, so they are also mainly used in fire support roles, as they are not mobile enough to keep up with the assault portion of the army. The weak ground of their home world also stops them from using drop pods.

The thick gasses make it hard for jet engines to work, and the high metal content of the planet affects land speeder flight, so the chapter has no land speeders or assault marines at all. Thunder hawks are still used, but have been modified to exclude the jet engine, and have exclusive use of rocket engines usually used in outer space only. The atmosphere also means they will always deploy with helmets, even the scouts, which is rare, as a helmet is considered a symbol of finishing training in many space marine chapter.

Now, it might seem strange that a chapter would base all of its strategy off of their own planet, when they will be fighting on many worlds where these things will not be problems, but their mindset does not let them accept this. If it would prove dangerous on their home world, it is not worth the risk to ever use it, in their minds.

In appearance, the Angels of Fire are a crimson red, with a flame design on their shoulder pads and decorating their bikes and tanks and other equipment. An example of an Angels of fire marine can be found at: http://uk.games-workshop.com/spacema...y/images/7.jpg and a close up of their chapter symbol here: http://uk.games-workshop.com/downloa.../images/7b.jpg

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