The "Drakes of the Inferno"

The "Drakes of the Inferno" are the seventh company of Salamanders. As does each Salamander company, they rule over the one of the large city-states of Nocturne. For the "Drakes of Inferno" this city-state is Lindrovon, a city surrounded by a ring of volcanoes. This area, known as "The Circle of Fire," is home to the largest of the salamanders. These massive beasts from around Lindrovon are nearly five time the size of a full grown man, bear a skin that is naturally tougher than any metal of Nocturne, and thier claws being the only natural thing around with the ability to pierce that hide. Normally the stay quite near the peaks of the volcanoes, but when the time of trials arrives, the become more aggressive, and they've even attacked the city once. To fight these beasts, the "Drakes of the Inferno" created the Wrath of Vulcan.

The Wrath of Vulcan
To combat the problem with the salamanders after the Battle of the Drakes, the Wrath of Vulcan was born. It is a squad that has perfected the art of hunting the beasts of Nocturne. Sinse flamers are useless against the creatures, the Wrath of Vulcan is equipt with terminator armor, thrunder hammer and the Inferno Shields, which closley reseamble storm shields, except that the skin of the fallen beasts is streatched across their backs. When the company goes out on missions for the Imperium, the Wrath use the perfered weapon of thier chapter, the flamer. Yet only one of their men know how to use this, due to thier specialized training.

Battle of the Drakes
Shortly after the first war for armageddon, the city og Lindrovan fell under siege by the wicked beasts of Nocturne. With thier numbers being depleted after the war, they fell easy victim for an attack on thier city. Many men and marines lost thier lives in the siege, until after the seventh day of fighting, a Librarian of the Chapter, Balthazar, led a stand against the beasts. With the might of Vulkan behind them the "The Drakes of the Inferno" drove the fell creatures back into the peaks of the ring of fire. As Balthazar and the remaining marines returned, a great quake shook the ground, and a river of lava erupted, cutting through the middle of the city. From this river, many more of the beasts appearer, but where easily cut down by the now tired men of the city. The marines did not even kill a single drakes this time, but the men that lived in thier city, took up arms and detroyed this final assault at the last bastion of Lindrovan, the Hall of Vulkan.