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    Liberty's Vanguard Fluff section.

    Okay, I'm not sure about a few thigs still. But here goes:

    Liberty's Vanguard. The founding.
    Originally a nameless group within the pre-heresy Dark Angels. They started off dispersed among the Legion and didn't stand out much. But when the Emperor was beaten down by Horus and interred within the Golden Throne they united under a commander named Lachlan Danaan. This collective believed that the Emperor was in fact dead, and that it was up to themselves and their brother Astartes to maintain the order.

    Their Homeworld's name is Unknown. Referred to only as "The Homeworld": Continents: 4. Land mass: 42%. Climate: Temperate. Mass: 1.3G. The Homeworld is a verdant agri-world with a massive Fortress-monastery built directly in the middle of the southern-most Continent. There are also other outposts built in the bigger hive-cities. Featured in the Monastery is an enourmous memorial cloister, and a small city is bult around it. The memorial features the names of all Casualties on the world during the conflict between Liberty's Vanguard and Chapter 666, along with the hollow power-armour suits of the invaders.

    Liberty's Vanguard. The initiation.
    Over time, the Catalepsian Node, Occulobe, and Omophagea implants in the Chapter have changed. The effects of this zygotic mutation, by centering only on those organs affecting sight and the mind, have made the Marines of this Chapter especially sensetive to psychic activity. When a potential Psyker is indocrinated he suffers the most effect of all neophytes, the risk of an artificial 'Culexus' is high amongst potential Librarians (though this is not to say it is unheard of in other neophytes). The gradual rate at which these mutations have come has also mutated the Progenoid and therefore the Gene-seed of the Chapter to suit. Many Marines of liberty's Vanguard will have a sense of 'true sight' or slowed time perception. Also noted are the eyes of the Marines often turning a milky white while still somehow retaining vision.

    Another notable mutation is the Melanochrome. The mutations of other implants has triggered this one to secrete the pigmentation gradually over time. Old battle-brothers tend to have dark skin similar to the negro Salamander Chapter. There have also been a few instances of pitch black skin amongst the oldest heroes.

    The overall effect of the mutations has led to another anomaly; celluar longevity. Marines of Liberty's Vanguard never age. They stay young for centuries and seemingly don't die until killed.

    While these mutations have made the Chapter more powerful on an individual level, the rate of attrition would be too high to yield even a single passing neophyte in some recruitments. To combat this, the developed battle-brothers are encouraged to mingle with the populace upon completing their basic training. Said men are even permitted to engage in relationships with others, with the hopes to father a child or two. This helps the implants and their mutations to adapt better to the recipients due to their already partially-prepared DNA.

    Liberty's Vanguard. Chapter organisation.
    When it comes to organising the Chapter's men, Liberty's Vanguard do not follow the Codex Astartes' teachings verbatim. The Scout Company still stands, but aren't regarded as inferior as many other Chapters do. When a 10th Company Scout advances to the 9th Company, he may choose to remain a Scout. He may choose to stay as this even until he reaches his next Company after that, but his 3rd station company is as far as he may stay a scout.

    Another divergence from the Codex is the detachments. There are three. Each of these forming a part of the Chapter and fulfilling a different role. The organisation is far from standard, but it serves the purposes of the Chapter well enough. Liberty's Vanguard is (dis)organised thus:
    1. Darkstar Apogee - Led by Chapter Master. Super elites deployed where needed.
    2. Avenger Guard 1st Company - Under charge of Master's subordinate. Shock forces and lightning assaults.
    3. Outward Defence Initiative 1st Company - Led equally by Librarian and Captain. Versatile tactics.
    4. Outward Defence Initiative 2nd Company - Led by Captain. Infiltrators.
    5. Avenger Guard 2nd Company - Under charge of Master's subordinate. Many Psykers and Dreadnaughts.
    6. Outward Defence Initiative 3rd Company - Led by detachment's War Priest. Reserves.
    7. Balcora counter-insurgence fleet 1st Company - Led by Captain. Interior-specific, no vehicles.
    8. Balcora counter-insurgence fleet 2nd Company - Led by Captain. Interior-specific, no vehicles.
    9. Avenger Guard 3rd Company - Led by collective group. Reserves.
    10. Avenger Guard 4th Company - Led by Command Squad. Scout partisans.
    The Darkstar Apogee. Led by the Chapter Master. This Company is comprised only of the best of the best. Rather than stay together, this Company moves to where they are most needed. They tend to stay within their own Territory so as to avoid excess conflict. Named the 'darkstar' because of the many centuries of fighting onwe must partake of to be deemed worthy of joining this Company, and the therefore darkened skin of it's men. Rather than kept as traditional squads, they are segregated into smaller groups called 'Novas'. The Nova led personally by the Master is known as the 'Black Nova".

    The Avenger Guard
    This detachment is stationed almost solely on Hiigara and are known for their extreme prowess in defending and retaking Cities, Bases, stategically important terrain, and Spacecraft landing fields. If the need arises, they are swiftly deployed to the other worlds under the Chapter's banner and fight fiercly to protect their own. The Avenger Guard are the largest detachment in the Chapter and rightly so, because of their vital station, they must be prepared for the worst to come. The moment an enemy military prescence is detected, the detachment scrambles the Scout Company to the hills to begin an independant Geurilla campaign while they wage bloody war to protect their sacred Homeworld. This detachment was once a massive 6 Companies in size, but after a certain incedent 2 Companies were taken form the Avenger Guard and re-alotted.

    The Outward Defence Initiative
    The first days of the Chapter's existance saw the birth of this sub-division. When Liberty's Vanguard disowned themselves from the Imperium, they were hunted by their former comrades. The 3rd, 4th, and 6th Companies volunteered in agreement to be the rearguard to the retreating Chapter. When granted a portion of the Chapter's fleet, they turned and charged headlong into the massive persuing force. The fighting was fierce, but ultimately fruitful as the hunters' resolve faltered and they turned back. When the rearguard returned to Hiigara many years later, the Chapter Master rewarded them with an honourary title of the Outward Defence Initiative. They were given full independance from the rest of the Chapter as to their post and Organisation. To this day they remain as the 'permanent rearguard' and hunt down any force who dares tresspass on Hiigara and retreat from the Avenger Guard's stoic resolve. These Companies are under the full Authority to declare open war against any foe they see fit. To this day, they have done so to several groups, among them being other Space Marine Chapters. They have also changed their colours from those of their home-bound brethren.

    Balcora counter-insurgence fleet
    The Avenger Guard were once 6 Companies strong. But after an incedent during one of the many wars for Hiigara 2 Companies separated from the main body of the Chapter and devoted themselves to the craft of inter-spacecraft war. Acting as ferrymen for civilians and military alike during peaceful moments, and being a feared space-faring warband in violent times. When a prescence is made known in Hiigaran space, the Balcora fleet parleys with the new arrivals. If their intent is peaceful (and they WILL find out if it is), they are let free to go about their business. If there is any threat or if the intent is to wage war, then Balcora will immediately begin infiltration and destruction of the enemy fleet. The shrewd part of this strategy is that they always parley on the enemy flagship, so if there is trouble sighted the head of the enemy is gone first, and comandeered first.

    Liberty's Vanguard. Politics
    As far as the Imperium is concerned, Liberty's Vanguard are a force made up of Heretical rogue Psykers and Mutants. There have been many attacks made on Hiigara, and they have all been beaten back. While they will fight anyone who comes to defile their territory, if the enemy inquestion is Imperial they will give quarter when asked. If the foe is of the Imperium, even the Outward Defence Initiative will only persue those left from the exact attack, compared to the genocide they endevour for every other time. So far, however, there have been 2 Chapters that have been declared as an enemy of the first degree: the Black Templars and the "Inquisition's Lapdogs" (Grey Knights).

    Though they may declare war on agents of the Imperium, Liberty's Vanguard will NEVER declare war on a 1st founding Chapter.

    There have been many wars with the Tau over who owns Hiigara. After centuries of fighting over the world, the Chapter Master offered a peaceful solution to the aliens. A peace treaty was offered, but refused. The Tau only willing to share Hiigara if those living on it were a part of their empire. This was refused and once again the battles began. At first Hiigara was the only world under their control, but then the Chapter Master ordered an outward strike. The sudden surge toppled the Tau hold on several worlds, and this time they were the ones to offer a treaty, which was accepted.

    Chaplains are seen as unneccesary by Liberty's Vanguard. In this Chapter's eyes, the Emperor is dead and there is no need to have special brothers elevated to speak his word. Also by wearing black and bearing the death rictus of a skull on their helms, Chaplains are thought to sully the name of the Emperor, who wore gold and certainly was alive until he was slain. As such, Liberty's Vanguard will use priests who minister His teachings and press the attack in the manner of Chaplains, but they are simply known as the War Priests. There are not many of these as they refrain from wearing full Power Armour and so cannot be in their standing for too long if they wish to advance.

    The Chapter itself is led by 3 individuals. These are known as the Sons of Liberty. If anyone within this Chapter could claim to be a Chaplain, it is these three. They are:

    One is the Chapter Master, Lachlan Danaan. Over the millenia there has only been one Chapter Master name recorded in the annals, which is his. Nobody bar the Sons of Liberty and a few others know the truth behind this secret. To the rest of the Imperium he is just unkillable, though there have been those who can claim to have slain him, Lachlan still walks to this day. The reason is simple, when the next Chapter Master ascends the station, he is given the same name and armament as his predecessors. In effect, you cannot kill Lachlan Danaan while the Chapter still lives. Most notable of him is his pitch black skin and glowing white eyes. He is also the first Chapter master to be one of the 'artificial Culexus' mutations.

    One is Endon Bartoh. He was once a Black templar captain who was brainwashed by Lachlan and his servants during an invasion. The information Endon held on his Brethren was priceless and the day proved to be victorius for Liberty's Vanguard. But a chance encounter with his former Chaplain had shattered the hynotherapy and Endon remembered everything. Just before he could kill this Chaplain in his rage and disbelief he stumbled and was thrown away by the Chaplain; right into the explosion of a Demolisher cannon shell. When he next awoke, he was almost entirely mechanical save for his brain and a few strips of flesh. It was then that he joined Lachlan's creed permanently. Though, he is very old and wants nothing more than to die in battle.

    One is Zael Osis. Zael is a highly potent Psyker and inverse Culexus. He wears an inhibiting Psychic hood which covers his whole head. Normally, a Culexus appears to be soulless and is a shadow in the Warp. Zael is so overriding a light that the others around him slowly lose their own soul to him. This began when he was a trainee Librarian and accidentally consumed the soul of his mentor, who was named Osis when trying to channel and focus his energy. Then Zael knew everything his Osis knew and saw everything his Osis saw, in effect they were one and the same person. He wears the inhibiting hood not to protect others from his power, but to protect himself from them. One's mind cannot handle the soul of all around him.

    Liverty's Vanguard. Historical events.
    I can't remember how to write the time like they do in the other entries, but I'll put this in chronological order nontheless.
    • The Emperor makes the Primarchs.
    • The Horus Heresy begins
    • The second founding - Liberty's Vanguard is born.
    • Within Liberty's Vanguard the Outward Defence Initiative is commisioned, they charge into forces 3 times as numerous as they. They succeed and return to the Chapter as the first separate detachment.
    • Lachlan Danaan the 2nd negotiates a peace treaty with the Tau to try and thwart the end of his Chapter, negotiations fail.
    • Lachlan Danaan the 2nd orders conquest of Tau space.
    • Zael. born
    • Tau begin peace treaty negotiations with Lachlan Danaan, success.
    • A strange strain of Tyranids, codenamed Hive fleet: BEAST arrives on Hiigara, killing many of the Chapter's brothers, Lachlan Danaan the 2nd included. They are wiped out to extinction.
    • Lachlan Danaan the 3rd appears.
    • Hellbrecht's Armagaddeon Crusade makes a detour through Hiigara.
    • War is declared between the Chapters.
    • Endon Bartoh is captured.
    • The Ordo Malleus comes to Hiigara to "Crush these heretical rouges and their Daemonic practices." with aid of the Grey Knights.
    • Hiigara is orbitally bombarded, leaving a horrible scar on the planet which will never heal.
    • The attacking branch of the Inquisition is violently killed, their order added to Liberty's Vanguard's list of hated enemies.
    So far, those are the only event I can recall.

    Liberty's Vanguard. Other notable characters.
    KENTARES IV. This is the name of the Dreadnaught who stopped a Land Raider Crusader from charging and crushing a nearby Command Sqaud. He recieved venerable status for his bravery beyond that expected even of a brother-Dreadnaught.

    Joshuah. Head (and only) Libratian of the Outward Defence Initiative. He single-handedly led the attack against a Black Templar held world and saw the Crusade ended before it could begin, and only with a few other members of his force to support him.

    Zasalamel. The Captain of the 10th Company. He has passed up all chances of promotion to stay behind and remain as the Partisan Company's Captain.

    Liberty's Vanguard. Battlecries.
    "****ING DIE!!!" (translated from this archaic language, the cry means to I do believe you should leave this vicinity or please become promptly deceased.)

    "For the truth!"
    "For the Home World!"
    "For the Father!"

    Liberty's Vanguard. Divergences from Codex Astartes.
    They're defensive, but smart. They are able to build Terminator Armour but still don't due to the materials needed. They only have 8 Dreadnaughts in total, but many 'shells'. This makes it "Heed the Wisdom of the Ancients". Each Dreadnaught has a name followed by an number in his designation, the name is that of the interred Marine & the number signifies the number of the currently used 'shell'; so Kentares IV means this is his 4th suit. All of the Dreadnaughts having replacable shells means at a drop of a hat, they could be in a squeaky-clean suit, or they could stay in one for centuries. So I wanted to have more freedom of choice with the dreads as they are tacticians and respected personalities, and so should be allowed to be placed anywhere. I also want to be able to have 2 venerable Dreadnaughts at will for posterity.

    Being defensive, the Chapter needs to counter enemy attacks effectively, right? So the basic Marine wielding a Bolter just isn't enough; they need more than that. That's why they're trained in CQC (Close Quarters Combat). Each Marine is capable of switching from ranged to Melee combat in an instant. Hence, "Trust Your Battle-Brothers". When the enemy charges, I get the second attack which can change the course of a battle, It also comes in handy for assaults when not counting as charging (pile in, sweeping advance, etc.).

    Liberty's Vanguard is proud of it's training. Each Marine, being trained in CQC, will agree that to use excessive fast-moving vehicles is a waste of skill. Liberty's Vanguard believe strongly in their own prowess at CQC that they prefer not to use fast attack vehicles. They prefer to cut their enemies down "Eye To Eye" and make their prescence personally known. Some stipulate that it's also out of respect for their foe, and wanting to make sure it's dead by taking care of it personally.

    "We Stand Alone". Being how we are (a sovreign state of the Tau empire), the rest of the Imperium has it in for us. Between being hated by our fellow man, and being separate from the Tau, we are unable to rely on any ally. And we are too proud to use mercenaries.

    They still practice the use of this individual, though he is named the 'Champion of Danaan' instead. He still may use vows, though they are different.
    1. Never forgive, Never forget. "The ebon Sons of Dorn have sunk to the lowest of atrocities. As they preach the words of the dead, they use faith to excuse their actions. As they have harmed Hiigara, we shall teach them pain. NEVER FORGIVE, NOVER FORGET. We shall hunt the 'righteous' and destroy them utterly wherever our paths may cross." All infantry, Dreadnaughts, and Characters count as having Preferred enemy: Black Templars, Daemonhunters and are fearless when in close combat when pitted against these hated enemies. +20pts
    2. Be not troubled by the rain of fire. "Do not fear the nigh red sky. Avance as the fiery report of or foe sounds and do not waver but continue on to your goal. Should the very earth beneath you rend asunder, you must advance. Give fear to those who seek to instil it in you." No unit (apart from scouts) can be pinned except through entanglement and automatically pass any morale test which is made from psychic powers. Casualties taken from weapons that cause pining do not count when counting casualties unless they bring the squad below half strength. +10pts
    3. May your blades be true. "Take up your chainsword now! Let our strokes be pure and true when we are needed in the fray! To smite our enemies in great droves as they seek to destroy us! To push back the loathsome advance of the enemies of Humanity! To make an encarmine melody of the whirling melee we shall be joining! To fill the vey earth resonate with the wailing and gnashing of teeth from their many dead and dying, and in tribute to our glorious exploits. We shall be prepared, let battle be joined!" Any unit with True grit, Counter-attack, or Furious Assault is affected by this vow. Warriors with True grit are Fearless when charging, until the 1st round of combat is over. Warriors with Furious Assault count as also having Counter-attack. Warriors with Counter-attack may gain the extra attack given from charging when assaulted on top of any other bonuses. When a unit has more than one of these powers, they must use all effects. +50pts
    4. Be not unsure of your targets. "Though pain daunt and fear haunt me, though flesh and mettle may break, truth is I'd face it with glee. These things one's legacy makes. As the enemy appears let them come for we will fear them not, our fire sure and true. With an unbending will of steel and the blessed wave of fire we send, we will be victorious." Every unit in the army automatically passes the test which must be taken for shooting at enemies which aren't closest to them. But if they choose to fire at the closest enemy, that enemy unit may not take cover saves. +35pts
    Done. *huff huff*

    This may be exhausting, but it's what I thought out. No more, no less.


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    Any comments at all? I'd like to make it as cool as possible.
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    Rock on man. THis is good.

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