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Thread: My IG fluff.

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    My IG fluff.

    History Of the 1st Empire Guard:

    Home World: Titan V
    Date of Founding: ________ (I am not so good with Dates in 40k, so help here is welcomed.)
    Regimental Commander: Commander Leon Soulsword.
    Number of Companies: 12 Companies.

    In-depth Background of Titan V:

    The World of Titan V was brought to the Command of the Impurium during the beginning of the Great Crusade, with the Imperial Fists were one of the Chapters to bring it to its heel. But the world of Titan V wanted to keep its current Empire, and not join the Impurium. But the Imperial Soldiers under the command of the Emperor hammered at the world for Four months until the world was fully under Imperial Control. Then the Imperial Fists left, leaving behind Commander Daniel Haggins to enforce the Law of the Imperium of Man.

    Things were fine, but thanks to the long war, and the rebellions after the Imperial Soldiers left, kept the populations low, so there was not much interaction between Impurium and Titan V, expect when the Impurium asked for its Tax's, which the world usually brought on time. The People of the world hated the advanced technology the Impurium brought, preferring the Old saying 'Ignorance is Bless.', they thought the Technology made life too easy, believing that life should be full of hard work so the taint of Heresy would not take a hold of you sense one was so busy. Though like the other worlds, the people liked the Emperor, sense to agreed with their sense liking of old ways, of Mighty Empires and heroic Knights.

    The World was peaceful left alone, until during theee beginning of the 38th Millennial the Emperors Tarot predicted a Ork WAAAAGGHH!!! too hit the nabor system of Titan V, The Echowind System which had 3 habitable planets. The 3 worlds were quickly reinforced with Regiments of the Imperial Guard, and the 3rd Company of the Grim Reapers Space Marine Chapter. The Governor of Titan V volterted his people to be trained into a New Imperial Guard regiment, the Impurium agreed and sent Training Sargeants to the world to train the new regiment. Thousands volentered, seeking the old ways of knights again, but when those thousands started their training, they knew he would be nothing like they dreamed of powerful soldiers smiting the Unholy with blade and ax. They were just cannon fodder to the Training Sargeants, and the new guardsmen hated that this was not anything they thought it was. So strangely the Trainers started disappear, and their bodies were found with logical ways on how they died. The High Command of the sector was insane with rage and demand each and everyone of the Traitors be put on the stake and burned.

    But the heroics and kills of the Troopers were not left out of favoring, Commander Leon Soulsword admired the Titianins for their singe mindedness. He volunteered to become the Regimental Commander of the regimental, and the High Commanders agreed. Slowly the guardsman's hearts were won over by knight-like Commander, he taught them better ways of fighting on horse back, he slowly gave the Troopers better and better technology until he found their limit, which was at the Strandered Leman Russ, they also hated lasagnas, and flamers, preferring the trusty hot lead. So the Heavy Bolter and Autocannon were preferred weapons, with the Missile Launcher being a second faverte. The mortar was disliked because the Troopers wanted to see their enemy, and not trust a soldier to give them the right coordinates. The Grenade Launcher was a faverote because of its lightweights.

    Finally when the WAAAGHH!!! came the new regiment was ready, it was known though many systems for the regiments heroic carvery charges, and braveness of the guardsmen. And thanks to their help the WAAAGHH!!! was finally pushed back and defeated. Lord Leon finally gave his regiments a name that would mix in with their history. The 1st Empire Guard.

    Style of Warfare:

    With their history of fedrel warfare, the 1st perfer caveraly charges, in warfare they use them to breck enemy flanks, or use them as counter charges. They hate over advance weapons so they do not use Lascannons much, if ever. Perfering good old hot lead. Also thanks to their history, the guardsmen fly hundreds of banners, and shields with the symbol of the regmient. The Lion which was inspired by Leon Soulsword. Being a proud people the Empire Guardsmen rarely use comman sense in battle, perfering to meet the enemy head on. Sentinals are also a faverte in the Regiment because of their speed, and support they can give plantoons.

    Color Schmee:

    The remient prefers parade colors, showing their worlds colorful history, and the message they are giving their enemy 'We know no fear.' Bright reds and yellows are used manly as the main color. The guardsmen also wear suits of old armour from long dead Knights in their familys.

    Thats all I can think of for now, if you think of anything else I should add please tell me.


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    small stupid question when you say they hate lasguns and prefer led do you mean they use heavy weapons primarly or just auto guns

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    I think you're off to a very good start. Here are my coments. You say they are distrustful of technology, in fact they hate it. You also say they believe life should be full of hard work to avoid the taint of heresy, despising the taint of heresy is a part of Imperial doctrine and if these people were still set in thier ways they would not embrace it so easily.

    You speak of heroic knights of old inspiring them. It should be clear why this is. Did some knightly order rise up against evil-doers who were harming them or did the Imperial fists appear to be somewhat like knights to them, liberating them from an evil chaos cult dominating the planet. The point is how do these people on another planet in the far future have any knowledge of knights. You need to make a connection in thier history with an ancient knightly order which lives or lived on thier world.

    The Guardsmen in training seem to be killing off their drill sergeants. The Imperium wants to execute the Guard-recruits. This is stopped by the commander Leon Soulsword.
    Firstly what kind of commander is he? A high ranking Guard officer or someone from the administratum. Or is he an Imperial agent, perhaps an Inquisitor.

    Whoever he is you should give him some history. He also sees to repect the killing of the Guard drill sergeants, the murder of loyal Imperial soldiers is not something which the Imperium allows anyone to respect. The Imperium is brutal and does not respect local customs. You should have him rounding up the guilty ones and executing them.
    Then he could inspire the rest and it could be said he can do this because of him understanding the locals and being a slightly more flexible man.

    In addition I think you should give a little attention to the planet itself. What kind of world is it? Is it a Deathworld, Agriworld, Medevial world to name but a few. Also a general hint at it's overall population numbers would be handy.
    Last edited by Leech; June 19th, 2006 at 21:48.

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