Alright, there was a request on another thread, but I got kinda caught up in the moment and thought this was too cool not to share with everyone else. Anyways, this is my envisioning of how a Necron battle report should be like all fluffed up.

Apprentice Braetus ran down the hall of the Forestall Recon Outpost Sigma, InfoTrack drive in hand.
As he burst threw the door he now realised just how hard he had been running. Commander ad'Ordun sat back in his chair with the calm, stone-like composure expected of a warrior of the Emperor.
"The battlefield! We have an intercepted message showing everything."
With his breath caught, Braetus now found that he could not say the words fast enough.
Ordun reclined in his chair, his face showing impatience.
"Apprentice, if you don't start making sense I've got ninety men on Geo-Stat duty who would gladly take your position."
"Sorry Sir. It's just that, well, we havn't gotten a report from the Tanus system in eleven days and you mentioned before that 'Five is incompetance. Seven is death.'"
"Apprentice, if anything I know my own words. Now are you going to tell me something or do I have to requisition an Inquisitor?"
Braetus' face went pale as Ordun silently grinned at his own sense of humor.
The apprentice collected himself and stepped forward, sliding the InfoTrack card into the Commander's desk. A spray of colors jumped from the desktop as the device came to life and paused on the obligatory "Worship the Immortal Emperor" screen.
"For without Him we are Nothing."
"For without Him we are Nothing."
Silence took the room as it darkened to aid in the holo-viewing, the soft glow of the device cast dancing shadows across the room. A green ball manifested in the air and the two Marines could hear a thousand whispers rise up. Then, as if the voices were of the picture itself, the ball expanded and morphed into the view over some distant battlefield. The same green glow surrounded the picture and could be seen on the field itself; lank figures outlined by the light in the distant alien forests. Braetus flinched in reaction to the Commander leaning forward, squinting at the sight.
"The Emperor bless us..."
Through the spectacle of colors awash in the piles of wreckage to be found across the field Ordun spotted the unmistakable blue adorned by all proud warriors of his Ultramarine brothers. From the bottom of the screen long legs extended forward, bringing closer the 'eyes' of the recording to each of the collections of morbid debris.
"We counted sixty-two Marines in all."
Braetus cleared his shaking throat,
"one full attack bike squadron,"
barely able to continue as he realized the death of so many defenders of the Emperor.
"two Rhinos and a Razorback transport,"
Warriors of all things Holy, near Gods in battle.
"four tactical squads and a forward scout troop"
All children of Terran descent told bedtime stories of their invulnerable strategies.
"two Predator Annihilators"
Strategies weaker only when compared to the armor worn by each.
"six Terminator assault suits,"
And the unmatcheable prowess displayed by their leaders...
"And the confirmed death of Sammael ad'Ordun"
Braetus watched his Commander's steel face, looking for any reaction to the report. A few minutes passed, or a lifetime by the apprentice, before Ordun glanced for a brief moment at the ground. The gesture would have gone unnoticed by anyone else's standards, but for Braetus, he watched for the first time of anyone's knowledge as the Commander showed compassion. Even if it were for but barely a single tick of the clock.
Ordun stood as if he were coming to attention at his name.
"Send out for a Company assembly in this base at time 19.6 sharp. I am going report this to Forstall Alpha HQ. With any luck we can have a jump to Tanus within the week."
Braetus saluted and turned away. As he travelled down the hall, walking this time, the apprentice wondered just whose fortune the Commander spoke of and how any warrior entangled in that green glow could believe in something good.