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Thread: The Tau...

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    The Tau...

    In the Tau Empire Codex it says, when talking about Aun'va's ceremonial staff... "a ceremonial staff, within which is housed an artefact of incalculable power." No further elaboration given for this artifact. What comes to mind? Farsight, and his Dawn Blade, and whether it's C'Tan or Chaos. I've seen the evidence for both sides so let's not have that argument, personally I stand by this. So, then I bring up that the Ethereals randomly showed up from an undefined place to bring the Tau out of civil war and whatnot... connections?! I think so. It leads me to think that the Tau will eventually be an accomplice the the Necrons...


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    Poor old Farsight gets dragged up far too much.

    The fact is, there's no evidence and no proof for any theory regarding farsight. But I will say that I abseloutely despise the Necron theory.

    1. It's another addition to the already silly and overpowered necron fluff.

    2. It's just plain boring. Farsight is an interesting character because he exposes the Etherials. In one of his quotes, he basically points out how naive and stupid they are, and how little idea they actually have about how war works, which is pretty much true. If he turns out to be a Necron pawn, he's suddenly become a very, very boring character.

    3. His quotes all suggest a moral rebellion. He never talks about voices in his head or anything which might indicate external corruption.

    As for the artifact carried by the Aun'va, I wouldn't read too much into it. The average ordo xenos inquisitor could probably come out with several such artifacts if the need arises, not one with any C'tan, chaos or old one connection. There are millions of species in the 40k galaxy, and it's reasonable to assume there are millions of extinct species too.

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