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    The Sons of Omnissiah

    This is a general read-out of my chapter. I 'had' a big thing, much like the one at the back of the SM codex (the ultramarines chapter orginisation chart thingy), but it doesn't copy from Word properly.

    I posted it before but got like two replies, just wondering if anyone else likes it.

    ++Sons of Omnissiah//chapter creation//++
    -----Inquisitorial level beta clearance required-----

    The Son of Omnissiah were a chapter concept first thought up before the Horus Heresy,
    (the idea at the time was a crusade legion to protect Mars when not crusading) and the idea was forgotten when Horus turned traitor and started the Horus Heresy.

    In the re-building of the Imperium, over the next ten thousand years, the idea had no means of coming to fruition, and the Vandire incident later on did not help.
    The idea was thought completely unnecessary until the incident involving the Necron
    Raider ships (-cross reference//098.2M39/Xenos attack: sub-Mars//) when
    -------------Junior Inquisitorial level Omega clearance required-----------------
    This spurred the decision to create a new chapter. Using part of the gene seed of the Iron Hands chapter, and the gene seed of --//all records expunged from original source//--
    the geno labs on Mars were able to begin the creation of a new chapter.

    Approx. seventy seven years later, the chapter was capable of service. The massive task that the chapter master of the Sons of Omnissiah (Omniccius) had been dealt; to help retrieve the needed gene-seed samples of other chapters, he was also to help in the finding and reclaiming of all Standard template construction devices where and when possible. The Sons of Omnissiah then set out to start the monumental task set before them.

    Thought of the day: Seek absolution and thou shan’t fail

    ++end file++

    ++Sons of Omnissiah//info/history//++
    -----Inquisitorial level beta clearance required-----

    After the Necron raider ship incident, the Imperium realized the true threat the
    Necron race represented, so secretly, the Sons of Omnissiah
    were ordered to completely annihilate any and all Necron camps/tomb worlds/ships/etc…

    Over time, the Sons of Omnissiah have built up a
    special hatred for the Necrons and have sometimes been known to ignore an
    objective because of a Necron presence.

    Because of their secretive nature, it was only a matter of time before attracting the Ordo
    Hereticus, and, in consequence, the Sons of Omnissiah and some high ranking members of the Ordo Hereticus have planted seeds of suspicion.
    Even the legendary Inquisitor lord Fyodor Karamazov has been known to have accused the Sons of Omnissiah of various heresies.

    Also, their nature of hunting and destroying Necrons has attracted the attentions of certain members of the Ordo Xenos Deathwatch, who are keen in using
    the Sons of Omnissiah’s hatred for Necrons to their advantage, and have been known to on several occasions (-cross reference//M.41.5559600//Gandes IV incident. sub-Ordo Xenos//).

    Thought of the day: Innocence proves nothing

    ++end file++

    ++The Gandes IV incident++
    -----Inquisitorial level gamma clearance required-----

    On the dead world/tomb world of Gandes IV, the Sons of Omnissiah were investigating
    Necron type Monuments. They were attacked by a gathering Necron war host, and acting on the promises of the Ordo Xenos, they engaged the Necrons (who out numbered them approx. 5-1) expecting re-enforcements from Ordo Xenos. Meanwhile, the Ordo Xenos
    Inquisitor, Atendes (-claimed excommunicate traitoris, died by the Emperors most divine servants, the callidus assassins) took the opportunity to search for a Necron
    weapons cache. In doing so, he allowed the near destruction of the Sons of
    Omnissiah scouting force, if it had not been for the nearby presence of the Space
    Wolves, they would have been completely destroyed.

    In deifying his own teachings Atendes (later thought to be under the sway of the
    Tau) earned the wrath of the Emperor’s servants, the witch hunters, who quickly released an assassin into his midst. Del’hai, the released callidus assassin, struck the final blow to Atendes in his office, disguised as his adviser.

    Thought of the day : Cull the weak, improve the strong

    ++end file++

    ++The War Bears//Sons of Omnissiah//++
    -----Senior Inquisitorial level omega clearance required-----

    A chapter of unknown space marines, known as the War Bears, have been sighted, throughout the galaxy from the Horus Heresy onward (//no record of the creation of any such chapter in Archivium Terra//).

    Although not much is known about this “ghost chapter? (-cross reference//Fire hawks//Senior Inquisitorial level omega clearance required//),
    it has been proven that it exists,
    and has been known to assist beleaguered Imperial forces. Several bold (or stupid) Inquisitors have accused the Sons of Omnissiah of dealing with these ‘War Bears’.
    And even though their claims are far-fetched and not likely justified, there is possibility
    that the Sons of Omnissiah have committed some lesser crime for doing something
    relating to the War Bears.

    Thought of the day: The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Imperium

    ++end file++

    ++Sons of Omnissiah//recent history//++
    -----Junior inquisitorial level alpha clearance required-----

    In their quest for the Archeotech of old, the Sons of Omnissiah have encountered many alien races, the most significant in recent times has been the vile and arrogant Eldar. In a recent campaign on the jungle planet --//Junior inquisitor level beta clearance required//-- the Sons of Omnissiah crushed the Eldar force, and reclaimed a lost, partially complete, STC device.

    Thought of the day: The Emperor watches

    ++end file++

    ++Sons of Omnissiah//chapter organization//++
    -----Junior inquisitorial level alpha clearance required-----

    The Sons of Omnissiah have a chapter organization not to different from most, but they do have a slight difference.

    <this is where my chart thing was>

    The Sons of Omnissiah organizes their companies into crusades, much like the black templars, except they are searching for STC devices and Archeotech. The First Company is usually joined by the ninth company; the second company is joined by the sixth company,
    The third company is joined by the seventh company, the fourth company is paired with the eighth company, and the tenth company is used to re-enforce any who are in need.

    Thought of the day: Through the Emperor, all things are possible

    ++end file++

    ++Sons of Omnissiah//specializations//++
    -----Junior inquisitorial level alpha clearance required-----

    The Sons of Omnissiah, being situated around Mars, has some of the finest examples of craftsmanship in the entire Imperium. This is shown especially, through their weapons and vehicles. They also have some of the oldest and finest operating power armor.

    The Sons of Omnissiah follow many of the rituals and incantations of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The following is the litanies of the machine:

    Litanies of the Machine

    Holy Mechanism, flesh of the father, the Omnissiah most high. We serve you through faith. You aid us through operation. Knowledge hidden, reviled. Power locked, set free. Through you, all things are made possible. All knowing, everlasting.
    Never dying, all encompassing. Holy, holy, holy mechanism, we praise you for all eternity, unto the death of the universe, and the extinction of the frail flesh, that we replace with your holy self.

    Thought of the day: If you are not scared, you are a fool

    ++end file++

    ++Sons of Omnissiah//Notable leaders//++
    -----Junior inquisitorial level alpha clearance required-----

    The Sons of Omnissiah, have several illustrious leaders worthy of note, (though all of the Astartes are heroes in their own right). Although they have relatively few due to their youth.

    First Company:
    -Captain Varius, Master of the Monastery
    -First Apothecary, Korus, savior of the first

    Second Company:
    -Captain Anon, Master of the Forge
    -Veteran sergeant Hector Augustus, hero of the Hector crusade
    -Irisin, Master of Sanctity, Venerable Dreadnought of the Second Company

    Third Company:
    -Captain Garist, Master of the Marches

    Fourth Company:
    -Captain Jaridia, Master of the Fleet
    -Techmarine Nanius, Hero of the Belifu Massacre

    Fifth Company:
    -Captain Yehts, Master of Training

    Sixth Company:
    -Captain Xavier, Master of Tactics
    -Dephles, Venerable dreadnought of the Sixth Company, hero of the Jaharii crusade.

    Seventh Company:
    -Captain Drethl, Master of Initiation
    -Reclusiarch Garathos, Far-sighted victor of the Wayn’s world engagement

    Eighth Company:
    -Captain Harkle, Master of Rituals

    Ninth Company:
    -Captain Persius, Master of Vigilance

    Tenth Company:
    -Captain Weiss, Master of Scouting
    -Scout sergeant Barkus, Savior of the Praetorian XXVth

    -Junior Techmarine Veir, The ever vigilant

    -Chief Librarian Augustine, Hero of the Tyrannic wars

    HQ staff:
    -Master of the Chapter, Omnisicus, Progenitor of the Chapter
    -Head Techmarine Nericuus, The wise

    Thought of the day: Vigilance, duty, honor

    ++End file++

    What do you think, it needs some work, but did you like it?


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    Nice work.. there are a few logic failures. Like why the concept of a new chapter would be considered at a time when the primachs were still alive and the space marines were organized around legions, and of course, the fact that gene seed can't be mixed.. they tried it in the cursed founding. It doesn't work well.

    In deifying his own teachings Atendes (later thought to be under the sway of the
    Tau) earned the wrath of the Emperor’s servants, the witch hunters, who quickly released an assassin into his midst. Del’hai, the released callidus assassin, struck the final blow to Atendes in his office, disguised as his adviser.
    Inquisitors don't sanction Officio Assassinorum Assassins. The high lords of Terra do. Often it's an inquisitor who signs the form, but the purpose of assassins is not to sort out inquisitorial squabbling. It's to deal with serious threats to the Imperium.

    Also, this just doesn't seem like enough to question an inquisitor. Even a space marine chapter is a disposable asset, it's just that the price had better be worth it.

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