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    Stalking the Hulk

    This is another story I posted before, but I only got one reply.

    Have fun!

    Stalking the hulk

    Bridge of Jekka Indo, 1000 hours

    “We’re gettin’ something on screen,” said Lap, uncaringly.
    “Well, what is it?” said the leader of the salvagers “Glory Dogs”, Jeremiah.
    “Dunno, could be a vessel, or a rock, or, well, with this piece of crap, anything.”
    Lap smacked the radar screen, as if it would make it work better. “Horag, get down here, fix this damn radar, it’s broke again,” said Jeremiah. “What?!?” called Horag, the ship’s aging mechanic, from the upper deck of the bridge.
    “He said fix the fragging radar, it’s broke!” yelled Lap, Horag had been partially
    deaf for a few years now, it didn’t help that he listened to his music real loud.
    “Rigging? What rigging?” said Horag. “RADAR!” screamed Lap and Jeremiah together. “Oh, radar, why didn’t you say so,” said Horag as he made his way down the metal ladder.

    “What are you two screaming about?” asked Kira as she entered the bridge. “Oh, hi Kira, it’s just Horag’s hearing again,” said Lap, everyone on the salvage ship “Jekka Indo” knew that he had a thing for Kira. “Oh, ok, you guys want some coffee?” asked Kira. Kira was so nice sometimes that people wondered how she ended up as a salvager in the first place. “Sure,” said Jeremiah “Thanks.”
    “How ‘bout you Lap,” she said. “No,” Lap said bluntly, like everyone else on the ship. “Ok, be right back,” Kira said as she turned and left through the door she entered through.

    “So, what’s wrong with it?” asked Horag, he had just hit the floor after slipping three rungs and falling about two feet. “Oh, it won’t register size again,”
    said Lap. “Ya, so…fix it,” said Jeremiah, saying this because he wasn’t the center of attention. “Ok,” said Horag. With that, he disappeared under the dash board.
    “Hand me a…six-four, ya,” Horag said from underneath the dash board. “Oh so now I’m the mechanic?” said Jeremiah sarcastically. “Just get the big wrench with six-four written on it you numb skull,” said Horag

    Jeremiah grudgingly handed it to Horag grumbling something about not being able to get a Adept of Mars to do real repairs. There was a loud bang, then the screen went black. This was followed up by a sizzling sound. “What the hell are you doing down there!?!” yelled Jeremiah. “The system has to reboot itself, so shut up,” rebutted Horag, After dragging himself from under the dash board and dusting himself off. Several seconds latter, the screen blinked white, then black, then it was back to normal.

    “Emperor’s teeth,” said Lap under his breath.
    “What?” said Kira, back with Jeremiah’s coffee. “We’re gonna be rich!,” yelped Lap excitedly. “Hun?” said Kira and Jeremiah at the same time. “It’s…a hulk,” said Horag in amazement. “Jeremiah picked up the ship’s microphone, hurriedly switching it on. “This is Captain, We got us a hulk!” said Jeremiah excitedly over the speaker. Lap swore he could hear the cheers of the crew resound throughout the ship. Jeremiah spoke again, “All Crew meet in the maintenance bay at 1100
    hours for briefing and search party organizing,” he said in a more calm voice now.

    Jekka Indo maintenance bay, 1100 hours

    Alright, quiet down,” Jeremiah barked over the crowd assembled before him. They obviously couldn’t hear him (or didn’t care), because they kept talking and moving around. A single shot rang out, and the crowd was silent, “Thank you Karryof, that’s better, now sit down and be quiet,” said Jeremiah as he looked at Karryof, the crew’s “keeper of the peace”, as he liked to call himself. The crew knew he was just a merc. hired when they stopped for supplies on Injela II.

    “As you know, a space hulk…oh whatever, volunteers for a expedition party
    get pay plus any extra salvage, any who stay here get norm. pay.” The crowd was silent for a second before the bravest of the 65 crew members moved to sign up for the boarding party.

    “What’s the matter Horag, getting to old for the job?” sneered Jeremiah when Horag didn’t sign up. “What?” said Horag, he had heard him, but it is useful to have an excuse for ignoring your superiors. “Oh never mind,” said Jeremiah, angry because he wasn’t getting the kind of response he had hoped for, classic bully behavior. “Only nine? Bunch of wimps,” said Jeremiah accusingly. “Oh well, more for me,” said Jeremiah with false bravado, everyone knew that space hulks could do two things; make a man rich, or make a man dead.

    Scout vessel “Nessie”, 1200 hours

    “Alright, we’ve been over this many times, but here it is again, if something happens, radio for help, if all is lost, send the signal to the ship, if you find something, radio, got it?” said Jeremiah. “So, basically, if anything happens, radio,” smirked Kren, the youngest of the group. “Well, if you want to put it that way, then yes,” retorted Jeremiah. “We’ve found a starboard side dock,” came a voice over the speaker. Jeremiah picked up the vox on the wall, and spoke into it,
    “Take us in,” he said into the vox. “Twenty seconds,” came the voice again.

    “Check equipment,” Jeremiah called over the roar of maneuvering thrusters.
    Lap and the rest of the crew checked their autoguns, radios, medi-kits, clip-harnesses, and Oxygen tanks. “Ten seconds,” the speaker barked. “Five, four, three, two.” “Brace!”
    Everyone in the shuttle grabbed onto something, any who didn’t would have been knocked to the floor by the impact of the vessel with the docking bay landing pad.

    Unknown Space Hulk Docking Bay, 1210 hours

    The crew filed out of the shuttle doors, and on to the frost covered floor of the landing pad, Oxygen tanks engaged. “Ccchhhhht…over there, a door,” said Paul over the radio. The team moved towards the door. Jeremiah tested the door, locked. “Blow it open,” said Jeremiah happily, he liked explosives. Satcher moved towards the door, and clamped an explosive to each of the hinges of the door, a little too much for just a door, but who cared. “Clear!” called Satcher. Everyone ran for cover behind the ship. There was a loud bang followed shortly by the sound of metal hitting metal. “Ccchhhhht…move in,” Jeremiah said.

    Unknown Space Hulk, 1215 hours

    All the members of the team moved through the door. After moving forward for some time, the team came to another door, this one was automatic, and miraculously still worked, opening at their approach. On the other side, the hallway split off in two directions. “Two groups, Lap, Kren, Fall, Tom, with me, Satcher, Paul, Tobby, Orlando, with Phil,” said Jeremiah. “Phil, take your group left, me and my group will go right.” “Right boss,” replied Phil in his strange accent.

    Ten minutes later, Jeremiah’s group came across a large room, apparently
    a storage bay for arms and munitions. Obvious from the ammo boxes hanging from the wall. “Ccchhhhht…check for anything valuable,” Jeremiah said.
    “Eh, Jeremiah, look at this,” Tom called to Jeremiah. “Didja find anythin’?” asked Jeremiah hopefully. “Nah, just, my scanner is reading high Oxygen levels, high enough to breath.” Kren took off his face mask and took a deep breath, “Ahhh, freshish air,” Kren said sarcastically. “Kren!, you could ‘av killed yourself!” yelled
    Tom. “My scanner could have malfunctioned or, or it could have been something tricking the scanner to think it was Oxygen!” “Sorry! But I’m not dead, so no harm done,” Kren spat, obviously very embarrassed.

    “Look, some kind of, well, something,” said Fall, pointing at a strange box stuck away in a corner. “Archeotech!” said tom excitedly. “No…not archeotech,
    just a box…” Lap kicked the box open “…full of old autogun ammo,” Lap said with disappointment. “Anything over there?” Lap called over to where Jeremiah was sifting through some old pipes and spare parts. “Nope, just crap, lots of old crap,” Jeremiah replied unenthusiastically. “Keep moving, there is lots still to explore,” Jeremiah said after another minute or two of looking for something of value. “Wait! Look at this!” cried Tom. “Whoa! A boltgun!” Tom said excitedly. “Take it, we could make some cash off that baby,” Jeremiah said, happy that they had found something of value already. Tom stuffed it in his backpack.

    Team Phil, Unknown Space Hulk, 1245 hours

    “Please tell me someone has found something,” Phil said exhaustedly, his team had had no luck yet, and they had also had a much tougher path, lots of dead ends and trashed rooms. “Nope,” Paul said, “You?” “No, nothin’,” replied Phil.
    “Ok, keep moving, I think I see some more rooms down that way,” Phil said as he pointed down one of the yet unexplored hallways.

    After checking two of the rooms, they found a large room, larger than the rest that is. In it were several tables and something that looked like bar counter. “Mess hall, probably nothing worth finding in here,” Phil said. “Or worth eating,” Orlando said jokingly. “Ha ha, very funny, now, keep…wait look, another door,” Phil said. “Lets check it out,” Tobby said.
    The team ran across the old and messy mess hall. They were just about there when
    Tobby tripped on something covered in dust. The thing he tripped on rolled out into the middle of the mess hall, a human skull. For what seemed like an eternity,
    No one said anything, or did anything. “Must be some pretty bad food they were servin’ here,” Paul said to break the awkward silence, Orlando let out a slight chuckle. “Ok guys keep moving,” Phil said, glad that the silence was broken.

    After reaching the door, the team found that it was locked. “You know the drill,” Phil said. Tobby mimicked and explosion with his fingers, “Right, one smoking hole coming up,” Satcher said. Within moments, they were inside.
    “Now, to find out why you were locked…Oh my emperor,” Phil said as he stepped into the room. “What is this place?” Inquired Orlando. “Looks like a Cryo-chamber, or something like that.” “Strange place for a Cryo-chamber, next to the mess hall, wouldn’t you say?” Satcher said. “I got a bad feeling ‘bout this place,”
    Paul said, obviously frightened by something. “Man, you got a bad feeling about everything! The food’s evil, bombs are everywhere, chaos is coming, do you ever shut up with it!” Tobby said, annoyed by Paul’s “Bad feeling”. Phil knew Paul had a habit of over exaggerating with his bad feelings, but something told him that Paul might be right. Something moved. “What was that!” Paul said, raising his autogun to the source of the sound. He was followed by four other autoguns being raised.
    Something moved again….

    Team Jeremiah, Unknown Space Hulk, 1300 hours

    “Are you ok?” called Jeremiah to Fall, who had ironically, fallen through the floor. “Ya, I think somethin’ is broken though,” Fall said over his pain. “Then you are not all right, just hold on, we’ll have you out of there in moments,” Jeremiah said.
    “Lap, clip harness.” Lap handed Jeremiah his clip harness. “Catch this,” Jeremiah said into the darkness of the hole. “Ok, just throw it to me already,” Fall said, there was a hint of fear in his voice. “Got it, now pull me up, quick!”

    Fall was sweating by the time the team had pulled him out of the hole. “Damn structural weaknesses,” Fall cursed. “You Ok man? Don’t look to good,” Tom said. “Ya, I’m fine it’s just, aw nothin’.” “Ok.” Jeremiah looked back down the hole, he could have sworn he could see a pair of glimmering red eyes staring back at him.

    “Let’s have a look at that leg,” Lap said, pulling out his medi-kit.
    Lap pulled out some anti-bacterial cream and rubbed it on Fall’s cuts.
    “Ouch, that smarts,” Fall said. “Well, it’s either this or, a broken leg, or even worse, you could have fallen on your head and killed yourself.”
    “It doesn’t look like anything is broken, but, the only real good way to find out is to stand on it,” Lap said. Fall, with the help of the rest of the team, stood up.
    “Ow, well, it could be worse I guess,” Fall said, his leg was obviously not broken,
    or he would have been crying with pain right about now.

    “Lets take it slower from now on; we can’t afford anyone getting hurt,”
    Jeremiah said as he returned the clip harness to Lap. “Ok,” was the resounding reply from the rest of the team.

    Team Phil, Unknown Space hulk, 1322 hours

    A rat scuttled out from the back of one of the Cryo-pods. “Go on you little bugger, you scared m…Paul,” Tobby said as he threw a rock at the rat. Paul and the rest of the team lowered their guns, slowly mind you. Eventually the tension passed, and the team was back to exploring. Look at these, not like anything I’ve ever seen,” Orlando said as he walked up to one of the so-called Cryo-pods.
    “Don’t feel like any metal I know, plasteel, possibly?” Tobby said as he to stepped up to the Cryo-pods and felt it. Paul was slowly backing towards the door.
    Phil walked over to him, “What’s wrong?” asked Phil. “Nothing, just, I don’t feel good, scared, that’s all,” Paul replied. “I know what you feel like,” Phil said empathetically. “Hay, Satcher, come check this out, it sounds like there is scratching inside,” Tobby said excitedly, there was also a hint of fear in his statement.
    “Ya, I hear it t…,” Orlando stopped mid-sentence because a three clawed alien hand had in only half a second, erupted from the pod and punctured his chest in a spurt of blood.

    “Holy shi…ahhhhh!” Tobby had just met the same fate. In an instant, the head of a genestealer poked out of the pod, followed shortly buy it’s other three arms. Satcher raised his gun in horror and let loose with a full clip. The Genestealer’s head was turned into a bloody pulp in seconds. By the time he had reloaded, another genestealer had popped from the other pod. Satcher raised his gun again and pulled the trigger, nothing happened. “Why now!” Satcher screamed at his jammed gun. He had just enough time to raise a grenade and begin to throw when the Genestealer's two front arms plunged into his chest.

    Paul and Phil stood in horror, all of this had happened so fast, first Orlando, then Tobby, and now Satcher… “Come on, we got to go!” cried Paul, tears streaming down his eyes in a mix of sadness and sheer horror. He grabbed Phil by the arm and pulled him out the door and against the wall. They heard the faint sound of a grenade hitting the floor, followed a split second later by a deafening
    explosion. “Come on!” Phil said as he scrambled to his feet and began to run, out the doors of the mess hall, Paul on his heels.

    Team Jeremiah, Unknown Space Hulk, 1330 hours

    “Why do you take that everywhere?” asked Kren as he pointed at the auspex, just trying to make conversation. Jeremiah looked at his hip, the auspex dangled as he walked, bouncing off his leg with every stride. “Personal reasons,”
    Jeremiah said as he thought back to his days in the Imperial guard, and how he had ditched the ‘guard as soon as possible, ending up as a salvager. “Whatever,” Kren said impatiently.

    “Fall, that leg feeling any better?” asked Lap. “Well, yeea-no” said Fall as he winced in pain. “Come on team, I see a door…”.

    Remnants of Team Phil, Unknown Space Hulk, 1340 hours

    “What the hell were those, those things?!?” cried Paul as he and Phil raced down abandoned hallways and empty rooms. “Slow down, we’re safe,” said Phil between breaths. The pair came to a halt in what looked like living quarters. “I’ve
    heard stories about things like that, some call the Tyranids, some call ‘em ‘stealers,
    but from what I hear, all call them death,” said Phil when he had caught his breath.

    “Oh great, were screwed man, totally screwed!” cried Paul in dismay. “We had better Vox Jeremiah and tell him what happened, tell him to fall back,” said Paul, getting over his fear for the present. “Right,” said Phil as he pulled out his portable Vox caster. “This is team Phil to team Jeremiah, do you copy? over,” “Ccchhhhht…ccchhhhhtttttt!” “Oh, that’s just great; Vox is down, just what we needed.”

    “So, what’s the next move?” asked Paul, he was beginning to regain his composure. “Careful make our way back to Jeremiah and his team,” replied
    Phil. The two carefully checked their weapons before heading out. Several minutes later, they were making little progress, being deterred by the constant rubble, and the more recently increasing (and disturbing) human remains.

    Team Jeremiah, Unknown Space Hulk, 1356 hours

    “Eh, Jeremiah, I think I found the bridge, or what’s left of the original one,” called Kren from the top of a rather large flight of stairs. The Team scrambled up to the room at the top, and indeed it was (or looked a lot like) a bridge. “30 minute break, then we head out again,” said Jeremiah as he took of his pack. “Hey, boss, I think this is the ships log, Lap, get over here, your better at this than I am,” said
    Fall as he limped over to a dust covered screen built into the wall, with a keyboard.

    “Wow, this date very far back, I mean, really far, the residents of this hulk must have thrived, this here says that the original ship slipped into the warp in the mid 40th millennium, but the record goes on for a hundred and fifty two years, but it slipped into the warp only fifty years ago, it doesn’t make any sense,” said Lap. “Find the most recent inputs,” ordered Jeremiah. “Let’s see, last record reads; -We have collided into a small space craft, some of the guys are going to check it out. –The investigation team we sent has not yet returned and has been gone for eight hours. –We have sent a second search party. –The second team found nothing left of the first team but blood and gore, this was Voxed to us only 20 minutes ago. –We have lost contact with the green house on the eastern side, near the crash zone; the last Vox was of cries for help and screaming. –We have lost contact with the secondary mess hall, and sleeping quarters 12, something is out there, and it is killing. –We have lost contact with the primary green house and all sleeping quarters on the eastern side, we have issued a quarantine, ordering all people to stay were they are and fortify their positions, and to keep Vox contact at all time. –We have life readings on our long range Auspex, none of our people report roaming the halls, whatever it is, it’s closing fast. –What ever they are, they are close now. –If you are reading this, leave now and pray you escape, or fall to the same eventual fate as me and my people, flee, even now we are assailed by numerous opponents, flee. –Genestealers.” The room was silent for what seemed an age. Breaking the silent tension, Jeremiah said, “get Phil’s team on the Vox, warn him now,” his military training showing through the appearance of worn out salvager.

    Remnants of Team Phil, Unknown Space Hulk, 1412 hours

    “What are we going to do?” asked Paul to Phil. “We’d better head back,” replied Phil. “What if there are more? What if they catch us? What if…” “Enough ‘what if’s’, they won’t catch Phil McGregor off his guard.” The pair continued on their journey back, making more progress now that they were into the back halls.
    Stumbling, the duo came across what looked like a small armory. “Find anything that is still useable,” ordered Phil. “Hey Phil, here’s some autogun ammo,” said Paul. “Take it, and look for anything that can be of use.” “Hey, Frag grenades, and…ummm…what is this? a knife? a sword?” “That’s no ordinary knife! that’s a Catachan knife!” cried Phil in temporary excitement. “Are you sure Phil? there are a lot of fakes out there,” said Paul. “I’d know that type of blade anywhere, I never told anyone this but I used to be in the Imperial Guard. When I was in the ‘Guard, I was shipped off to Corus Prime, to fend of a attack by rebels, it is a planet with heavy jungles around the equator, and I bunked with a Catachan on the way there.” “Yep, you have yourself a good 28 inch Catachan Fang, very nice make, too, wonder who they had to kill to get it?” exclaimed Phil. “what do you mean? kill?” inquired Paul. “Before I met a Catachan I had heard stories of how they would rather give up their right arm that their knife, but I put it of as a gross exaggeration,” Phil paused for breath, then continued, “When I was bunkin’ with Greg, that was his name, by the way, he taught me lots about The Catachans and their knives. Believe me, they use them for everything! He ate with it, he shaved with it, and he killed with it. I seen them in action, them knives, they are wicked deadly.” “Wow,” was all Paul could say as he offered it Phil. “No, you keep it, you found it, it’s yours Paul.” “Thanks, I guess…” said Paul as he picked up a suit of flak armour and matching helmet. Phil was doing likewise, apparently he had found full storm trooper harness. He fitted it with extra armour and grenades, then put it on.

    Team Jeremiah, Unknown Space Hulk, 1436 hours

    “I can’t raise them on the Vox, sir, what now?” asked Kren. “Try and see if we can get the intercom to work, maybe they’ll hear it then,” said Jeremiah hastily.
    “No go boss, the chances of it workin’ are a million to one,” answered Kren. “I don’t bloody care what the chances are, just do it damn you!” yelled Jeremiah with a fury none had seen before. “Yessir!” cried the team as they scrambled around looking for the intercom microphone. “Found it,” said Tom, who had been keeping to himself since he had found the bolter in the armory. The Team headed over to it and Jeremiah picked it up and pressed the on button. Jeremiah spoke into the mic. “This is Jeremiah, Phil if you can hear this, be warned, aliens on hulk, very dangerous, head back now. Use extreme caution, double check weapons, over.” For a long moment, they couldn’t hear anything, then, Jeremiah’s voice resounded through the hull of the hulk.

    “All right, lets head back, check all weapons, then check them again,” said Jeremiah. Moments later the team was ready to embark. “Move out,” ordered Jeremiah as he started down the stairs they had come up by. “Tom, you take point, Fall, rear, Lap, stick to the middle, Kren, your with me,” ordered as the team reformed. “See anything up there Tom?” whispered Kren. “Nothing yet,” he replied in an equally quieted voice. Fifteen minutes later, the team stumbled upon
    a room they previously thought to be vacant, by upon entering the room the team had an eerie feeling that they were being watched by inhuman eyes....

    Remnants of Team Phil, Unknown Space Hulk, 1454 hours

    “Phil, I think…I heard something!” yell whispered Paul in sheer terror. “Wait here, I’ll go look,” said Phil as he rose from their resting place, behind an upturned table, and crept around to the other side. Paul was left alone to deal with his horror. Five minutes later and Phil hadn’t come back yet. Paul feared the worst and decided to do the dumb thing, stay put. He was so terrorized by the incident in the mess hall room that he just couldn’t bring himself to do anything but hide. Another few minutes later (fifteen, Paul thought), he heard a noise. In a feat of insane bravery (for him), he rose from his crouch and brought up his autogun.
    Scanning the room, Paul found nothing. All though he couldn’t see anything, he felt like he was fighting a psychological war with an unseen opponent. It was like what ever it was was toying with him! Another sound, was his fear really starting to get to him, or was there really something out there? Then there was a sound of shuffling, then the noise of claws on metal. Paul began quietly singing the Imperial hymn he had learned as a child, to comfort himself. “Emperor came from havens on high, came with justice for all, he came for man’s redemption, came to lead man to victory.” Paul’s soft singing faltered and he started crying in sheer fear of the worse thing imaginable, the monsters that lurk in ones mind. This was interrupted by an inhuman growl, coming from everywhere at once....

    Team Jeremiah, Unknown Space Hulk, 1520 hours

    “Guys,” said Kren uncertainly, “Where’s Fall?!” “Nobody panic, Kren and I will go looking for him, Lap and Tom, you stay here, got it?” ordered Jeremiah.
    “But boss, shouldn’t we stuck to…” “Just do it, Ok!?” Jeremiah said with the kind of anger that made you want curl up in a ball and just die. “Ok…” Tom said, feeling deeply hurt.

    “Fall, Fall, where are you? Come on man, this isn’t funny,” called Kren into the darkness of an empty hallway. “Fall, if your hurt, just hold on, we’ll get there soon,” cried Jeremiah into the hall opposite. “Sir, did you hear that? It sounded like a shout coming from over there, down that hall.” “Hold on were coming,” called Jeremiah as the pair pressed forward. “No, they’re here, they’re h…AHHH!!” was the reply. “I can see a thing, the lights in this section are out, flashlights on,” ordered Jeremiah as the neared the source of the yelling. If Jeremiah or Kren had known what they were about to see, they probably would have preferred to have not turn on their lights.

    There in front of them, stood a Genestealer in half crouch, two arms holding Fall, or at least what was left of him. And another holding the bloody ball that was his head. “You alien bastard!” was the cry from Kren as he opened fire on the beast. It was torn to shreds in an instant. There was another noise to the left of them, they shone their light in that direction. Only to find another two Genestealers charging towards them at lightning speed. The first was turned into a bile of blood in a second. The second dodged their fire and ran even faster. It seemed as if it were a dream for Jeremiah, everything was a blur, then there was pain. And lots of it. Jeremiah looked down at the alien arm impaling his torso. With his last ounce of strength he pressed his autogun into the gnarling teeth of the monster and pulled the trigger hard.

    Kren was left alone, isolated, and surrounded. Blasting into the shadows at anything that moved, he was missing mostly, but his fire drew a few cries of pain.
    Another of the beasts jumped from the shadows and landed on top of him, slicing his gun in half. He screamed as he pulled the pin from a grenade. His arm was severed before he could throw, or even drop it. He stared at his hand in sheer horror, and looked up just in time to see an alien set of teeth close around him.
    Then there was darkness…

    Remnants of team Phil, Unknown Space Hulk, 1540 hours

    Paul was struck by a revelation, (a thing that doesn’t often happen to him).
    How was he supposed to emulate the Emperor of Mankind by sitting here? He rose and walked into the center of the room and cried, “Monsters of evil, the Emperor will protect me, so prepare to die!” Suddenly, many Genestealers appeared from hiding place he didn’t even know existed. But they did not attack, not even after Paul had loosed a good two clips into them. Out of the darkness of a hidden room emerged the monster he remembered, the one that first struck him with horror.

    It was covered in burns and shrapnel scars. A little present left by Satcher.
    It charged him, dodging left and right, avoiding his sloppy fire. Several shots just bounced off the top of its back. How could something that size move so fast! It jumped, Paul yelled, and the beast lost an arm to autogun fire and crashed just feet from Paul. He knew he didn’t have time to reload his gun, so he dropped it and pulled out the Catachan knife he had found. The monster circled him, almost as if the mindless beast was dueling him! The creature feinted to the right, then dived to the left. This was no mindless beast, this was competent opponent, fast and quick witted. Paul knew he was going down, but he thought he might as well kill a few more. The Genestealer slashed at him with one of it’s remaining claws, Paul ducked and blocked a counter swing by the monster’s other arm with his mini sword. The creature recoiled in pain, he had hurt it. Paul looked at were he had blocked, the beast’s claw had been cut clean off! Damn, the Catachans may not be civilized, but they sure made good blades. The abomination redoubled it’s efforts, and grabbed Paul’s hand and made him drop his blade. The creature brought up its last arm to strike the deathblow, but Paul grabbed his knife and shoved it into the beast’s throat just as it decapitated him, Paul was no more.

    Remnants of Team Jeremiah, Unknown Space Hulk 1601 hours

    “Boss! Boss! Where are you?” called Lap as he ran down the hallway, Tom at his side. Out of the darkness burst multiple Genestealers charging towards The last remaining members of the expedition. The pair fired their weapons into the mass before turning and running the other way. Down the corridor they ran. “Ccchhhhht…This is scout vessel Nessie, how it going boys? Over.” “How far are you from the landing bay?” panted Lap into his portable Vox caster. “About ccchhhhht…way, over.” “Copy that?” cried Lap as he ran around a corner at breakneck speed. “Ccchhhhht…” “Damn, just static,” said Lap between breaths.
    As they rounded the next corner, they realized they were no longer being followed.
    They decided to keep moving, but at a slower pace. Then, they were there, all of them, dozens of them. They had come out of nowhere. They ran, and ran, and ran.

    A dead end, nothing could’ve been worse at the moment, and guess what happened. “Well, if we have to die, I’m sure as hell going to make them hurt for it!” cried Lap as he turned to face his aggressors. Autogun fire rained down the hallway and into the mass of Genestealers running towards them. Tom’s gun was empty first, and he pulled out the bolter he had found, said a quick prayer to the Emperor
    and pulled the trigger. The bolter blazed away, after only a few shots he was sore from the large amounts of kickback. But man did the Genestealers fly, blood and bone shattered all over the place. But the monstrosities kept coming. They must have killed at least thirty by now, how many could there be? It became apparent
    just how many there must be when Tom was ripped to shreds and Lap was flung against the wall.

    Lap woke up as if from a bad dream. Was he dead? No, being dead couldn’t
    possibly hurt this much. He got up and looked around, nothing was there. Most of the blood was dried. How long had he been out, more importantly, why had he even woken up? Why wasn’t he dead? Well, he would be if he didn’t get back to the ship. “How to get back…” he said to himself. “Wait, Nessie,” said Lap out loud.
    He began retracing his steps back to the armory. Creeping past it, he made it back to the edge of the docking bay. There was the Nessie! He ran full pace towards it, never breaking stride. Up the ramp and into the cargo area he ran. “Welcome aboard, where are the others?” called the voice of the pilot over the intercom.
    “Dead, all dead, Genestealers! Get out of here! Now!” yelled Lap as he fell to the ground in exhaustion.

    Sick bay of salvage ship Jekka Indo, 1025 hours

    Lap woke up screaming. Kira was beside him, trying to comfort him. He eventually calmed down. “Am I dead?” he asked in a half asleep voice. “No, your safe, it’s me Kira.” “Since Jeremiah is dead, that makes Karryof in charge for the present, and he’s sent a signal to any nearby Imperial forces to come blast this hunk of junk to pieces.” “It’s Ok, you can rest now, sleep, be safe.” Lap drifted into a deep, deep sleep.


    Prandium, Farthen residence, Twenty years later

    “Mommy, come see what I found, it’s a bug!” squealed little Lap Farthen Jr.
    “Oh, how interesting,” said Kira with real enthusiasm. Lap walked over to Kira and kissed her on the cheek. “How’s my little man doing?” “Great daddy, look, I found a bug!” Lap Jr. said, holding up his find to his father. “Neat, where did you find it?” asked Lap Sr. “Over by the field,” answered Lap Jr. “Go put it back, you don’t want to scare it do you?” asked Lap Sr. “Ok daddy,” replied Lap Jr. as he raced over to the field to return his little bug friend to it’s original place.
    The child raced back to find his father and mother embracing each other. “I think It’s you bed time,” said Lap in his best father voice. “Ah dad, can I stay up five more minutes?” “No, you have school lessons tomorrow, and you need a good night’s sleep.” “Ok,” finished Lap Jr. as he trotted off toward the house.

    Prandium, Farthen residence, 0330 hours

    “Why are you crying?” asked Lap Sr. “The kids at school were teasing me,” was the answer from Lap Jr. “Why?” inquired Lap Sr. “Because of my bump.”
    “Bump?” Lap Sr. didn’t know about any bump. “The one right here,” said Lap Jr. as he took off his shirt and pointed at what looked like a very small stump, beginning to grow from just below his left arm. Lap Sr. was frightened, was his son a mutant? “Don’t worry, we can go out for soda, Ok?” At that, Lap Jr. smiled, and Lap Sr. realized how sharp the little guy’s teeth were…

    The end, 0000 hours.

    I admit that the end was kinda lame, but I was running out of things to write about.
    I mean I 'could' have made it like really long...but I didn't. Had to end it somehow...

    Just soz ya know, his son is genestealer cross-breed

    What did you think?


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    Well, it was ok. You got some common grammar mistakes, like repeateing the same word to much ('said' is a good example) and it felt kind of rushed at the end. And it had to few descriptions of surroundings and such.

    But it was ok.

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    The story was good. And the end of it gave me "Omen"-vibes. Little kid doing stuff like that :>
    I'll go out on a wild goose chase here if you don't mind.
    *Chasing geese*

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    It's not a bad story, like the guys said, could do with a bit of grammar tuning.

    The only actually fluff deviations I can see are:

    1. The word mechanic is used. I don't know if that word exists in 40k, but if it does, it's likely a religious title.

    2. Your brood brothers seem far too human in outlook. Genestealer impregnation permanently alters their DNA (in fact, in the old fluff, they were lobotomized, though I think that's been got rid of.) They'd no longer fear genestealers for one, in fact, they'd probably be overwhelmed with almost religious love for them. Some sources also seem to indicate they are partially linked to the hive mind.

    3. Genestealer hybrids grow fast.. their hosts are expendible after all, who cares if they die in childbirth? It wouldn't take anything like 20 years for Lap to accomplish his new biologically dictated prime function (yup.. that function) and for little junior to grow. In fact.. I'd estimate a year or two maximum.

    4. Soda.. in the 41st Millenium? More like vitimin enriched labour juice.. designed to keep you up to 20 percent more productive. Nothing but good, wholesome recycled citizens..
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Giant_Mantis
    4. Soda.. in the 41st Millenium? More like vitimin enriched labour juice.. designed to keep you up to 20 percent more productive. Nothing but good, wholesome recycled citizens..
    If they can have boose then there is a Coca-cola company in 40k (in the form of a real evil buisness with their own army and who does strange genetical experiments :ninja: ).
    Like "Marine cola" with the logo of a smiling SM that holds a can of coke in one hand and does a thums-up with the other and saying "The Emperor's Finest!"

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