History of the heralds of ragnorok:

- conflict with the necromancer:
The first real challenge the heralds of ragnorok ever faced occurred when all contact from the nearby forge world of mechanos ceased. The heralds sent a small task force to investigate. The task force was horrified to find that the entire populace had been transformed into mindless plague zombies. The task force sent an immediate call for help to the rest of their chapter, but before the chapter could react, the task force was attacked and destroyed by a mysterious enemy fleet. The chapter did not know who these mysterious assailants were and what connection they had with the plague zombies. However, it was not long before the true threat revealed itself. The enemy revealed itself and the cause of the turmoil was indeed caused by chaos. It was a sub-legion of word bearers who called themselves the legion of lost souls. A powerful dark apostle known only as the great necromancer led the legion. The great necromancer declared open war on the heralds of ragnorok and within a short time, the heralds of ragnorok were threatened with a full-scale invasion of millions upon millions of plague zombies. However, before the invasion was to commence, an unlikely ally appeared. The tau sept of ke’lshan came to their aid. Although the tau of ke’lshan are very untrusting of other alien races, they had were aware of the horrors that the necromancer had let loose on mechanos and knew that he was a great threat. Also, they knew that the only way to stop the legion of lost souls, they would need the combined might of the heralds of ragnorok and their sept. the first wave of the invaders had already arrived on ragnorok, and the heralds were fighting a desperate battle against hordes of plague zombies. However, before more invaders could reach the planets surface, the tau fleet launched a surprise attack on the necromancers fleet, greatly crippling it and as a result, destroying most of the enemy transports intended to invade the planet. the heralds managed to fight off the first wave of enemies and upon their victory on the planet they realized that they had to deliver the killing blow to their enemy. The heralds took to space and launched a boarding action onto the main chaos flagship while the tau held the rest of the necromancer’s forces at bay. On the flagship, fenrir (librarian of the heralds of ragnorok) and thorgrim (the master commander) confronted the necromancer. A mighty battle ensued. In the end, thorgrim lay slain, only fenrir remained to fight the necromancer. Fenrir managed to wound the necromancer with his force weapon and as the blow was struck, fenrir channeled all of his psychic might into his weapon, destroying the necromancer’s very essence. The legion of lost souls had been defeated, but at great cost to both the heralds of ragnorok and the ke’lshan. The chapter master thorgrim was dead and fenrir accepted the responsibility of leading the chapter from then on.

-the broken alliance:
Although the tau of ke’lshan helped the heralds fend off the necromancer, the alliance between the two forces has somewhat faded away. Recently, a conflict has arisen regarding the resources of the nearby hive world hellion. Bitter city fighting has occurred between the heralds and the ke’lshan. However recently, the forces of ke’lshan have been drawn away to join the fight for Medusa V and there is a temporary cease-fire at the moment.

-new threats along the horizon
recently, the mysterious eldar have begun to show increased activity in the area of space around ragnorok. Although the true extent of their forces and where their interest lies still goes unknown. Also, a disturbance in the warp has been noticed by fenrir and it seems like something bad is soon to come.