(This Fiction is translated from an actual Table top campaign played out in Hobby Town USA in plano Texas.)

Chapter 1: The Muster

On the planet of Geshtalt IV the men of the Destian 12th readied for war. Bayonets gleamed in the light of the systems primary star. Lasguns were cleaned and assembled, comanies drilled relentlessly. Earthshaker cannons were unlimbered, and the armored forces of the Destian armored corps said battle rites over the Columns of Leman Russ Battle tanks. All across the wordl Strongpoints, factory hives and Imperial Sites were fortified. The men and women of the Destian Guard were used to war. after seeing off an immense Waaagghh! Many years earlier, battling for the Forgeworld of Ryza, they were blooded and ready. The order for militarisation had come down from Inquisitor Vaghn Orshaad. Fallout from Abaddons thirteenth Black Crusade had reached all corners of the Imperium. And so close to the Maelstrom the depredations of the Word Bearers had reached a level unpresedented in recent memory. Depriving the Imperiums fighting forces of the Plasma Technology that was the secret of Ryza would be a crippling blow. However, the forces of the Archenemy had to get past Geshtalt IV first.

"Inquistor, the men of are as ready as we can get them. I must ask," The speaker was Colonel Aron Watchell." What of the petitions to the outside forces? My men are anxious to hear..and truth be told so am I." He was a young man to have reached his station. After a heroic stand in the face of Warboss Dragsnik and his Waaagh on Geshtalt III he had been promoted. Colonel's Watchells men were th best of the best. Veterans whose trust and fiath in their commanding officer was matched only by their faith in the God-Emperor of Mankind. His stark blond hair short, wrapped in a piece of his former commanders ruined standardstood out over his stark blue eyes. "They will after all have to be considered, the Adeptus Astartes have somewhat of a...reputation, for changing plans."

Inquisitor Orshaad had pulled the hood back over hisweathered and wizened face. At One hundred and forty years standard he wasn't old at all by Inquisitorial standards, but he had been through many trying adventures. " I understand your concern Colonel, but fear not. The Space Wolves are famous for their regard for the more common personage of the Imperium. A trait I agree is disturbingly lacking in many other organisations... and the Black Knights, Emperor Protect Them... They and I have history. I can say with absolute certainty they will aquiesce to wahtever plan is for the greater good of this planet, and the Imperium." He liked Aron Watchell, the man was frank, and tot he point. With a very caustic manner of speaking. There was no hedging or beauracracy to the man. Just a desire to protect his men and the imperium. "I can also tell you now Colonel, that a Mission from the Order of the Sacred Blade has touched down with a colleague of mine. Inquisitor Meredith Tenebrek has brought the adeptus Sororitas to Gesthalt IV." At this the inquistior looked over to his trusted savant, who was diligantly scribing the Inquistor and Colonels words on a dataslate.

"The men of the Guard, The Space Marines, and the Sister of Battle. Truly we are as prepared as we can be. I have recieved word from the Governors astropaths that the Starships fo the Arch-Enemy will be here within the week. I pray your allies beat them here Inquisitor." With that Colonel Aron saluted smartly and turned about stepping back into the chill winds of the Geshtalt winter. "Truly this will be a battle to remember."


Librarian Faustian Vercille walked along side his long time friend and Commander Mathus Soldera. The young Librarian rested his hand on the hilt of his massive force sword, bolter holstered on his opposite hip, combat shield magnetically strapped to his vambrace. "The Space Wolves, we are lucky to beable to battle beside such a legendary force of the Astartes Mathus. I feel the blood bond between or Chapters, and it stirs me. The men are excited, and I think will seek to gain the respect of out Honored battle-brothers. It will be a good fight." His Long golden hair flowed fromt he topknot whipping around inside hsi ceramite Psychic hood. Scrolls and prayers dangeld from his ornate armor. The Jet Black of the Black Knights, chasd with the Deep blue of the Librarium office. Fluttering cape cutting a regal figure next to the towering commander. "Yes friend. Togeter our forces will chase these traitor heretics back to their foul hiding and once more secure the emperors realm." His voee came from within the golden, eagle winged helmet whose glittering crest sliced through the falling snowflakes. One one hip rested his power sword, Kalibus. And strapped over his back the Thunderhammer that was a sacred relic of the Second Company, carried by their first master into battle with the Word Bearers. It's blessed plac eint he reliquary had been opened now, for just this occasion. The Ruling Council of Ten deemed that the War Spirits of the Weapon and its formoer master yearned to again smie the forces of these most foul enemies.

The two of them reached the command post, a Pre-Fab design built for meetings of officers and commanders made from Rockcrete and Flakboard surrounded by tarantula turrets. The Elite Guardsmen at the door snapped to attention and saluted as they were dwarfed by the massive armored forms of the two space marines stepping through the drawn curtain. Mathus Soldera Removed his helmet, nodding a greeting to the amiliair Inquisitor Orshaad. He grinned as he heartily returned the warriors greeting to the leader of the Space Wolves, one Bulvai Songeliac. "Greetings brother, blessed are we to fight beside such legendary warriors. May our Blood Bond be strong and stronger still 'ere the end of these battles." Mathus intoned the greeting perfectly, his features reflecting the respect and admiration his chapter felt for the founding Space Wolves. Bulvai's mouth twisted intoa savage grin, fangs peeking out from a broad smile. Hsi ahnd clasped Mathus's forearm as the other space marine did and nodded."Aye, we look forward to our swords and axe's shinging together. These bastard son's of Chaos will rue the day they met our forces on these fields of white, soon to be bled red." The greeting returned, in the almost poetic verse of the practiced tale-spinner of the 9th Great Company of the Space wolves. They were here in less numbered than the Black Knights, but hteir legend preceeded them.

The armored warriors turned and looked towards the man who now approached the, Though smaller by far than the Astartes he stood facing, Colonel Aron Watchell showed no fear or apprehension. He held out his hand first to Mathus, then to Bulvai. "The Destian twelth stand ready to serve the Emperor. It is an honor to meet you gentleman, now that you are here we can begin.

What followed was a lengthy conversation on tactics and planning, cenering around the defense of Avalus Prime. Main city of Geshtalt IV, where the auguers of the astropaths, Rune PRiests, and Librarians of the Black Knights all divined the strongest blow would fall. Joined later by the arriving Inquisitor Meredith and Cannoness Titania of the Order of The Sacred Blade. Whent hey had finally decided upon what seemed the best plan of defense the officers of the combined forces toasted to victory and the Emperor with vinatage Amasec from Inquisitor Orshaad's collection. Save for Cannoness Titania...who declined and took only crystal clear water. The Defense of Geshtalt IV had begun.


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