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    Ok I Need Some Help Fluffing

    Ok well im going to play IG. I want to play Mechanized and ive got a basic idear what i want to play. I Was thinking .. A Wealthy Space Merchant has seceratly been sending alot of products to the IG forces and providing them with alot of financial Backing. Well when the SM's found out they started attacking his tradeships. Well He has uncovered he is actually a Old Famous General Who was thought to be dead and he has been accumlemation an Full mechanized guard army. He'll Be in command of the Stormblade. With Basalisks , Chimerias , And All other tanks Hell be able to sweep thgouh and clear out any Army.

    Does this sound basically good?
    Im going to buy the super heavy tank from forge world. And im going to make that the center peice of my army with alot of other tanks as support.

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    You're basically wanting it to be the personal army of a Rogue Trader? That's fine, but the problem is that people wouldn't take much objection to it, and I'm not sure how you could make them do so, unless he wasdeclared a heretic because of some of his dealings with xenos during his trading.

    As to how he became a Rogue Trader, he could have inherited it, bought it (unlikely), stolen it (difficult) or been awarded it recently. It gives you a nice choice when choosing how to develop your supporting character.

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