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    My Chief Librarian's Fluff

    I've decided to get back into the Blood Angels while my Deathwing is being painted and I await the release of the Dark Angels codex. I've decided to make my own successor chapter to the BA and thought it would be REALLY cool if I had a character riding a monstrous creature. With all the death worlds harboring all kinds of fun, angry monsters to utilize I wonder why there aren't more of them in 40k. At any rate I figured it would take a psyker to tame one so here it goes. Still working on stats for this guy and yeah I know he'll probably wind up being ridiculously expensive points wise but he won't be cheesed if that's what you are thinking. He'll be on par with guys like shrike, lysander and mephiston as far as he goes himself but his "ride" is what is going to be expensive.

    Brother Kronos

    Chief Librarian of the Eviscerators Space Marine Chapter

    Before he rose to the rank of Chief Librarian, Brother Kronos was considered exceptionally gifted even amongst his peers. He reached the esteemed rank of Epistolary before his 200th year in the chapter, a feat near unheard of in a chapter where the lifespan of marines who do not succumb to the Black Rage has been known to approach a millennia. Over the next 300 or so years Kronos continued to hone his skills in battle amassing an extensive list of victories. He mercilessly slaughtered the foes of the Emperor with all the zeal and ferocity one would expect from a son of Sanguinius. Kronos has become extremely adept at fighting all types of xenos as well as any imperial citizen foolish enough to turn from the most blessed light of the Emperor. Upon the death of the chapter’s former Chief Librarian, Kronos was promoted to that exalted position and gifted with the Heartseeker (a Master Crafted Force Lance), artificer armor and an iron halo. Kronos rides a captured and “tamed” (for lack of a better word) Carnosaur native to the Eviscerators home planet of Lias into battle and becomes a nigh unstoppable juggernaut of righteous fury once engaged in combat.


    During the recent period of relative peace in surrounding systems, Kronos often led small parties of marines into the primordial jungles of the Eviscerators homeworld of Lias to hunt the prehistoric monsters that inhabit them. On one such trip his small party came across a nest of eggs and were set upon by the angry mother Carnosaur. In the end Kronos slew the monster but not before she killed every member of his party and left him badly wounded. His armor was mangled and with no way to call for an evac he turned to head back on foot and came face to face with the dead female’s mate. In desperation, unable to fight the huge bull Carnosaur, Kronos attempted to ward off the creature using psychic intimidation. Amazingly the monster was cowed and became almost docile. Kronos began the long trek back to the fortress monastery but soon realized his wounds combined with the terrain and other predators in the jungle made his chances of reaching safety on foot virtually impossible. Meanwhile he sensed that the bull Carnosaur was stalking him, the effects of his power having worn off. Seeing as his options were extremely limited Kronos came up with a plan so crazy he thought it just might work. He waited in a clearing for his stalker to approach and once again was successful in pacifying it. His next move of jumping on its back had the complete opposite effect and Kronos went for the ride of his life through the jungle, the beast rampaging along trying to dislodge him. It was unsuccessful however and eventually it tired. Kronos was able to concentrate enough to mentally manipulate where the creature headed. Eventually Kronos and his steed reached the outskirts of the monastery’s defenses and dozens of astonished marines.

    They did not kill the beast while Kronos recovered but instead tranquilized it and built it a makeshift pen. Over the following years the monster, now named Bahamut, was kept mainly as a rather amusing death sentence to captured heretics, traitors and xenos (after they had been thoroughly interrogated of course!) Only Kronos was ever able to get near Bahamut without the aid of tranquilizing drugs and he was determined to fully control the beast. Eventually his mastery of his psychic abilities allowed him to fully dominate Bahamut and he began to train him for his own personal use in combat. The Chapter Master frowned upon this idea at first but Kronos’s single handed massacre of the Ork Warlord Grishnak Ungbad and his Nob retinue while riding Bahamut quickly changed the chapter master’s mind. By the time he was made Chief Librarian, Kronos had successfully been using Bahamut for almost a quarter century. Bahamut has been conditioned over the years to associate the special Wargear used to ride him with a bounty of prey to feast on and is now all too eager to be ridden into combat. Bahamut is by no means tame and still won’t allow anyone near him unless pacified by Kronos first. The chapter has gone through an unusually high number of servitors since Kronos acquired his “pet” but the amount of carnage wrought in the glorious Emperor’s name by Kronos has made the losses more than worth it. When on campaigns, Bahamut is kept aboard the Eviscerator’s battle barge, the Executioner, and is deployed with Kronos into battle via a specially modified drop pod.

    Comments? Critiques? Would you play against something like this if the points value was properly reflected?

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    It's quite a fun idea.. Doesn't exactly fit with space marine combat doctrine though. I mean, how are you going to get a T-rex into a drop pod? And what if he falls off.. marine armour is pretty heavy.

    Plus, I get images of dino riders.

    If you were going to do it.. I'd have the two as seperate models (the carnosaur being psychically controlled rather than ridden) and use the creature generator for friendly games and dreadnought stats otherwise. Enormous monster librarians of death seem a little cheesy (yes, I know some greater daemons and chaos lords can own in both combat and psychic stuff, but chaos is different.)

    Great idea though.

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