This is some of my eldar fluff any helpful tips or errors would be great. There is some short stories and another special character for my craftworld for anybody that finds this interesting and wants to hear more.

Moon blade the protector
Laftherlylth or Therl as his bretherin call him is from the Craftworld Kille-mitore (people of the moon). Just before the fall there was a great war between the Pleasure Cults on Therls home planet of Caelhel and the seer council of the planet. The seers forsaw the battle would be lost and prepared to transport what was left of the non corrupt eldar off the planet. The farseer gathered the citizens while the last of the planets army loyal to the council fought on to protect there escape. Therl was already over a thousand years of age and an expert swordsman in a unit of the honored close combat militants in the seers army. Therl fought on making ready his peoples escape against what would one day be the dark kin. After the evacuation was complete the seer sent back a small fleet to rescue what was left of there loyal army. Therl and his unit had survived but they were one of the few to escape. Therl was skilled enough to be rewarded the honor of being a general for his heroism. Shortly after this war the farseers forsaw another war involving the invasion of thier swamp moon. Also in a horrific vision that involved the death of many in the council they saw the coming of the fall. So far on the outer rim of the galaxy was Caelhel and its moon that there eldar bretherin could not be warned. What was left of the seer council ordered the construction of a craftworld built in the imige of there saviore swamp moon. The also ordered the mobilization of there meager fleet and military to stave the invasion of the crazed pleasure cult long enough to constuct the crafworld. It was rumored that therl was so skilled with his blade that he could see the enimies movements before they happened. This rumore eventually reached the ears of the seer council and they began training Therl as a warlock. After several years the battle to defent the moon seemed hopless. another year was all the Bonesingers needed to complete the craftword which was under constant attack. Therl was given a mighty enchanted witch blade by the council that was said to be crafted by the laughing god himself. With his new training and weapon in hand Therl led the Moon eldar to victory not only buying time for the completion of the craftworld but driving the dark kin from there beloved moon. Therl became a great military figure and hero to the eldar. The craftworld and what was left of its people wept when the seers had decreed the time had come to leave. The birth of she who thirsts didnt hit Kille-mitore as hard as other craftworlds as theywere very far from the great eye, and most of the survivors of the pleasure cults had sworn away there decadence. As for the planet of Caelhel, most of there vile habitants souls were ripped from there bodies at the fall. the craftworld still rebuilds its numbers to this day helping its eldar bretheren when ever troops can be spared and at the front of that force is Laftherlylth. But they will never venture far from there beloved moon and have sworn to one day retake there home blanet back from the dark kin.

To represent the casualties of thier great war more wraith gaurd are present in Kille-mitores forces. not to the extream of Iyaden but still far more than an average craftworld. There is also a large amount of dire avenger aspects to honor and rebuild the seer councils personal gaurd.

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