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    Alucard's Faithful Pt. 3

    I finally finished the next part of Alucard's Faithful after many requests to post it. This is only a five part series, so were heading towards the end. As always please please PLEASE post any comments etc. because feedback has helped me out alot. Enjoy!

    The shuttle hurtled through the planets atmosphere, constantly jarring and threatening to hurl me across the craft. I kept my hands clasped together calmly as we finally got through to the purple skies of Hydra Cordatus. The ground was cracked and looked burned; vegetation was none existent as were any signs of life. Lilith set the shuttle down next to a mountain, a single spire stabbing into the sky. The restraints slid off as the exit hatch slid open, allowing me my first breath of the stagnant air.

    “What are we here for Father? This place is dead.?

    I ignored her and walked towards the spire, feeling the diamond contained in my armor burning hotter as I neared it. Lilith followed closely behind me, nervously rubbing the hilts of her swords. As we stood before the mountain, the diamond started to melt the inside of my armor but I didn’t mind, it meant I was getting results. I took it out and pressed it firmly into the rock, than left it there.

    “Now what?? Lilith quipped.

    “Wait here. If I’m not back soon, I’m dead.?

    The rock where I’d pushed the diamond into started to fracture and spread apart, falling away to reveal a massive entrance, twice my own height. It was so dark inside even my augmented sight couldn’t pierce the gloom. I turned to Lilith as she looked around nervously.

    “I’ll be fine.?

    I turned my back to her before she could reply and strode into the newly formed cave. It smelled of rust and rot inside and the temperature plummeted even with my first step inside. Not needing light to know where to go, I made my way forward until I met a dead-end. I reached out with my hand, feeling the surface that blocked my path. I pulled the gem out of my armor, holding it for a moment. I could hardly believe what such a small thing unlocked and for the first time in millennia I felt fear. Spitting out the feeling, I placed the gem in the small socket directly in front of me. Slowly, I felt a tremor begin to build inside the cave, within seconds it was shaking the rock from the walls. I unsheathed my sword and cut an arc upwards, cleaving a boulder that would have crushed me in two. The pieces landed to my sides as the stone surface I’d slid the gem into gave away.

    Bright white light blinded my momentarily and than I saw it, a white room filled with metal behemoths, unmoving but living. I stepped cautiously inside and looked upwards, the room went up and up, and farther than I could see. Words cannot describe the sensation I felt at the instant, when I realized that all my labors and searching had at least born fruit. I was the only being in the galaxy capable of claiming leadership to a Dreadnought Legion.

    Even as my soul screamed joy, they stirred. First the one nearest me, than the next and the next and continuing on forever. They cast off the cables and bindings that had nourished them through the ages, waking as if alive for the first time. The one closest to me spoke, his ancient voice grating out of his adamantium body and laurels announced it’s name, Azmoden.

    “What business do you have stirring us? We were to sleep until the day the galaxy was cleansed of taint and we would lead Humanity with our combined wisdom. Has the day come??

    I stared up at the venerable machine speaking to me, his weapons and armor glistened still but he knew nothing of what had happened in the years since his dormancy. Nothing of the Crusade, the Heresy, or what I planned to use him for.

    “No Ancient One, I have come to call you to arms. The galaxy is not yet cleansed, and we need you and your brethren to complete what began long ago. Events have spiraled beyond of the Emperor’s plan and we can only make it right through bolt and flame.?

    I chuckled silently to myself at what had just come out of my mouth, something a Loyalist would say, dogmatic and war-like. The memories of the Crusades were fresher than I’d thought.

    “I see. Tell us what has happened and what we must do, and it shall be done in His name.?

    He turned slowly, ancient servos whining to carry his armored bulk. The rest of his brothers seemed to shift towards him, lending their attention.

    “Brothers! We are called upon to take up the Emperor’s banner and continue His work! One of our Brothers still in flesh has come to make us aware of our work and lead us to battle!?

    The assembled Dreadnoughts began moving toward me and the ground shook at their combined weight. They made a circle around me, piling behind one another many times.

    “Now Brother, tell us what has become of the galaxy.?

    I spent the next few hours telling them the history of the Imperium, changed to suit my needs. The Heresy had been a success and The Emperor had been cut down with his favored son. Chaos now ruled most of the worlds once conquered by His armies and bitter resistance wars were commonplace. Xenos races stalk both sides and frequently waylay reinforcements.

    I told them that their might and wisdom was needed in key battles against the rebellious Astartes and Imperial Army. They might bear the Aquila and preach the Imperial Creed but it was all hollow and many were the good men taken in by those lies.

    When I had finished with my re-write of history, they kept quiet for some time, than Azmoden spoke.

    “Heresy and betrayal has infected the once pure body of The Emperor’s holy realm. If we can free even one world from taint, than we shall! Lead the way young one and we will follow with hate.?

    One by one the Dreadnoughts began to march outside through the cave and into the wastes of Hydra Cordatus. The ground shook under their strides and as Lilith gazed upon them her eyes grew wide.

    “That’s what we came to get? What are they??

    “The remains of the Imperiums greatest heroes, here to help us fight the heretics.?

    “Well, the transports are ready to take them back to the ship Father.? She smiled, seeing the meaning behind my words.

    Even as we spoke hundreds of Dreadclaws dropped onto the planet. I had long ago fastened them to cables capable of reeling them back up through the atmosphere as I had inefficient numbers to collect them all swiftly. They impacted near us, like hundreds of metal tears on the rocky ground but the transports had no cables. Marines in red and black swarmed out and I couldn’t help but smile, turning to the Dreadnoughts.

    “Brothers! The Heretics mean to stop out work! These men would see you all destroyed and a worse fate for me! To battle!?

    I pulled my sword free as the Ancients prepared for battle. The Blood Angels ran all out towards us, firing and screaming oaths. Bolter shells broke against adamantium sarcophaguses like water against the rocks. There were at least a hundred Loyalists, but that was before the Dreadnoughts fired their salvo.

    Plasma cannons fired incandescent projectiles that glassed over the ground and melted flesh as well as power armor. Assault cannons tour hundreds of rounds into red bodies, flinging them back like play things. Lascannons and multi-meltas wiped Blood Angels off the planets face, leaving not even dust.

    I rushed forward, Storm Bolter rounds tearing up dirt and armor to cover me as I searched for the enemy Commander. A Blood Angel who was little more than a torso weakly raised his bolt pistol as I removed his head, the hand needing a moment to realize brain death. Marines died all around me from the horrible firepower of the metal behemoths and than I saw my quarry, a giant amongst giants in black Terminator Armor. His ancient crozius was held high as he began the Litanies of Hate.

    I charged low as he un-slung a massive hammer from his back. He swung down as my head but I rolled forward, the ground exploding where I had stood seconds before. His guard was open to me and my blade swung low at his legs but was reflected by an unseen force, the personalized force field of his office. The hammer swung towards me once more and my blade sliced into the hilt, cutting the power circuitry off as it hit my chest. The force of the hit sent me sprawling but I rolled onto my feet as he charged. The crozius flashed at my chest as the hammer went for my head, but I spun to the side and cut down along his flank. A roar of anger was audible even through the thick metal of his skeletal mask. He stabbed for me with the crozius but his blow was clumsy and I blocked, closing the distance.

    My hand gripped around his own free hand as we each pressed into each other, his crozius refusing to break against my blades onslaught. I squeezed his hand and broke through the reinforced armor and bone, quickly pressing the advantage by pushing my weight into him. He fell to the ground as I grasped the hilt of his war hammer and swung it down onto his face before he could recover. I brought the hammer down over and over and over again, until the mask was scrap and his skull was pulp.

    I looked around the battle and raised the hammer high. Every Blood Angel had been laid low and my treasures were unharmed. One thousand vox augmented voices lent their cry to my own in a cry of victory. I dropped the hammer and strode towards Azmoden.

    “What do we do now Brother?? His question hung in the air even as the transports made planet fall.

    “What we were born to do. Claim a world in His name.?

    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
    Like to talk Warhammer or want some advice on Armies or Tactics? Drop me a PM!

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    Great story, i love reading your work and it gives me a very different viewpoint on Slannesh
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