Hey everyone. This is the first page to the codex I'm making for my own Chapter, The Angels Incarnate. Hope you enjoy.
+++++++++++++++++ Inquisitorial Report XACCD 13/++++++++++++++

Commit to: Imperial Record CHI 20056 Transmitted: Turnaga (Perseus IV)
Inquisition Record FGT 345Ω
Transmitter: Brother Captain Fale
Crossfire to: Renegade CC/TR5
Receiver: Lord Master Gareial
Input Date: 8551987.M38

Input Clearance: Inquisitor Maleus Constar

Author: Inquisitor Maleus Constar

It grieves me greatly Lord Gareial to report the current situation on Perseus IV outside the Baal system. The Successor Chapter “Angels Incarnate� has declared our holy Emperor false and has moved their allegiance to an ancient religion. As the Inquisitor of this system it is my duty to report, in detail, the cause of this treacherous act against our most venerable Emperor.

It was less than one cycle ago that a surveyor squad for the Angels Incarnate stumbled upon a faint electromagnetic signal on this planet (Perseus IV). Upon further scanning the surveyor ship found the location of the signal. It appeared to be coming from a small structure 20 meters below the surface. When the surface was deemed safe, an Incarnate scout squad was sent to investigate the structure which appeared to be humanoid in design. The structure was larger than originally expected and housed books, scrolls and manuscripts dating to the 2nd Millennium. No human remains of kind were discovered and the materials were carefully taken aboard the surveyor ship for transport back to the Angels Incarnate home world which is nearby the Perseus System. Among these works of writing was also an ancient artifact, a box that contained a small orb like item. These items were studied carefully by the Angels Incarnate Chief Librarian Odysseus and Chaplain Krevus of the 1st Company. The following is an excerpt from the written reports of Krevus:

“The Items discovered on Perseus IV contain several manuscripts about an ancient religion observed on Terra more than one millennia before the Emperor united Terra. The ancient scrolls also contain a detailed of history of “Earth� (An ancient name for holy Terra). This history includes stories of great wars and scientific discoveries and many separate countries each with its own system of government. The works of countless “philosophers� (ancient texts refer to them as men of great knowledge) have also been deciphered and are filled with extremely heretical speeches that go against the words of our holy Emperor.�

Immediately after the initial reports were transmitted by Krevus, the inquisition sent an envoy to seize the material before its contents were revealed to the Chapter to prevent any heresy. On their arrival, Krevus and Odysseus were found to be under the care of the Apothacarian order after the artifact they were studying (The orb) ignited a large explosion and destroyed much of the chapter’s library. Krevus and Odysseus began to grow wings out of their spinal column. The Apothecaries had no idea what was causing this mutation. The Inquisitions envoy decided that these mutations were being caused by a creature of the warp and immediately planned for the termination of both Krevus and Odysseus to prevent this phenomenon from spreading to the rest of the chapter. Odysseus was terminated the day after but Krevus regained consciousness immediately after his death and the eyewitness account of one of the Angels Incarnate apothecaries goes as follows:

“As soon as the inquisitorial envoy had discarded Odysseus’ body Chaplain Krevus regained consciousness and broke free of his restraints. He immediately descended on the envoy (5 inquisitorial henchmen) and with only the hands of his Terminator armor killed every one of them. He ripped apart their bodies and ignored their cries for mercy. I have never seen such anger in the eyes of Lord Krevus before. He then turned to us but did not harm us, instead he ordered us to gather the rest of the Chapter at the Great Temple�

It is unknown what happened after this point except the fact that the entire chapter was gathered and left Perseus IV aboard the Angels Incarnate battle fleet. I send my deepest regret to you and inform you that the fleet has disappeared from our scanners and we are unable to track them. The inquisition will not rest until these renegades are brought to justice at the end of a holy power sword. Long live the almighty Emperor!

Inquisitor Maleus Constar