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Thread: Liber Daemonica

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    Liber Daemonica

    Liber Daemonica

    Quest Custodiet Custodes:Fors Clavigera:Victorum Aut Mortis:Mortis Virtus:Astra Imperator Gloriamxterminatus Extremis:Imperator Gloriam:Facilis Descensus Infernus:Imperator Gloriam Mortis Daemonicus:Nemesis Humanus:Imperator Illumintio:Mea Virtus:

    As thou whom this concerns is obviously trained in its use, be welcomed as a Daemon Hunter, and a savior of Humanity.
    Inside this book, resides knowledge, that, to the untrained, shall shatter thy mind, and destroy thy body. If thou art not a Daemon Hunter, thou be blessed with a quick death, as to stop the Daemonic from possessing thou flesh.

    To be entrusted with this book, this knowledge, and the ability to seek out and destroy the Daemonic, is as much a blessing as it is a curse. Be that as it may, this is a curse thou must undertake willingly, for thou art being granted a sacred duty, by thy lord and master, The Immortal Emperor of Mankind, blessed be his name for all eternity and unto the very extinction of mortal flesh.

    Combating the Daemonic is drastically different form the physical. Though the bolt and blade may slay thy opponent, our opponents are mortal no longer. In the realm of the physical, armour if the finest grade offers the finest protection, Daemons, however do not originate from the physical realm. Against the Daemonic, faith is our shield, as it is our weapon. Without faith stronger than their vile hatred, there is no hope in victory.

    How then, do we do this? Ask thou. Thou must be pure of thought and deed, unsullied but mundane wonders and pleasures.
    Thou must know the correct canticles and liturgies. Where Daemons are the physical embodiment of hate, and faithlessness, so to are they weakened to our faith. What better to combat them with than our faith given written form? For to fight the Daemonic, is to fight against ones dark reflection, to fight them and destroy them, is unacceptable. To fight them, and crush them utterly, without being tainted by their evil ways, is the only true victory. For too many is the number of fine defenders of Humanity that have fallen to the insidious callings of the Daemon.

    Know now, that if thou chooses to take the path of the radical, that thou shall find no respite from thou peers. That, even the thought of consorting with the Daemonic, and those that assist them, is to be branded as a heretic, traitor, and excommunicated from the very race you swore to protect! Any who fall upon this path are heretics, and must be terminated, so that they can not spread their corrupt ways. There are no exceptions.

    Residing in this very book are the finest of catechisms for the fight against Daemons, and all that would consort with them. To banish the Daemon, one must be able to match it’s strength with the proper verse. Also, to take into account the type of Daemon, be it one of a blood frenzied nature, or that of a perverted cult of pleasure.

    The banishment of the simpler of Daemons, known to those of knowledge equal to thou’s, as lesser Daemons, one needs not complex words, but a fiery faith, and an unbendable will. For to fall to a lesser Daemon, is to admit that was a suiting fate. For if thou has naught the will to fight the lesser of enemies, than thou should report to the heads of the Ordo Malleus for summerary termination or mind wipe.

    Now that thou understands the use of Faith against the Daemonic, thou must now learn how faith can be harnessed. The Weapons of the Daemon Hunter is of what I speak. These are as follows:

    -The Psycannon, a weapon of holy wrath. For it is the bolter of Daemonic combat. So too, as the bolter brings death to the manifold enemies of the Emperor, does the Psycannon bring the deaths of Daemons. Each bolt, silver coated, inscribed with the holiest of runes, and anointed with the holiest of oils and unguents, is a hand-crafted wonder of human faith. Granted to only the finest of humanities protectors, Inquisitors foremost.

    -The Incinerator, bringing our fiery faith into reality. A flamer, holier than most men. Filled with blessed promethium, and the finest of holy combustible oils available. Bringing the widespread doom of Daemons, this holy weapon of the Daemon Hunter is the best cure for a major infestation. Burning the skins and souls of Daemons, this is the weapon of choice to the more vocal and martial Daemon Hunters.

    -Nemesis Force Weapon, The divine weapon of the Emperor’s Finest. This weapon, is of the highest possible quality, entrusted only to the holy and secretive Grey Knights chapter of Space Marines, the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Malleus. Made of Unknown substances, coated many times over in the most sacred of oils, and blessed by the Ecclessiarchy on Ophelia IV, these are the finest of weapons.

    -Daemon slaying Weapon, the harbinger of doom for the Daemonic.
    This type of weapon can take many forms, most prominently being hammers and swords, although the type of weapon is really a matter of preference of its bearer. Mainly blessed and inscribed, these weapons are not much different in effect to their ‘normal’ counterparts, but whereas the standard weapon would slay the mortal, the Daemon slaying weapon slays the Daemonic.

    -Inquisitorial Staff, staff of office, weapon of battle. This weapon has many terms, from Inquisition rod, to Power stake. Most feature Power generators hidden in their hilt, to sheath the staff in an armour-bypassing field. Some, specially made, rod, known as Null Rods, are made of psychic deflecting obsidian and holy stone from terra. Made to damper all psychic powers around the user, this weapon ahs great use and is highly valued.

    -Daemonhammer, destroyer of the evilest. Although this is the catchall term for it, the weapon need not be a hammer. Although this is where the first of it’s kind originated from. These weapons mach, or even surpass Nemesis Force Weapons in holiness and Daemon slaying power. Entrusted to only the finest, most trusted servants of the Ordo Malleus, mostly to those who have the considerable experience of banishing a Greater Daemon.

    As was previously stated, thou needeth more than just the weapons of our plane of existence to battle the Daemonic. Following are some of the best of Daemon banishing verses.
    Also be warned that, although here is stated the six hundred and sixty six secret words are present, to be trained in the use of them you must seek out the masters of the Ordo Malleus.

    Catechism of Daemonic Protection

    Quest Custodiet Custodes:Fors Clavigera:Victorum Aut Mortis:Mortis Virtus:Astra Imperator Gloriamxterminatus Extremis:Imperator Gloriam:Facilis Descensus Infernus:Imperator Gloriam Mortis Daemonicus:Nemesis Humanus:Imperator Illumintio:Mea Virtus:

    Catechism of Lesser Banishment

    Et Imperator Invocato Diabolus Daemonica Exorcism!

    Litanies of Faith

    Deliver us from the lightning and the tempest, our Emperor. Deliver us from the plague and the doubt, our Emperor.
    Deliver us from the fallen and the Daemons, our Emperor.
    Deliver us from the curse of the mutant, our Emperor.
    Our Emperor Deliver us.
    That thou wouldst bring only death, thou shouldst spare one, that thou wouldst pardon him.
    We beseech thee, destroy our enemies with the lightning and the storm.

    Et Templar Mysteria Aux Ordo Malleus
    The Six Hundred and Sixty Six Secret words

    Praise the Emperor for his sacrifice, as He endures so shall we. We who are the Hunters of Daemons, shall strive in his name eternally.

    We the Order of the Hammer, shall delve into the Dark Shadows.
    We shall see out the Tainted, we shall pursue the Vilest Evil.

    It is we who stand guard, our Eternal Watch shall not fail.
    For we are the Ordo Malleus!

    We Grey Knights are the Hammers, we slay the Darkness without fear.
    Founded in great mystery we were, Chapter six hundred and sixty six.

    Though on Titan we be hidden, yet our eyes encompass the Galaxy.
    No Devil shall elude our gaze, no Daemon shall avoid it’s fate.

    We shall be the Keepers Immortal, all secrets shall be our Knowledge
    We are the Guardians of Mankind!

    Caution and secrecy are our code, watchfulness and patience are our way.
    Hidden from the Eyes of Chaos, we strike without warning or dread.

    Though we find ourselves in Shadows, no Blackness will enter our Hearts.
    No treachery will touch our souls, no pride will sully our thoughts.

    We shall be Pure amongst Impurity, we shall be Innocence amongst guilt.
    We are Imperium’s Hidden Saviours!

    We are spread across the Heavens, our watch is untiring and ceaseless.
    The Emperor shall guard our Souls, as we Guard those of others.

    Our will shall be our weapons, our faith shall be our armour.
    Our minds will be secure fortresses, no Temptation will weaken our resolve.

    Though unnumbered lurking perils await us, our blades will be ever ready.
    For we are the Emperor’s Vengeance!

    Masters of all weapons are we, no defence exists against our wrath.
    With the Nemesis shall we fight, with and Aegis to shield us.

    In bloodshed shall we save mankind Death shall be our Everlasting Creed.
    War Unending shall be our fate, in battle shall we be steeped.

    We shall be unstinting in Hatred, we shall hunger for Holy War.
    For we are Swords of Justice!

    When all flee in hideous disarray, strong and sound shall we stand.
    Cowardice is wholly unknown to us, our courage comes from the Emperor.

    Unbowed and unshaken against all foes, we shall claim victory with blood.
    Steady and we hunt them, those that dare oppose our wrath.

    Death stalks us in many forms, the grotesque and the utterly inhuman.
    We are the Bringers of Hope!

    Bloody battles unending constantly await us, redemption the reward for out vigilance.
    When Possession rears it’s unspeakable head, ours is the blade that descends.

    When Empyrean Horrors invade our realm, our Exorcisms shall hurl them back.
    There is no Chaos spawned horror, which can resist our indomitable anger.

    With undaunted courage we shall prevail, no arcane magics shall overcome us.
    We are the Bearers of Victory!

    No corruption shall blemish our Galaxy, no Immaterial Fiend shall be spared.
    No Malevolent Spirit will oppose us, no Creation of Sin shall survive.

    No Unholy Deed shall go Unpunished, all Blasphemous Acts shall be Atoned.
    No Spawn of Misrule avoids us, all are banished to the Void.

    Nothing shall evade our Cleansing Fire, not Daemon nor Spawn nor Renegade.
    For we are Mankind’s Divine Blade!

    Heavenly Blessings are laid upon us, the Warp is ours to Tame.
    Though Sorceries shall be against us, no Witchcraft will bring our Doom.

    Though Spell or Incantation blocks us, the Emperor shall see us Victorious.
    No Hex can overcome our determination, our resolve is strong as steel.

    Sigils and wards watch over us, prayers shall serve as our Guide.
    For we are the Emperor’s Chosen!

    There is much darkness awaiting us, yet the Emperor lights our path.
    Falsehood surrounds us at every turn, yet no Traitor shall confound us.

    No despicable trickery will thwart us, no Damnation shall bring us low.
    There is no peace for us, for an eternity we will strive.

    Though mere mortals in His service, everlasting shall be our True Duty.
    Et Imperator Invocato Diabolus Daemonica Exorcism!

    The Path of the Daemon Hunter is not an easy one, and is usually rewarded with a gruesome death at the hands of the Daemonic, but if one must die so that millions may live, so be it. Better for Ten Thousand men to bow before a tyrant, than one to bow before a Daemon. Heresy and corruption lurk at every corner.
    Be wary, and trust no one, for any and all could be Daemon followers. Any and All.

    The purpose of Daemon Hunters is to combat the uncombatible. To protect Humanity, and to always think of the greater good. It is better for a hive to die, than a planet. Better for a planet to die, than a system. Better for a system to die, than our Imperium. Keep these thoughts in the forefront of your mind, and thou shan’t go wrong when judging the convicted. Remember, the mere mention of the Daemonic is enough to investigate. Be wary of who is knowledgeable to your investigation, for investigating heresy is to cultivate it. Be ever ready to deal with any threat, take a good look at your fellow Daemon Hunters, for someday, you might have to hunt them, for their treachery. And Watch for the lure of radicalism, for it can only lead to damnation.

    Be careful, for the Daemon has many forms. You must know them all. You must tell the Daemon from it’s disguise and root it out from the hidden places. Trust no one, not even yourself. Better to die in vain than live an abomination. The zealous martyr is praised for his valour, the craven and unready are justly abhorred.

    Chose your informants carefully, and keep in memory that you have the authority to requisition anything you deem necessary for you duty. Not to do it, but to be wary of greed, pride, and self aggrandizement. For those are all sins leading to your downfall.
    Remember, there can be no bystanders in the fight for survival, any who will not heed your calling, is a heretic, and a traitor.

    Hunt your opponents wisely, and remember to consider if the end justifies the means. For many a fool has caused more damage than help by being over zealous and not keeping a clear head.

    To be a Daemon Hunter, you must face the truth squarely and without flinching. Mercy for such creatures as you hunt is a Chimera; self deception is it’s only ally. Now, take up your Rod and Staff, your Armour and Psycannon, and go forth, slay the Daemon, save the human race from the Daemon, the Xenos, and save it from itself.

    By authority of the Holy Orders of the Emperor’s Inquisition, go, and bring justice to the galaxy.

    Ok, just so I get something straight, it was all fancy in old english and bold, with the proper things italicised and proper spacing, but it all just goes normal when i copied

    what do you think? good? bad? too short? too long?

    -The God of all Machines

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