Alaitoc Heros part 1

Ok these are just some random heroes Im making up for the Alaitoc Eldar. Also my first time writing fluff that’s why its so bad.

Warlocks gathered around their master Farseer like they would in a battle but this time it was only to listen to the wise Farseer’s words. “ Come closer my Young Warlock Apprentices. I must tell you the hopes and the failure of our Craftworld.? The old Farseer goes on to tell his story of the Great Hero of the Alaitoc people.

800 years ago to the current day…
A Warlock by the name of Mekan looked over towards the horizon just in time to see a squad of Warp Spiders blink out of sight a they entered the warp. Then Mekan could feel a sense of direction and what to do. He knew that the Farseer had just told him what to do. Mekan with his limited psychic abilities compared to the master Farseer’s. But h was strong in his abilities. He was leading a squad regiment of 40 brave guardians. Mekan gave a few symbols with his hands and the regiment moved forward.
They ran to the marked position by the Farseer. They had come around on to the right flank of the enemy. “Ever one make sure that your weapons are ready.? Mekan ordered. “ Today will be a great victory for us. We will drive away these vile green skins.? An up roar from the warriors quickly subsided as Mekan raised his hand. “ We attack at the Farseers orders. We will strike deep with in their ranks and destroy them.?
Just as Mekan finished he could feel the farseer tap in to his mind again ordering an attack. “We attack.? Mekan Turned Towards the battlefield and started running with sword in one hand and gun in the other. The Vile Orks were 100 meters away. But the distance grew ever shorter. The regiment started to fire into the orks at 25 meters away. Every shot hit its mark. A hundred orks fell dead before the charge even hit home.
The orks were given what should have been a crimpling blow. But it seemed the orks fought harder than before. The charge keep going suffering half of the regiment before they stopped and circled around Mekan. But Mekan would not allow any more of his brothers to die. Pushing a warrior out of his way Mekan rushed at the orks. Letting out a psychic cry of anger hundreds of orks fell dead. He gave his brethren a final chance to get away while he held off the orks. Being swallowed bye the Ork horde Mekan died for his fellow warriors.

“ You my young warlocks my have to do the very same thing for your brethren.? The Old Farseer said.

Ok part two coming soon.