Hey guys I have decided that I am finnaly ready to begin writing fluff and background for my traitor guard army that i am going to start building soon, I want to iron out the fluff and their background before i actually do anything physically so i can make sure that they match up perfectly anyways here what i have so far let me know what you think. this is by no means complete and is a very very rough work in progress

Commander has gone rogue believeing that he is seeing signs of
corruption amongst populace of the world begins exterminatus of
the worlds populace using units loyal to him men begin to undergo
transformation elite guard untis are falling into the trap of chaos
as is their leader. highly organized and well equipped for long
campaigns those not loyal to the general are made example of

Nickname of the regiment after going rogue is Hyennas go into battle
laughing manically to throw off their enemies.

need to figure out the type of world they come from,

I have locked myself away standing in the velvety darkness that surrounds
my room, totally aware of the traitorious filth that has invaded this
world, my world, and now it has come down to me, Commander Praeton
Hiyenn to cleanse the filth from this world. As I continue to pace the
confines of my room, the door glides open smoothly and in strides an
ever confident member of the Imperial Inquisition, but before I tell
of the future I must first inform of my past and the choices and
actions that have lead me to this fateful encounter.

I was a commander of many years honing my prowess over many
battlefields and earning the respect and loyalty of my men. When i
first started down the road that led me to this point I knew what
I was doing was right, I knew and still know that I have made no mistake.
The members of this world that were deemed corrupted by the taint of
chaos and it fell to me to begin the exterminatus that would not be granted,
it fell to me.

I remember that day 170 years ago like it was yesterday, it started as any
other day did. After working out and drilling in the barracks for two hours
my aide, who was a beast of a man, at six and a half feet tall with a shaved head
fiery green eyes and thick corded musles with the strength to pull a mans arms from
his body named Krater. Krater interrupted me in the middle of my chainsword training
"Sir we have a problem and it demands your attention immediately" said Krater and he
led me out of the barracks and what i saw next disturbed me down to my very bones.
as we approached a blasted out truck i peered inside and saw what can only be described
as a civilian so charred and and broken that no life should have been left, and yet
against all odds this charred and broken man was moving and getting ready to attack
my men who had assembled around the outside of the wreckage.

"Sir what would you have me do?" my aide asked calmly
"nothing Krater I'll handle this"

Right as the reanimated charred corpse made it out of the cab i whistled
and as it pivoted on a stump that used to be its left foot I drew my plasma
pistol and discharged a searing hot plasma round straight through the disfigured
face of the reanimated corpse to which i was treated with a satifyingly dead figure
standing before me, which promptly fell back over with a nice squishy plop now that he
he no longer had use of his dissappeared head.

"Krater get these men to burn this fething mess to hell as soon as possible
and then meet me in my chambers"
"Yes sir should take no longer then 10 minutes"

With a Sneer of disgust on my face I strode off to reflect on this strange occurence
in the comfort of my inner sanctum, I could almost swear I could feel a sentient presence
following me whispering someting incomprehensible into my ear. Since I could not understand
a word of whatever was being said i muttered the emperor protects and closed off my mind to
whatever presence was pestering me.

Once back sitting in my inner sanctum Krater entered silently "Krater what
did you think of what happened out on the tarmac today?" "Sir I don't know to be perfectly
honest there was something positively evil about whatever that was but to be frank sir"
"Don't call me Frank" I interrupted.
"Huh oh uh right, I do not know what foul presence could have survived that drive through
the defensive perimeter around the base sir"
"I considered that as well I mean their was clearly something keeping that thing alive"
"A question for another day did you find anything on the body Krater?"
"Yes sir there was this Bolt Pistol and it seems to be in perfect condition as if nothing
touched it when the truck was shot to hell"

As Krater handed me the elaborately engraved Bolt pistol I felt the same murmuring around
the room but pushed it aside as i was utterly and completely captivated by the engravings
on my new bolt pistol. Now I knew that by regulations I was supossed to report finding
the strangely marked bolt pistol with the incident earlier but by unspoken consent with Krater
I "Forgot" to report the bolt pistol.

After conferring with Krater I went to the firing range to test out the bolt pistol to see how
accurate the aged piece was. After I loaded I extended my arm aimed and gently squeezed the trigger
I was greeted with a splendid roar of discharge of the firearm, I gazed down range and noticed I
had hit dead center of the target I had aimed at, not being able to believe my own good aim on my
first try I emptied the rest of my clip into the target not missing dead center once. After discharging
countless more clips with the same result I slowly began to feel a numinous presence as if the
god-emperor of mankind was standing there guiding my aim.

This day was the day that has forever changed my life, this presence enabled me to see into the
hearts of men and guided my hand when I discovered the Chaos taint that had filled this world
and from that day forward I campaigned against a world taken by chaos with only my men because the
warmaster would not sanction my war against the traitors that engulfed that world. So with my trusty
Bolt pistol and chainsword and those men who were loyal unto me we transformed ourselves into an
elite cohesive fighting force reading to destroy the taint of Chaos, but this did not happen just because
I had a revelation at the range with my new bolt pistol it took time to mold my army into what it is
today. As I closed my eyes that night with my bolt pistol under my pillow and my chainsword under the bed I had the
clearest dream of my life, a dream that showed me the future i would bring to mankind a future without chaos
and filthy xenos.

I dont know why it posted funny so I apologize for that but thanks for any feed back