Hey everybody, I´m working on getting a LatD army together (you can see the armylist here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=32499.0 ) and I wanted to write some fluff for it. I´m gonna try to update it frequently to keep myself motivated and to keep you guys interested. Please comment on it guys. So here´s the first part of...

"Souls lost and a country torn"

Governor Pitor Traston examined the cube
“Exquisite, absolutely stunning? he ran his fingers along the carvings on the stone “The runes are even more complex than any of the ones I´ve seen before?. The cube was made out of crimson red stone with darker yet patches, about a foot in each dimension and it had strange carvings that seemed to change form depending from what side you looked at them. A robed figure was standing at Traston´s side
“Then the object is to your liking?? the robed visitor said with a voice that sounded like hot air escaping a steam valve,
“Very much so. Now does it do what they say it does, will it give me power?? Traston looked at the robed man intently
“Of course, the cube of Oximandtrex WILL bestow upon you a great power over mortal men as well as it will infuse you with tremendous physical might so no man might rival you in battle given that you know how to activate it?.
“Indeed? Traston said as he walked behind his desk and sat into his cousioned oak chair “Very well Quanror I´ll have your men released from custody due to lack of evidence? he grinned a wicked grin “your little cult can roam free for now? he then paused and pointed at Quarnor with one of his hairy fingers, a gem studded ring adorning the finger glistening in the well lit room “But I don´t want to have to see you or your friends ever again you hear me??, Quarnor bowed respectfully, his hood now hiding his face
“I will respect your wishes governor, although I have a feeling we shall meet again as master and servant after you´ve become much more powerful than you are now?. Traston laughed a bold and an arrogant laugh
“I don´t doubt your words heretic but trust me on this; not only would I never let you into my palace again but I would never even have you as my servant, now leave and take your men with you!?. Quanror bowed to Traston and walked out of the governor´s office through the huge wooden doors and had the governor not been busy laughing to himself while he mixed himself a drink he might have heard Quanror´s words as he left the room
“No, but I will have you as mine?.

“I wonder why the governor wants us to look through all these forbidden texts, I know he says we must know our enemy in order to fight him but I sometimes wonder if he has an alteriour motive? Jerrica turned to her father, that was close to 70 years old now, with questioning eyes.
“Jerrica dear if you would spend as much time reading as you do complaining the knowledge of this entire library would be yours? he smiled to her kindly making the wrinkles of his face even more noticable “If the material frightens you my dear you can take a pause and read some of our emperor´s gospel to calm your nerves?.
“That´s alright dad, the sooner we´re done with this the better?. And so Jerrica and Tyler Utken read on.


Traston read from the manuscript in a voice that sounded less that of a human and more like the gruntings of an angered bull. He made a gesture with his hand signaling to his men to write the next rune and they swiftly obeyed. The room had a strong smell of blood to it due to the fact that the whole room was covered in runes written in human blood and eight skulls, just stripped of their flesh, were arranged in a circle around the cube of Oximandtrex their eyes facing it. The men noticed Traston´s face darken as he read and his flesh began to tighten at times to the point where the skin on his lips would break and bleed but still he read on. His voice had now become unintelligeble altogether and the sounds he now produced could only be described as an angry demon growling in a deep cave. Most of his men were frightened beyond their wits and those that weren´t were catatonic sitting on the floor, staring to the heavens. Their eyes had turned blood red and their mind burned out by the sounds of the heretical book. The atmosphere in the large dungeon cell became darker and thicker the whole room had an other-worldly feel to it as greenish mist started to fill the room and Traston´s words became visible. The men saw the words leaving Traston´s mouth, floating through the air drawing a hazy black trail behind them. The men felt dizzy and movement fluxuated between slow motion and extreme speed causing one of them to move at such a rapid speed through another man that they both burst into a shower of blood and muscle tissue coloring the room even further in the vile red that dominated the room.
All of a sudden Traston´s reading stopped and with it every single sound that could be heard disappeard turning the room eerily silent. Before a word could be said the mist that had covered the room was sucked right into the cube of Oximandtrex. It still sat in it´s original place but was now glowing bright orange and great power sucked anything loose in the room into it. The power increased and increased untill it reached the point where Traston´s men moved to it with such terrible force that is was as if someone had picked them up and thrown them into the cube, at which point they would smash into it turning them into nothing more than a smear of blood and mangled bosy parts. The only things that didn´t seem to be effected by this force were the eight skulls and Traston, which stood there holding the book close to his heart and grinned showing his bleeding, torn lips and his teeth that were covered in blood, and now each new body slammed into the cube spraying his face lightly with specks of blood. “Just a few moments more now and I´ll be the most powerful person in the entire galaxy?.

“Father NO!? Jerrica insisted “You can´t interfere with this, let´s just get out of this place and try to forget all this madness?.
“You know I can´t do that! How dare he make us work on this for over two years and finally when I found out where to find the final text he takes us of the project! How dare he?! How DARE he?!?.
“But father you said it yourself that these texts were of a heretical nature! And the last text? I get chills when I so much as think about it. A book bound in the skin of a holy priest!??. Jerrica stopped at the top of the dungeon steps and looked solemnly at her father “Let´s just leave this place dad, it´s not what it used to be anymore, things have changed, the governor has changed?.
“My dear Jerrica? Tyler looked at his daughter and put his hand on her shoulder “I´m just gonna try to talk some sense into him, that´s all. Now rumor has it he´s here so this is where I´ll go?.
“Take care dad? Jerrica kissed him and watched him walk down to the dungeon level.
Less than a minute had passed when she heard him scream the scream of someone who´s soul is being torn apart and a horn penetrated his skull from the inside.

continued soon...