Grand Master Skorch looked up and out the small window of one of the inquisitions black ships. There was a planet below them. A planet tainted by Chaos. Things had gotten out of hand, a Greater Daemon had been summoned, and so the Grey knights have come to purge the unclean. Skorch stepped back onto the tele-pad, along with two squads of ten of his best warriors, led by Justicars Alexi and Rok. Mystics walked around the tele-platform and mutteres prayers and blessings as the teleporter kicked into action. Blue lights appeared and surrounded them, twirling, getting faster and faster, after a few seconds of this, they left the ship and appeared on te planet. They all got up and made a formation around Skorch, with they're halberds out. Nothing was there. Skorch had decades of battle experience against the forces of chaos. And knew exactly what was happening. Skorch raises his wrist-mounted psy-cannon and fired it at a nearby dune. The light blue ball of psycic energy sped through the air and crashed into the dune. Behind it, 3 mutations hissed and charged towards the formation of Grey knights.
“Engage!” Yelled out Justicar Alexi as his squad raised theyre arms, and withing seconds, the mutations fell to the ground, mangled and torn.
There was a roar of pain around them, and scores of mutations poured out from behind the dunes around them.
“Fire at will!” Skorch barked as he watched the Grey Knights make a circle of dead bodies around them. That circle got smaller and smaller and just as they got close enough, The grey knights held out they're halberds once more, impaling a wave of mutants on them. Then the real fighting began, many mutants fell. However, Brother Hedge became overwhelmed by the mutants. He tried desperately to cut off the tentacled arms that were constricting around his body. But it was too late for him. Even as justcar Rok arrived to help him. He was torn in two. Justicar Rok made short work of those mutants. Meanwhile, Skorch was becoming surrounded. He rested his sword on his shoulder as they closed in on him, and held his forehead. Suddenly, the ground around him caught ablaze cleansing that land of the chaos taint. The unfortunate mutants in the fire screamed in pain and theyre flesh fell from the bone. More and more mutants charged out form behind the dunes at the Grey Knights. But the Grand master was waiting for the one thing he came ehre to destroy. And it arrived not a moment to soon. The ground shook under the heavy hooves of the three-storey tall Daemon. It roared when it saw the Knights fighting. Brother Angus charged toward the Daemon, with not a drop of fear in his heart. The Daemon bent down to pick him up, and in return, Angus cut off 3 of his fingers. The daemon roared in pain, and with one thud, crushed the Knight under his hoof. Skorch raised his psycannon and cut a path through the mutants to the Daemon with it. Skorhc pulled out a holy relic and held it high. It shone with the light of the emperor, empowering all the Grey Knights around him. Skorch charged toward the daemon. The daemon swung his mighty axe at Skorch, he ducked, and hastily removed the arm the axe was atttatched too. He climbed up the back of its tai, held his sword to the Daemon's back, and ran up his spine towards his head, the Daemon collapsed as his spinal cords cut. Skorch raised his sword above its head, and with one alst blow, drove the sword right through it. Pulses of psycic energy sped through the daemons body from the sword. Burning him form the inside out.
“Mission accomplished. Extract now and prepare for exterminatus....” Skorch said into his raidio to the Ship that was in orbit above them. Once again, blue lights of psycic energy surrounded them, and took them back to the ship. However, the Grey Knights were halved in numbers. This was no matter. It was betetr to have ten minds destroyed then to have one mind corrupt. Skorch once again looked out the window on the ship. However this time, the planet was glowing with the colour of the cleansing flame.........

Hope you enjoyed thios, was my 1st attempt.
Of course, any suggestions or constructive critisism would be most welcome and appreciated.

=][= Skorch