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    i got bored so i wrote this:

    yep, i was bored so i wrote this... enjoy and comment if you want to...

    Imperial Guard: Larkan 14th Youth Army

    The morning fog wafted over no man’s land. Enrold looked over the top of the trench, he could see dead bodies from the days before through the dense fog. The bodies were still pink and covered in blood stained mud. He wondered if he was soon to join the list of ever growing dead.

    Enrold was conscripted all of 3 months ago. He started basic training back on his home world of Larkan, training ended 2 weeks later. He was then shipped to the eye of terror, where the Larkan 14th has been battling for hundreds of years. At the age of 17, he was a conscript, and as his duty to the emperor, he was to die fighting a foe that threatened the Imperium.

    Only days before had he stepped onto a rotten planet, covered in the blood of millions of men, a dead landscape with nothing but trenches and mud. He was then thrown into a trench, given the basics a trooper needs, rusty Lasgun with broken and blunt bayonet, canteen half empty and a small backpack with odds and ends.

    But today he felt different, today was his day to triumph. As he looked over the trench he could see the fog lift. He looked down to the floor of the trench, to see hundreds of notes, written to long lost family members. He looked to his side to see a long trench line, filled with young boys, they were the first wave of the attack. The Officers came from there debriefing bunkers wile the Commissar of F company stood on top of the Trench line. Enrold waited for his political speech, Enrold trusted the commissars, he believed ever word they spoke, at the sound of there voice he could be inspired instantly.

    The Commissar picked up his vox speaker and started to speak into the old machine,? Men, today is the day we break through there lines and crush them, for it is the Emperors will. We are the hammer, they are the skull that our hammer crushes. Today men, we will triumph over these pathetic traitors. You have been given your orders, and you will follow them. For today is the emperors will!?

    Enrold was filled with patriotism and was ready, his orders had been given. And that was when he felt it. The rumble was bigger than he had ever felt. The trench walls started shaking, lose boards fell down. Men all around him started to crawl to the side of the trench getting ready for what was to come.

    The Artillery of the Imperium bashed down on the ground, the orders had been given and earthshaker shells rained down on the enemy trenches. These shells were special orders from mars. Enrold felt special to have these bombarding shells smashing the enemy trenches apart. Mud from hundreds of meters away was splattering down on him as he peered over the trench walls.

    “Alright men, time to unleash the hammer!? the commissar roared even over the bombardment. “Arm bayonets, only take your trusty Lasgun and ammo, we will crush them today and then you can all go home!? Even then Enrold believed him. He locked his bayonet on his Lasgun and got ready. The Officer beside him charged his Laspistol the placed his peak cap on his head.

    The Bombardment stopped. “Men, Chaaarge!?

    Enrold got up from his trench, he scaled the 7 foot tall wall, his foot slipped on the greasy mud. He used his bayonet as a pick to help him. He finally reached the top and he was over. He looked beside him and saw thousands of men scaling the same wall. As he turned to look forward through the slightly less dense fog, hell hit them.

    Thousands of barbed rounds pierced the morning fog, men beside him were hit as they just got over the wall, and they fell back into the trench as the barb pierced them, ripping them in half. Enrold hit the ground. The officer beside him grabbed him by the collar and yelled at him to run forward. The officers arm went limp, Enrold turned to see the officer no more, but a pile of guts. All Enrold training, as basic as it was, was lost. Instinct got the better of him as he jumped up. A Rocket found the ground as to where he was just cowering, it blew him feet into the air. He landed on his back on the other side of the trenches.

    Enrold rolled back down into the trench line. He cowered as the first waves of men were slaughtered. The Commissar jumped back down into the trench and grabbed him. “Get up and do your duty to the emperor, or I will make an example of you!?

    Even now he could not be inspired, he was scared, he new he was going to die, but he did not want to. As he stood up in the trench and picked up another Lasgun, He moved to the wall and got ready to climb it. The whistle blew from a senior looking officer. He was safe. Enrolled was lucky for now. Men crawled back into the trench line. Medics were running around, tending to the wounded. As this was going on, more men were filling the line, they were the second wave. Enrold took a step up and peered over the top. There was no mud, only bodies. Corpses that were torn apart by barbs, organs and blood covered the area.

    Enrold felt limp, he sank back into the trench, he could not move, even though he was sitting on a corpse. He was paralyzed with fear. He had not seen a sight. It was pure horror. The stench found him, as it did, his body came back to life. He dry reached and then threw up, blood mixed with stomach acid flowed out his mouth. It went all over the officer’s body that was once standing next to him, it went inside his broken rib cage all over his dead organs.

    “are you ok buddy?.. buddy?? A second wave trooper was standing over him.

    “no.. its horror.. chaos…?

    As the few words were spoken the whistle blew once again. Enrold was pulled up by the second wave solder and pushed up the trench. Enrold over came his fear, he just felt at that moment that he had nothing to lose and everything to gain. He looked to his left and right and saw thousands of fresh men doing the same thing as before. Enrold Charged forward. He glimpsed the commissar in the corner of his eye, he was yelling some crazy prayer from the imperial infantryman’s uplifting primer, long forgotten in Enrold’s mind. He was having trouble running over the dead bodies as his feet were getting caught in rib cages and other bones.

    He could see the enemy, they had not fired yet, but he new they would. He had cleared the masses of bodies and found mud, and he found the enemy fire. He kept running, as the first volley completely missed him, he could hear the screams of horror as the barbs hit the men behind him, he felt invincible. The Commissar beside him coped barb on his arm but kept running. Enrold lifted his Lasgun and started to rapid fire into the enemy he could see clearly now that the fog was all but gone.

    He was almost there, there were still hundred of others around him ready to jump the enemy, to thrust into there chest with a bayonet. The second volley came and a barb whooshed past his head, missing him by a mere inch. As the second volley came a grenade was thrown at him, he acted quickly, and he picked it up and threw it back into the enemy trench. It went of with a loud bang and green cloud rose from the trench. He was only meters away now, he fell to the ground. He tripped on a piece of wire. He had landed in a hole made by a mortar shell. He could see few men still running, the commissar dove into the mortar hole next to him.

    “well done trooper, it shows the emperor favors you, as he favors me. Take a frag grenade and throw it on three, we will rush the trenches together and smite the enemy.?

    Enrold new he was crazy, they were the only 2 left, he could hear a faint whistle from the trenches he had just come from.

    “sir, should we wait for the third wave and then rush them?? Enrold questioned the commissar, this was something few would dare do.

    “No! we rush now, if we sacrifice our self we can create a breach in the enemy line and then more of our men with gush through and destroy them!?

    Enrold had no choice, he would either die by the Commissar or die by the enemy.
    “On three then…. Three, Two, One!?

    Enrold turned around and stood up. He threw the grenade as hard as he could. It landed in the enemy trench. As it did a barb came flying out of no where and ripped into the commissar next to him. It exploded in his chest. Guts and human flesh went all over Enrold. the grenades went off and several mutated limbs went flying in random directions.

    Enrold dashed at the enemy. Several barbs hit him in his flack armour. One ricochet off it and another penetrated, it pushed its way into his chest. Just then he heard it. The Retreat horn sounded across the battlefield, calling all men to return to the trench.

    The Barb ripped his vitals and he hit the ground hard, only feet away from the enemy. He looked down onto his chest and saw blood gush from the wound. Enrold rolled into the enemy trench as he was dieing, with his last amount of strength, He found his Lasgun and shot a round down the trench line.

    For today was Enrold’s day, he was to serve the emperor. The round hit a fuel drum. The Trench exploded and Enrold was thrown up out of the trench and into a pool of mud. Enrolled died as soon as he hit the ground.

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    I liked it, but his name reminded me as elrond so i pictured that agent smith guy all through it.
    Also, the end was cool till he shot the fuel tank. But good work chappy and write another (Y)!

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    It was VERY good. Blind Guardian's Battlefield made a great musical backdrop to the whole thing.

    One TINY little nit-pick. I don't see a Commissar yelling "Alright". It just strikes me as an un-Commissar-ish thing to do. Otherwise, I LOVED the Commissar.

    Write more! I'm sure we'd all appreciate it.

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    For today was Enrold’s day, he was to serve the emperor. The round hit a fuel drum. The Trench exploded and Enrold was thrown up out of the trench and into a pool of mud. Enrolled died as soon as he hit the ground.
    It's a bit abrupt, I particuarly don't like the last sentence. I don't quite get the link bewteen the fuel drum and serving the emperor either. Unless you mean the explosion ripped a huge hole in the enemy ranks (In which case I'm not sure if a lone fuel drum is big enough to cause an explosion of the magnitude I think you're looking for).

    Anyway, just my 2c.

    ... only triumph could turn pooing his pants into a good thing..

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    I really liked it. Expecially the depiction of the commissar. Thats exactly how i would think of them. Just one thing...WRITE MORE I WANT TO HERE MORE!!!
    Over the hill. But Commissar there everywhere over there. *Laspistol shot* Anyone else??

    Blessed is the mind to small of doubt

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    As a wise man once said: "I wish I had whims like that"

    -The God of all Machines

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    less exciting but more informative as to what is going on.

    i dont even know what i am doing.. so tiard and board... anjoy.

    Part 2

    Vector shuffled into the trench line. As he was being pushed down the line he looked at the poor boy solders of the Larkan 14th. Young men were screaming and wailing, some were wounded, but most were dead. The trench was filled with corpses, blood and muck. It was obvious to Vector that these were the men that failed the assault, but he had seen it hundreds of times before.

    Vector was apart of the 3rd wave. He was not apart of the Larkan 14th, he was a vet of campaigns. He was once a trooper in the Larkan 14th, but survived long enough to make it to the Larkan 353rd. He felt his stomach rise as he looked down at all the dead and wounded men. He looked at the body of a dead officer, he was missing an arm and his chest had been blown open by some sort of projectile, unknown to vector. There was a sickly goo in his chest cavity.

    The shuffling stopped and a whistle was blown by a senior officer. Vector knew what he had to do, all his training and skill kicked in and he scaled the trench wall. Thousands of men beside him did the same. Unlike the other 2 waves the third wave was equipped with trench coats, some heavy weapons, anti armour bombs and supplies in a large back pack. This made for a cumbersome solder, and made it hard to climb the wall.

    Vector reached out and a hand pulled him up the wall. He reached the top, he was on his hands and knees and found it hard to stand up.

    “You always were slow at scaling walls Vec.?

    “Yeah yeah, lets just get on with it Den.?

    Densal helped Vector up, they both looked over across the horrible wasteland between the two trench lines that was no mans land. Cropses were all that could be seen, the mud was not visable anymore.

    “how many were in these waves Den? Do you reckon any made it??

    “I bloody hope so, I didn’t survive 4 campaigns to die now.? Den’s voice was becoming slightly abrupt as he looked down at all the bodies.

    “Lasgun’s to full power I reckon.? Vector slid his power glide to full power with his right hand, as he did so a small explosion from the enemy trench was visible through the rising fog.

    “what the hell was that!? Den crouched to the ground, wary of what was going on. “have we broken through or was it trench artillery??

    “Hit the ground!? Vec screamed

    Nothing happened.

    “well that was a waste.?

    The commanding officer gave the order to advance, Vector pulled Den up and started moving over the corpse covered land. Vector walked as quick as he could, the hundreds, almost thousands of men apart of the third wave still had not encountered enemy fire, which was not normal.

    “I think I see the trench line.? Den whispered.

    All of a sudden a heavy sound filled the air. Enemy fire scattered across the battlefield. Den and Vector hit the ground. Many of the men were hit as barbs ripped and tore through there bodies, there flak armour was useless.

    “Hit the Ground!? Vec staggered to get the words out, the surprise attack hit the line hard.

    “Run!? den yelled.

    Den and Vector got up and ran at the enemy trench line where they had seen the large explosion, there commanding officer standing up, kicking the men on the ground, yelling at them to charge the enemy.

    They took cover in a small mortar hole. A Commissar lay dead only feet away, a bard had hit him directly in the chest. Vec and den were only feet away from the enemy trench line.

    “This is as far as any of them got I recon. Look, a dead commissar and a dead trooper. Consider our selves lucky eh??

    “Den, where is the rest of our company??

    Vector peered over the mortar hole into no mans, he couldn’t see anyone running or returning fire.

    “what’d we do Vec? If we stay here we will get hit by artillery I recon, three waves, all gone, I think we should try and clear out a the line yeah?? Dens voice was now at a whisper.

    “alright, frags on three. One, two, Three!?

    Vec and Den threw there frags into the enemy trench and they went of with a big bang and small shockwave.

    “Let’s go!?

    The both leapt out of the hole and dived into the trench. There was no resistance but a pile of mutant corpses. Den started to rapid fire his Lasgun down the west side of the trench with Vec shot the east side, it was a reaction, even though there was no enemy in sight. They both quickly took cover behind some wooden creates.

    “Clear, let’s go east, we will clear as much of this trench as we can, for the emperor right.? Even though Vec was a trooper, Den always followed what he said.

    They started moving up the trench, a dense fog wafted along the trench floor, which made it easier for them to move from cover to cover along the trench floor, unnoticed.

    “shhh, I think I can see ‘em.? Vec whispered. “they look like mutant Ogryn’s, I have never seen that weapon before, what is it??

    ‘Crying Emperor! CONTACT!? Vec screamed

    The mutants were sluggish to move, they swiveled there guns around and aimed at Vec and Den. Vec and Den were already firing at the xeno scum.

    Vec aimed at the closest mutant, the laser round burnt right through the mutant’s chest. The lumbering mutant fell to the ground with a thud. One of Dens shots hit a mutant in the head, its head exploded and a black goo substance smeared all over the trench in the direction of the shot.

    A barb was fired from down the trench line and it pushed through an empty steel barrel and hit Den on his shoulder. The Barb jammed itself in his flak armour. Den was thrown back into a pile of broken wood. Another barb came whistling down the trench line. It hit Vec Lasgun and smashed it in half. It kept traveling and ricocheted off Vec’s armour.

    “It broke my Lasgun!?

    Vec pulled out his Auto pistol he had stole from a storm trooper back at the drop off zone. He cocked its mechanical mechanism and aimed it at another mutant. The round went off and hit a mutant it the head. Another round went off and killed another massive mutant. Den was back behind cover and was shooting his Lasgun down the trench line.

    “Clear!? Vec spoke just short of a whisper.

    “The mutants broke my Lasgun, emperor forgive me, I will have to use one of there barbaric weapons.?

    “don’t worry, I wont tell the commissars, just make sure you ditch it when we get out of here. Oh, look, they cut my coat, I just got this thing!?

    Vec moved over to one of the dead mutants. He picked up a rifle looking weapon. It had a small hook on the front of it and a long round barrel. The mutant had a belt across its chest. It had about 30 barbs along it. Vec took it off the dead mutant and placed it across his chest. He opened the cocking mechanism of the weapon and put 5 rounds into it.

    “alright, let’s get going.?

    They started to duck from cover to cover up the trenches. They heard some barb guns going off. A laser round whizzed pass Den. There were several thuds to the ground and a voice spoke.

    “I recon we got em, ha, weak as chaos scum!?


    “Who’s that??

    Vec ditched his chaos weapon and came out form cover.

    “Trooper Vector and Trooper Den sir!?

    “Well I’ll be, some more survived. How far down did you come from? We cleared about twenty meters back. They’re gonna send in a fourth wave in half a click. Where is your beamer Vec??

    “It got smashed not to far back from where we came, been using an auto pistol.?

    “Well were gonna send up a flair to let them know we have cleared some of the line.?

    “Why not use Vox Comm’s serge??

    “Just static, don’t know what it is.?

    There were now eight of the Veteran guardsmen. One of them had a missile launcher hoisted on there back. Another one of them had a Vox Caster on there back. Vec and Den didn’t know any of them bar the sergeant.

    The Sergeant shot a flair out of a stubby little hand gun. It went up almost 20 meters and a green star burst. Only moments after that the feint sound of a whistle could be heard. There were scattered shots coming from down the trench line at the advancing fourth wave.

    The sergeant ordered one of the troopers, a younger looking man to stick his head up out of the trench line to signal the oncoming friendlies.

    Vec took time to look at the width of the trench and to wonder how many men could fir in it. It was about nine foot tall and twelve foot wide. He broke from his day dream as men from the fourth wave pored into the trench. These men were carrying large amounts of equipment, ammo supplies, water and food. One had a large drum and was un raveling wire and sticking it on a pike. Several had Shovels and excavating equipment.

    “We were told Comms were down. We got a fixed wire.? A man in a neat uniform spoke to the sergeant. His uniform was ironed and his peak cap was sitting perfectly on his head. He was a Lieutenant.

    “Sergeant, take some of the men down the trench, it must be secured if we are going to link this trench to our trench line. We expected it to be secure by now. It seems there were some errors in the first and second wave.?

    Some men were setting up sand bags in the trench. They were setting up heavy bolters to cover the trench line. Other men were digging out the opposite side of the trench.

    “As you can see, we have to make sure that if they counter attack, we can repel them with the full force of the emperor. I have ordered the men to place heavy bolters down the trench line. To cover the flank, we are also setting up some bolters on the trench top to cover the new front. I think this operation will be successful after all.?

    Vec whispered to Den. “the bastards a little cocky don’t you think??

    “Yeah, seems a bit off to me, oh well you know officers.?

    “Yes Sir!? the sergeant replied eagerly.

    “Alright, you tow, and you lot, on me. We going west. Sir, I will personally report back to you a dusk.?

    “Ok sergeant, dusk will be good, code word hammer.?

    “Alright men, lets move out!?

    Den and Vec started moving out. Vec stole an unsuspecting guardsman’s Lasgun as he was walking past. He also picked up a ration pack that had fallen out of it box package.

    There were now no more shots coming from anywhere down the trench line. They soon came into contact with more men. they too had supplies and heavy weapons.

    “What’s the situation?? the sergeant questioned a trooper from the fresh fourth wave group.

    “Well it seems we ‘ave pretty much secured this trench sir. Our scouts are reportin information back to us dat dis trench was there last trench before d’ere underground bunkers, only a few ‘undred meters ova dat way.?

    “Good work trooper, alright men, the trench is secure, and the Ring must be sealed. Let’s get back to the Lieutenant.?

    “‘Ay look Vec, a Plasma Pistol.?

    A Plasma Pistol was sitting on an ammo box, in a holster with some spare ammo caps on its belt.

    “shhh? Vec gave a dubious smile to Den.

    As the squad moved out Vec slimed his way across to where the pistol was sitting in its holster. He quickly snatched it and placed it under his coat and walked off with the rest of the group.

    They made there way back to the Lieutenant, on the way, more men were poring into the trench. They were still bringing in supplies for men that were not there.


    “Ah sergeant, sooner than I expected, a lot sooner. So is the ring closed??

    Yes, we have secured the trench and the ring is closed.?

    “Hay Vec, what dose he mean by ring??

    “It’s a round trench, the dumb bastards made a round trench that surrounded there HQ. There HQ is underground so we can’t bomb them, but now that we have this trench, we have trapped them in to there underground. This was there last open ground defense line.

    “You know, for a trooper you know an awful lot about this mission.?

    “Where do you think I got this Auto Pistol From?? Vec gave Den a cheesy smile and walked over to the edge of the trench. The pill box they were making was almost done. He stepped up on a wooden box and peered over the top. Hundreds of meters over the new no mans land was barbed wire, mines, machine gun nests, anti tank nests, traps and a few corpses from some of the fleeing mutants.

    He turned around. And peered over the old no mans land. There were thousands of corpses. He could see in the distance meds and servitors clearing up the bodies. Placing them on a cart and moving on to pick up more bodies. The cart was some sort of incinerator. Once the body was thrown in it was just incinerated. The meds and servitors just ripped the tags off the boy and placed them in a bucket.

    The day was still young. The Lieutenant was screaming orders to as many men as he could to just dig in for the rest of the day. Further orders would be given in the morning.

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